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How Did This Hottie Get Her Body Looking So Good? By Eating 51 Bananas A Day! Get The Deets On Her Jaw-Dropping Diet HERE!

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banana girl doodle edit

If it’s true that you are what you eat then this girl is hands down a banana!

And based on her diet, it sounds like she may have gone bananas! Freelee, AKA The Banana Girl, is a raw vegan who ONLY eats fruits and vegetables! And lots of ‘em!

According to her, she can eat up to 51 bananas a day!

Um…that seems excessive, but okay.

The Australian food guru calls herself a “raw fit bitch” and says eating this way is what got her that undeniably banging bod! All she had to do was peel her way to 40 pounds of weight loss!

But is this kind of eating habit healthy for you?!?

Banana Girl broke down a day in her life, saying she usually starts the day with something she calls Datorade - up to 30 dates blended with water and a little cinnamon.

Then for lunch, she’ll have 8 to 10 mangoes or maybe even 3 whole pineapples!

And for dinner, a baby green salad with 5 chopped up bananas, 5 dates, and a liquified banana and date dressing on top.

Gettin’ hungry, Perezcious readers??

Yeah, we aren’t either!

But Freelee’s results speak for themselves. She says her skin cleared up where once she had serious acne problems. She also claims that her digestion and elimination improved immensely.

We sort of figured it would on a diet of 50+ bananas, gurl!

Ch-ch-check out the Banana Girl answering some of her fan questions (below)!

We’ve got a question: whyyyyyyy???

[Image via The Banana Girl.]

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67 comments to “How Did This Hottie Get Her Body Looking So Good? By Eating 51 Bananas A Day! Get The Deets On Her Jaw-Dropping Diet HERE!”

  1. Registered Nurse says – reply to this


    And… she's going to have a heart attack from too much potassium!

  2. bananabutterfly says – reply to this


    LOL no such thing as a banana overdose…"The lethal dose of potassium chloride is 2500mgs per kg of body weight in 30 seconds. As I said earlier there is roughly 400mgs of potassium in one decent sized banana. So someone of my weight (51kg/112lbs) would have to eat approx 318 bananas in 30secs to reach the lethal dose of 127,500mgs of potassium! CRAZY! So my record is 50 bananas in one day, I can eat a LOT of bananas but of course I could never eat that many in 30 secs… let alone a week! Remember this test has to be done in 30secs because if you do it over time your kidneys naturally will excrete the excess potassium. "

    people will complain about a banana overdose which is impossible but will go eat mcdonalds.HAH

  3. 3

    I love her. Very motivational. Thank you for featuring her.

  4. cilia says – reply to this


    51 banans, that is just the same as drinking 51 glas of coca cola per day.

  5. 5

    I'm making 87 USD an hour working at my floor. I was amazed when my neighbour told me she was averaging $90 but I see how it works now. I feel so much freedom now that I'm my own boss. This is what I do……. YELLWORK.COM

  6. 6

    That's a huge amount of sugar. Yes, its all natural - but still a lot of sugar. If the liver is stressed by it, it will start producing cholesterol.

  7. 7

    ridiculous that you would post this idiotic considering Peaches although unconfirmed bascially starved her body of proper nutrition from juicing…ironic considering her father helped the starving children in Africa.

  8. 8

    That's more than 6500 calories per day.
    Impossible to lose weight that way.
    Fake diet.

  9. healthy AND happy says – reply to this


    What happened to protein??? I am healthy and fit and I eat WHATEVER I want, just in moderation. This is just ridiculous and I would be miserable if I were you. No one should deprive herself in this way. It's just crazy and unhealthy. I feel bad for her :(

  10. no way says – reply to this


    First, the cost of 51 bananas, then the heart attack or kidney/renal shut down. It's absurd and I hope no one would be insane enough to try it. Of course you can't exactly hide the fact if you do because where are you going to get, let alone put 51 bananas without anyone noticing?

  11. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Suhisfitsudjit – Right. If you are eating that many calories per day and still losing weight, something is wrong. Either you are lying; you are exercising a massive amount; or your body is being starved of the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy level of muscle and fat. I think it is the last one. She's eating a lot but starving. Humans need protein and fat!

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Bananas are radioactive. Each contains 450 mgs of potassium, so each one will have an activity of roughly 15 Bq. It's low level, but again, as with anything, moderation is the key.

  13. jbn says – reply to this


    All things in moderation. She's going to make her pancreas sick by consuming that much fruit. It happened to Steve Jobs.

  14. Kellie says – reply to this


    I question your judgment for posting this as it is clearly not a balanced way of existing. Given all of your talk about healthy eating and exercise, I think this is a bit harmful–you have no idea of knowing how your sharing this will land on any of your readers who are at risk for eating disorders, etc. Sheesh

  15. 15

    I am sorry but the girl looks really sick, and I really don't think the way she is eating is healthy, in the long run she isn't eating the vitamins she is needed for her organs to survive plus she is killing her teeth from the acid and also her mouth must look disgusting from all of the sores from the acid.

  16. 16

    Ohhhh looks like Freelee hit it big shes on PerezHilton! I see this chick on the recommended feed sometimes

  17. 17

    This woman is clinically insane and not because of the bananas. She is a cult-vegan and a bully and has some seriously wacky ideas about nutrition. She BRAGS about losing her period and believes that having your period is a sign of toxins in your body.

    She is not a licensed nutritionist and she is spreading false nutrition guidelines to young, impressionable girls.

  18. 18

    Re: Registered Nurse – Thanks for the info RN.
    You can also end up in the hospital like I did with a potassium deficiency, spent 9-10 days in the hospital a long time ago with a very painful potassium IV hooked up. I dislike bananas to this day.

  19. 19

    Re: cheesuschrimbus – You may have a point, good post.
    Personally I think she needs to eat a cheeseburger, thinking about In n Out tomorrow.

  20. Shar says – reply to this


    This is patently untrue. For awhile, Freelea and Duriander, her boyfriend and partner in promoting this bizarre diet on their website '30bananasaday.com' were 100% fruitarian. But in recent months they've failed to thrive on this diet, and they both eat lots of fattening cooked food. After 4pm they eat what basically amounts to vegan junk food, including pizza. She has eaten quite a bit of tofu, as well, when her weight plummeted dangerously low. These people are so wacked out, the raw food community has banned them from all of their recent festivals. It's sad when people make money off of prevarication and deception.

  21. Shar says – reply to this


    BTW, there is a video of her boyfriend, Durianrider, pouring a large cup of pure SUGAR into his smoothie — something he promotes and subscribes to, because frankly, he's losing too much weight on this diet and he is trying desperately to get carbs any which-way. This diet is no good for anybody. After the 'honeymoon' phase of 1-3 years of raw fooding, when the nutrients already stored in one's body are used up, people start showing alarming symptoms of rampant tooth decay, B12 and protein deficiency, loss of energy and motivation, mood swings, vit. D deficiency, mineral deficiencies, and a host of other problems. Many women on the 30BAD diet have complained that they gained too much weight on it and got really bloated. Men tend to go the opposite way and become emaciated. (Of course some women get very skinny, too, but apparently that's less common.) Believe me, I KNOW. I've been thee. Look at the raw vegan gurus who have been around the block a few decades. Do they look healthy to you??? That's the real test.

  22. Gitte daily enerGizer says – reply to this


    You ask why. Because it works. I have done it for two years now feeling and looking a lot better. And I love that its better for the animals and planet. And I get to eat a lot of food.

  23. Gitte daily enerGizer says – reply to this


    Re: Kellie – No it didnt google Why did Steve Jobs die and Dr. John McDougall. He didnt die from all the fruit and veggies.

  24. Richie says – reply to this


    My personal record is 41 bananas in one day, but nowadays I average around 20 a day. I have healed from chronic disease eating this way, and continue to feel freakin awesome. i used to be severely underweight due to undiagnosed celiac disease, but getting my fruit on has allowed me to heal and maintain a healthy BMI. Too much potassium? Too much sugar? Lol… Sad to see unscientific old wives tales bandied around like this.

  25. sexyrawvegan says – reply to this


    Freelee is the bombdigitty. This Australian Beauty has changed thousands of lives. She is rubbing so many the wrong way because no Big Drug, vitamin and Big Agriculture can profit from this diet. It is FREEDOM from the lies of human nutrition. Gorilla.s Rhinos and Elephants are HUGE from a plant based diet. protein is the so overrated, you need CARBS. You need the hydration from fruit. You need to not ingest in your body the things.

  26. Fruitandveggiesrock says – reply to this


    You naysayers are ridiculous. I bet you all eat highly processed foods laced with toxic chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, oils and artery-clogging fats. Or foods with so much protein your poor bodies struggle to break it down. And you eat it still after scientific study after scientific study proves the SAD will kill you. Don't forget all your vitamins and meds you all probably take to just feel halfway decent everyday. But there is a terrible concerned for this girl because she eats too many fruits? Gosh, society has really been brainwashed by capitalistic marketing over the last few decades. Truly amazing how oblivious people are. Pick up a book and read the science, people. Freelee knows how great she feels everyday. Not sure most of you could say the same with your likely phlegm-ridden, acidic, IBS inflamed, pained bodies. Get real with yourselves and open your eyes!

  27. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: cilia – How is refined white sugar and chemicals the same as a piece of fruit with natural sugars like fructose? You seriously need to check your facts.

  28. B says – reply to this


    Re: Shar – Freelee has promoted eating cooked carbs as part of the transition phase for a long time. She and Durianrider started eating cooked carbs themselves while they were in Australia and claimed they could not get enough raw foods to meet their caloric needs. I wouldn't call rice or steamed potatoes "junk food". Their pizza, sushi and other meals out are still low fat high carb. They were not banned from the Woodstock Fruit Festival. They were demoted from their pioneer status for eating cooked foods, pioneers have to have been 100% raw for 5 years. " I've been there " you could have been raw for a week or a month or a year or a compete wack job like Daniel Vitalis who didn't drink any water on 80/10/10. So what? It doesn't establish that Durianrider and Freelees diet is unhealthy.

  29. high carb low fat vega says – reply to this


    FREELEE YOU ARE AMAZING! Look at all of the haters who don't do any of their own research and think they know anything about nutrition. CCan't believe everything your doctor tells you folks ;) they're slowly trying to kill you so they can make money. I've been a high carb low fat vegan for a year now and I've never felt better in my entire life and I will never go back to the standard american diet

  30. avalon18 says – reply to this


    Unhealthy. Everything in moderation. A WELL BALANCED diet is best. Promoting this is unsafe and unrealistic. Humans need a wide variety of foods. Period.

  31. VeganHolly says – reply to this


    The difference in the amount of energy I have from this lifestyle is astounding. I feel like i did when I was a kid again!! this has changed my life, and caused my depression to become almost non existent. If anyone has anything negative to say about it, they really need to look at not only Freelee… But at everyone else following her lifestyle! We're living proof it works. I also would like to point out that patience is key! If anyone wants to see my progress picture that was taken over the span of a year and 3 months, my Instagram name is hollybrr21. You can't just comment about how the lifestyle is negative when tons of people who live like this are proving you wrong.

  32. 32

    Again, to be clear : this diet is fake, dangerous and it does NOT work. It can't.

  33. b says – reply to this


    Re: no way – In Australia bananas are about 40 cents each
    so 51 bananas is only about $20, which is the same as about one meal of dinner at a restaurant in Aus. And she said UP TO 51 bananas, she doesn't have that much everyday. That being said, the amount of dates she has for breakfast has the amount of calories you're supposed to have in an entire day and seems ridiculous to me. Still, considering the fact that the majority of Americans (and Australians) are overweight these days, on the outside she seems healthier than most other people.

  34. 34

    Re: Fruitandveggiesrock – This woman uses scare-tactics and fat-shaming to scam people into very dangerous, extreme diet techniques. In an earlier post I noted that she literally has a video BRAGGING about losing her period (as a result of malnutrition) because she believes menstruation is a sign of body toxins…
    There's more than one method of achieving healthy nutrition and it doesn't require eating 51 bananas or being "fruitarian" and just because people don't buy into this diet doesn't mean we're fat slobs, you complete twat.
    A LICENSED nutritionist would NEVER support eating that much fruit because it is UNNECESSARY. You are going to piss out the MAJORITY of those vitamins, minerals, etc, etc. It is a HUGE number of calories and sugar (even if natural sugar) and for most people, it isn't a realistic way of living; thinking that, doesn't make us fat dipshits. It's not sustainable. Choosing to not be a fruitarian (which she purports as being the natural human evolutionary condition, which it isn't…maybe read a biology textbook and not some internet pseudo-science?) or vegan, doesn't make those of us who choose other nutritional paths processed-cheese-brained morons.

  35. Mars says – reply to this


    If you are curious about what it's like to follow a raw vegan diet and want to watch someone intelligent and skeptical to try it out and critique it, here's a couple article of a series where Steve Pavlina tries eating 100% raw for 30 days. Check them out for yourself and think about it.

    Here's his final assessment:

    …and here's another one:

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Simply search 'What's the danger of an all fruit diet?' or search CNN with that title.
    Ashton Kutcher landed in the hospital trying to follow Steve Job's all fruit diet.

  37. Nohopeforthehumanrace says – reply to this


    These comments show how ignorant people are. There is no one size fits all diet. Each person is vastly different. She's found what works for her and there are millions of other people living this way. She looks better than probably 90% of the mouth breathers leaving stupid comments like "What about protein?" Do some research instead of regurgitating propaganda from an industry that thrives on people getting sick.

  38. . says – reply to this


    Stop commenting bs when you know nothing about this lifestyle. This is just an article but there's a lot more behind it, there are books, documentaries, testimonies. there are hundreds of people thriving in this lifestyle, getting healthy, losing weight, recovering from eating disorders and curing diseases. No, vegans and raw vegans are not unhealthy, in fact the ones that are, are because they're not eating enough. Freelee and other high carb low fat pioneers are heroes for many people. Instead of criticizing, learn a little about this lifestyle, read a little, educate yourselves. Stop looking for excuses to keep eating your fucking mcdonalds and shit, all these fucking comments are full of excuses, jealousy and ignorance.

  39. Fruitsandveggiesrock says – reply to this


    Re: cheesuschrimbus – wow…complete twat". Your debate tactics are incredibly intellectual and full of credibility. Someone feeling a little sensitive? Maybe this hits too close to home? I'm not fruitarian, but I am amazed at a large majority of disease-ridden people are incredibly eager to tear down a completely healthy diet while eating at restaurant la five says a week. In the US I don't need to be a rocket science to be well-read and aware of the obesity statistics. I could care less about Freelee's approach. Unlike you, I'm not overly sensitive. I am intelligent enough to take what works for me and let the rest be. It's undeniable a large portion of what she promotes is backed by good, solid science: Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Fuhrman, etc, etc. sounds like you've got a bit of a personal vendetta. I wish peace and love for you. Lovingly, "The Twat" 💚

  40. Fruitsandveggiesrock says – reply to this


    [re=Re: cheesuschrimbus – one more thing…didn't you troll this article to preach your anti-Freelee propaganda in the first place? Sounds like you don't like people who defend themselves or fight back when people start trash-writing. I could care less what you eat. Let each person make their own choices. But trolls usually resort to name-calling when the masses don't align with their thinking. Ugh…evolve already.

  41. anon says – reply to this


    How much did this vegan nazi pay you to make a post about her, Perez?

  42. Brooke says – reply to this


    I love Freelee! Her diet is not about deprivation but abundance! Every since I started following a diet based on low fat high carb fruits and vegetables I lost weight and became fitter than ever. I was previously following the deceiving 'Paleo' diet which left me sick and bloated. I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome before and now since eating this way I have cured myself of it! Thank you for sharing this and the important message Freelee is sharing! :)

  43. MD says – reply to this


    25-30g of glucose and around 100 kcal per banana
    which is… for 51 bananas…
    - 1530 g of glucose, 1,5 kg
    - 5,100 kcal

    A healthy diet consists of 130g sugar per day.

    She's exposed to high risks of type II diabetes.
    Please do not follow this diet. Ask your physician for more information

  44. Mag says – reply to this


    she is great!

  45. fantorantobantocanto says – reply to this


    This is absolutely ludicrous. I'm all in favor of eating a healthy diet but THIS is absurd. We all know people who have lived into their 90s but NONE of them ate a radical diet such as this to achieve that. NONE of them. The secret to a long healthy life is 1) GOOD GENES. not good bananas. Of course a quality diet is IMPORTANT but none of the longest living cultures on earth eat a diet like this. NONE of them. The other secret is 2) HAVE MONEY. The upperclass live longer than the lower and middle classes. People say "women live 5 years longer than men" but the upperclass lives 5 years longer than the poor (and i've seen figures as high as 15 years in some countries). A poor or middle class female can, in theory, extend their lifespan just by marrying richer men who can afford the best medical care money can buy. And rich men can afford quality foods and dietitians. ACCCCK. I just learned peanuts are legumes. I thought I was done learning shit. Ow my brain.

  46. Lyndy for EDucation says – reply to this


    A diet that is so restrictive IS NOT healthy. I've been working with families for six years affected by EDs and fear this kind of restrictive behavior leads to eating disorders. And I fear for Banana Girl and all her followers.

  47. 47

    This girl is so tacky and dumb. E
    mail her yourself at gimmefruit at gmail.

  48. Amy says – reply to this


    Hi there… we are a group of mothers/fathers and survivors who are actively trying to ensure regulation of these sites and self-styled gurus, who appear to actively target people with eating disorders (and are likely ED themselves) in their shameless marketing approaches. I wasn't aware that Freelee and DR were not allowed at some rawfood fests but that is good news. They give healthy eating a bad name. Follow me on amyTZ, and DM me ifyou'd like to be more involved in our activist. Most of us are parents of children in recovery from ED and take massive offense at these fruit/nut cakes. Thanks. We want them to be regulated - to post a disclaimer on their media stating that this diet should not be undertaken without professional medical approval and people with eating disorders and children should not undertake it. The scary thing is that that these people have found a media niche where there is virtually NO regulation…they are not doctors, nurses, nutritionists… they are just your modern day version of a used car salesman. Their followers are cult like, they will openly bash anyone who criticizes or falls off the fruit wagon. Extremely dangerous for people wired for ED, young men and women and those in recovery. Thanks.

  49. Lita says – reply to this


    This woman is a quack who is preying on peoples emotion. She claims to know healthy yet where are her degrees? Plagiarism, bit from here a bit from there all mixed up with body/fat shaming, cult style talk. She knows how to suck you in with her talk, she grabs hold of ppl looking for something to make them 'feel' better and shames if you cant. She spews her words to youth with EDs.

  50. Alec R says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – Well said Amy. We are concerned that those who are predisposed to or actively fighting an Eating Disorder (ED) could be greatly harmed by this diet. The narrow focus feeds the ED and the lack of fat can seriously hinder the healing of the heart and other vital organs damaged by and ED.

  51. Alec R says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – Katie, you may be on to something here. Those suffering from Anorexia often get hyper-metabolic while their bodies are trying to heal. The body needs tremendous amounts of energy (calories) to replace lost fat and muscles stores, depleted organs, and bone mass. Freelee admits to having had anorexia and bulimia in the past. A diet lacking in beneficial fats will not offset the internal damage done. This diet is a terrible way to recover from an ED or any illness. Freelee needs to stop marketing it as a cure.

  52. 52

    Re: Fruitsandveggiesrock – "You naysayers are ridiculous. I bet you all eat highly processed foods laced with toxic chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, oils and artery-clogging fats. Or foods with so much protein your poor bodies struggle to break it down….Don't forget all your vitamins and meds you all probably take to just feel halfway decent everyday…Truly amazing how oblivious people are. Pick up a book and read the science, people." -All pulled from your original post

    I don't think I'm the bully here, though I did call out your "twatty" behavior.
    You appear to be just as highly critical of others and quick to get defensive as you are claiming I am.
    Asking people to consider the methods of this person and her diet tactics and standing up for those of us who are sick of being called, essentially, "nutritionally dumb" by diet elitists, does not a troll make.
    My point was that bashing a group of people who do not follow the same diet standards as you, and purporting that they are somehow stupid or less healthy for not following that certain lifestyle, is obnoxious and unhelpful.
    But you seem to be caught up on the "twat" thing…so…

  53. Keri says – reply to this


    They said 51 bananas a day but when they broke her daily meal intake where was all those bananas?

  54. VALERIE says – reply to this


    If you're hating and out of shape then maybe change the way you're eating and you'll loose weight like the rest of us vegans and be HAPPY :)

  55. QTKittie says – reply to this


    Well. She traded one eating disorder for another. Now instead of not eating she is taking advantage of the natural laxative effects of the fruit. Yes, she is ingesting an immense amount of calories but they are flying out her ass faster than her body can absorb them.

  56. anonymous says – reply to this


    Freelee is a liar. I will almost guarantee she is throwing her food back up after eating or over exercising to work off all the calories she stuffed in her mouth. She and her boyfriend are cult leaders to a eating disorder. I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing drugs to stay thin. Anyone who follows those two whacked up bananas would be crazy!! They make their money off of desperate people with their youtube accounts and their site.

  57. Fruit4Life says – reply to this


    Re: jbn – A fruitarian lifestyle is what kept Steve Jobs alive so long when he already had cancer. If he had still been eating the standard American diet, he wouldn't have made it nearly as long.

  58. Fruit4Life says – reply to this


    Re: Shar – They haven't "failed to thrive" on 100% raw. They live in Australia where fruit (especially organic) is astronomically expensive so they are trying to give the masses an economical backup plan for when raw is inaccessible. This backup plan got them removed as pioneers from the WF festival; not banned. They were only banned from the festival itself after calling out the elitism in the WFF and raw food community. "We mock what we do not understand." How is eating fruit and vegetables more extreme than eating animal flesh and mammary excretions?

  59. Fruitsandveggiesrock says – reply to this


    Re: cheesuschrimbus – Actually, my dear, my post was in response to all of the incredibly hateful, ill-informed posts already under the comments. I'm well aware of what I wrote, but I'm incredibly grateful you reminded me. This diet works for her. Period. Yet people feel the need to bash her to no end without any understanding of the research she has done for herself. I gained 60 lbs in the last 10 years. I have worked hard to get the weight off with whole foods. I watched my father die a horrific death at 57 from Cancer. Spending the last days of his life injecting morphine into his legs was not pleasant. It breaks my heart to see people gorge themselves with the SAD and then bash the hell out of people who eat healthy. It isn't fat shaming! I'm still technically fat! But I love myself enough to strive for a healthier life. People are killing themselves everyday. No one freaks out when kids are eating McDonalds three days a week! But people bash this woman for eating 50 bananas? What is wrong with this world! So, elitist? A realist! When 15 yr old children have the start of atherosclerosis (look up the science) it is TRAGIC! So, hell yeah, that pisses me off. And I was talking to people just like you who trash people trying to make a difference. Go trash the people at taco bell or KFC, Monsanto or the other Big 10 companies that are creating poison for our kids and pushing it like crack dealers. And stop being such a douche. "So…done…"

  60. anonymous says – reply to this


    Unless you are with her 24/7 you really don't what is working for her. She's had a eating disorder so more than likely she still does. Who's to say she isn't throwing it all back up to stay thin? Funny how her followers are so quick to believe and cling to every word she says. Especially if you really don't know what she's really like. She and DR are scammers after vulnerable people and their money. They do not want to help anyone. Hell I wouldn't pay them money for their lies.

  61. Shar says – reply to this


    Odd that the 'new' story about 30BAD is that they've always recommended eating cooked foods. THEY are no longer transitioning, so what is with the switch from raw to non-raw? Clearly there are big problems, but they HIDE them on their website, and anyone who participates on that website and brings up the subject of any problems they are having staying 100% raw, or heaven forbid anyone actually finding fault with the diet… they are blocked and their posts are deleted.

  62. Honest says – reply to this


    Re: high carb low fat vega – Freelee is also making money off you.. I hope you realize that.

  63. anonymous says – reply to this


    Only if someone is stupid enough to click on their videos which I will not do. I don't contribute to scammers and liars.

  64. anonymous says – reply to this


    Only if you are stupid enough to click on her crappy videos which I will not do. I don't contribute to scammers and liars.

  65. donna says – reply to this


    Re: momofan – Huh? you must have her mixed up with someone else.

  66. donna says – reply to this


    Re: momofan – huh? you must have her confused with someone else. get educated.

  67. GoTo The Doctor says – reply to this


    This woman is nuts. This diet has caused her to lose her period. Which is a huge sign that something is really wrong. She also seems to think periods are a sign that the body is ridding itself of toxins, so she is happy about it…lol NO honey, periods are shedding the old egg. Nothing at all to do with toxins.

    She also blamed all the deaths from the Twin Towers on fat people. She said they were blocking the way for the skinny people.

    This is nothing but glorified eating disorder.

    Always go to a doctor before changing up your diet. Espcieally if you are going to be be vegan. You have to make sure you do it correctly in order to maintain health.