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Kitchen Nightmares Makes Their Highly Anticipated Return To Amy's Baking Company! Have They Learned Their Lesson Since Last Time?

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Kitchen Nightmares checks in on Amy's Baking Company for their season premiere!

This weekend, the new season of Kitchen Nightmares kicked off with a bang as they made their highly anticipated return to Amy's Baking Company, a restaurant that became notorious for their verbally abusive owner and cat-crazed chef Samy and Amy Bouzaglo!

So the question burning everyone's minds is, did the husband and wife learn their lessons since we last saw them??

Simply put, not really!

According to one employee, the ENTIRE staff was fired after the taping of their first episode, however, they quickly called most of them back the next day and begged for their workers to return!

The reunion didn't last long, as one waitress says Samy accused her of being a thief and fired her on the spot when she attempted to claim a tip a customer left for her!

Surprisingly enough, business seems to be doing well, but not because people want to try their delicious foods! In fact, most customers show up in hopes of seeing just how BAD the restaurant is! The owners have definitely embraced their crazy brand as they even offer t-shirt with some of the crazier quote from their first episode!

Sadly, Gordon Ramsay chose to sit out of the reunion with Samy and Amy, but that's probably a good idea considering they immediately went on the offensive and demanded money and said the show portrayed them in a negative light!

So there you have it! Amy's Baking Company is still the scream-in-your-face, social media-obsessed, paranoid restaurant we all fell in love with in the first place!

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One comment to “Kitchen Nightmares Makes Their Highly Anticipated Return To Amy's Baking Company! Have They Learned Their Lesson Since Last Time?”

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    These two are made for each other. They are both nuts. I look at her eyes and they are cold as ice and hollow. He is just a hot head and she feeds his heat. Certainly made for one another. At times I feel as if she is starting all of this for the attention negative or not. Bad is better than none. They are the thieves if they are taking their servers tips. That is horrible.