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Irish Teenager Gets His Testicles Squeezed So Hard In A Sick Prank That He Had A Heart Attack & Is Now In A Coma!

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Here’s one from the OMG Files!

An Irish teenager wound up in a coma after a schoolmate decided to pull a prank on him! A horrible, horrible prank.

It’s believed the boy’s testicles were tugged so hard, he ended up having a heart attack!

What. The. F***????

The 17-year-old passed out and was given CPR by a nearby teacher and student! He was rushed to the hospital and is now in a medically induced coma! Doctors have placed him in stable condition though.

Police do not believe this was a malicious attack, just a case of boys being boys. But boy oh boy, this went from fun and games to a truly serious matter!

The boy’s family hopes there will be no permanent damage.

We hope the same and that he recovers from this quickly!

But how about we all learn a lesson from this: balls are NOT to be yanked on like you’re blowing a train whistle!

For the love of Beyoncé, be gentle with your friends’ testicles!

[Image via WENN.]

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3 comments to “Irish Teenager Gets His Testicles Squeezed So Hard In A Sick Prank That He Had A Heart Attack & Is Now In A Coma!”

  1. Twatty says – reply to this


    Learn to research your stories. He didn't have the heart attack because of the squeezing. He had an underlying heart condition that caused the heart attack and that's how they discovered it.

  2. BobtheLumberjack says – reply to this


    What kind of moron grabs another man's balls and yanks on them? Oh the same kind that allows them to do it!

  3. deanna somerville says – reply to this


    a chinese man recently died when a woman squeezed his private parts. This is extremely dangerous to do. My moms a doctor and she said it can cause death.