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The Ultimate Warrior Officially Died Of A Massive Heart Attack! Get The Autopsy Results HERE!

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the ultimate warrior died massive heart attack

Ugh, SO sad!

We were shocked to learn that WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior passed away last week, and now the autopsy results have been revealed.

54-year-old James Hellwig reportedly passed away due to a massive heart attack, and Atherosclerotic/Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, or heart disease.

This means he died of natural causes, and no drugs were involved directly.

Our hearts go out to this legend’s family, friends, and fans!

He’s already sorely missed!

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4 comments to “The Ultimate Warrior Officially Died Of A Massive Heart Attack! Get The Autopsy Results HERE!”

  1. 1

    How did the drug tests come back so fast? Don't they normally take weeks to process?

  2. dude says – reply to this


    suck it Nancy Grace, you stupid bitch.

  3. texas State Univ says – reply to this


    i love juice I'm getting me cycle

  4. Steve says – reply to this


    You REALLY oughtta do your research. 54 Year old "James Hellwig" did not die. He didn't exist. The man changed his name, funny or not, like it or not…LEGALLY. His name was "Warrior". Get it right…