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Nancy Grace’s Coverage Of Ultimate Warrior’s Death P*ssed Off WWE So Bad, They’re Banning Wrestlers From Doing Her Show! Watch The Clip HERE!

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The list of Nancy Grace’s enemies just got longer!

Earlier this week she found herself feuding with Seth Rogen and now it’s the entire WWE that she’s pissed off!

The HLN host covered the recent death of legendary wrestler Ultimate Warrior. But rather than a touching tribute to the athlete and entertainer, Grace insinuated it was drug use that killed Warrior!

On her show that evening was Diamond Dallas Page, who tried to convince Grace that she was barking up the wrong tree blaming his death on drug and steroid use.

But did that stop her? Uh uh!

Grace even welcomed a doctor onto the program who had never treated Ultimate Warrior but speculated that he suffered a heart attack, brought on by anabolic steroids!

Sources say WWE was beyond offended and have now put a stranglehold on any other wrestlers from EVER appearing on her show again!


Nancy might be on to something though. She included a list of countless wrestlers who died at a very young age. If it is a common occurrence, what's WWE explanation? Is she wrong to speculate in that direction?

Ch-ch-check out Nancy Grace's coverage of Ultimate Warrior (above)!

Was she out of line?

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13 comments to “Nancy Grace’s Coverage Of Ultimate Warrior’s Death P*ssed Off WWE So Bad, They’re Banning Wrestlers From Doing Her Show! Watch The Clip HERE!”

  1. cagron says – reply to this


    The problem is that not all of those names are people who have died from steroid use. Some died in freak accidents and others from years of alcoho and/or drug abuse, but by including their names on that list Grace is insinuating that they died from steroids. Also WWE goes to great lengths to provide oppurtunities for their athletes to be healthy and avoid drug abuse.

  2. 2

    Steroid use is rampant in wrestling. Why deny it?

  3. *** says – reply to this


    The fact that she included wrestlers who died from other causes hurts her arguement in the long run. She comes across foolish and I hope to see her booted from television soon. Just awful to put take a poop on some of those guys by including them in this list. Wrestlers know what they are getting into and are the ones who make the decision. To use a man's death as an opportunity to be "shocking" and covering a "story" that has been done for years is just sick.

  4. Josh says – reply to this


    "Might be on to something"?

    Perhaps you should go do research on the names she listed before you write articles. You look like a damn fool right now.

  5. taryn says – reply to this


    I just cant stand Nancy Grace. Never could.

  6. Cheyenne says – reply to this


    He died from heart disease. Just like his father and grandfather. Plus she used the names of wrestlers who actually died in accidents or drug and alcohol abuse. She just made herself out to look like a raging bitch with a mission. She didn't even stop to think about the warriors wife and 2 children.if she dies tomorrow I guess we can all publicly blame it on her stuffing her fat ass with cheeseburgers.

  7. Kansas says – reply to this


    "Is she wrong to speculate in that direction?"

    Journalists with integrity and class DO NOT speculate. They report facts.
    Someone send this simpering buffoon with 1980's hair back to school.

  8. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: Cheyenne
    RE: "…if she dies tomorrow I guess we can all publicly blame it on her stuffing her fat ass with cheeseburgers…"
    NICE! LOL.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hers was a speculative story line. Behind the scenes steroid use is rumored to happen or to have happened in the field to get those bodies, but unless she knows that this man did and backs it up with his doctors and witnesses, she is tarring his name.

  10. yes says – reply to this


    Yes she's out of line using someone's death for ratings. If she wants to do something she should find out who is supplying the wrestlers, what does the WWE know, anything to help stop it rather than assuming and using a guy's death for ratings. She never does any background and she's an ex-lawyer who should know better.

  11. Mark says – reply to this


    Nancy Grace is just stupid. Ultimate warrior stopped wrestling at least 30 years ago. Alot of the people she had on her list did not do steroids and alot of them died from normal deaths or accidents. She is just stupid for her statements and if she really knew more about what she tries to report she would realize that she is a liar. She only tries to make things bigger than they are just to get better ratings. Hope the family members of the Ultimate warrior sues her for slander of the Warrior. Instead of talking bad about people she ought to look at her own life and report her life. Shouldn't throw stones living in a glass house. God will pay her back for the lies she tells about everyone else. Remember you reap what you sew. She ought to have respect for the dead who can not defend themselves.

  12. Nancy Sucks says – reply to this


    The luckiest person in the world is her fiance that was murdered! He doesn't have to put up with this CRAP! I wonder if she had anything to do with HIS MURDER? Does she have a alliby? she could have killed him!

  13. Chris says – reply to this


    "Nancy might be on to something though." - And just when I was starting to like you, you're just as much as an idiot as she his, why don't you and her do your freaking research? Go find that list of names & find out how each person on that list died, you'll find that only one -ONE! - person on that list died a steroid related death. Moron.