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O.J. Simpson Is Racking Up The Water Bill In Jail… But He’s Not Even At His House!

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oj simpson must pay back water bills

Apparently you can’t escape, death, taxes, and your water and sewer bill if you live in Florida!

In case you were wondering, O.J. Simpson has been calling ‘jail’ home for several years, but his house in Miami-Dade County was still in his name until it was auctioned off last October.

Unfortunately for The Juice, the Water and Sewer Dept. said that he still owed $457.33, and they’re going to charge him 8% annual interest!

Since O.J. has 28 years left on his sentence, he could end up owing around $4,000! Then again, he may get out much sooner thanks to his parole, so it should be considerably smaller.

If he did serve his whole sentence though, the former NFLer would be 94 years old. We doubt a past-due water bill would be the first thing on his mind.

[Image via AP Images.]

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2 comments to “O.J. Simpson Is Racking Up The Water Bill In Jail… But He’s Not Even At His House!”

  1. murderer says – reply to this


    He's whining? He's a criminal and murderer. Was he expecting a country club? The two people he killed, one the mother of his two youngest, didn't get to go to her kids high school graduation, Ron didn't get to have kids. OJ, you're still going to hell which will be much harder than t.v., all the extra food you got or anything else you've experienced. You're gonna burn you lowlife and your kids know you killed their mom, no matter how many racist jurors let you off. You'll pay with your soul old man.

  2. Smile is show time ! says – reply to this


    see ya !