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Don’t Believe In Ghosts?? You WILL After You See This Spooky Video From A Bolivian Soccer Game!

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soccer ghsots edit

Set your faces to stunned, Perezcious readers!

Because down in Bolivia, there appears to be a ghost on the loose and it’s frightening football fans at one soccer stadium!

Just look at the haunting video captured recently at Hernando Siles Stadium (below)! From left to right, a shadowy figure appears to run straight through the spectator-filled seats! It even runs directly into a barrier but appears on the other side, going at the same speed!

OMG! Too creepy!

And this isn’t even the only soccer ghost in South America! Fans in Venezuela swear that the spirit of their former president Hugo Chávez saved what would otherwise be a certain goal during an international match against Colombia!

Some believe they saw a figure tap the ball over the goal post, preventing the score!

What do you think Perezcious readers?? Are these ghosts for real??

Don’t answer until you watch these jaw-dropping video below!

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10 comments to “Don’t Believe In Ghosts?? You WILL After You See This Spooky Video From A Bolivian Soccer Game!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    Looks more like a moving airborne track camera casting a shadow to me.
    If they have no game cams, then whoo.

  2. dawn says – reply to this


    could see it being a track cam. Except in slow mo you can see what looks like legs moving not just a smooth zip across if it was a cam

  3. lionsnake says – reply to this


    it a shadow of the runner on the field off camera smh

  4. blumpkinjr says – reply to this


    first off not a shadow of a player. The ball is not in play yet. No one is sprinting full speed at that point. Second its like it knew exactly when it was on camera and was caught by surprise so it sprinted away (ghosts and what not have a relationship with electric currents so it would probably "feel" that it was on camera") if it woulda just stayed put nobody would have thought anything of it. Can't say anything for sure but definitely freaky. It looked like it got spooked and just dipped!

  5. blubird says – reply to this


    seems like the audience doesn't recognice this "ghost" - so i also do believe the shadow-version of this story.

  6. Kansas says – reply to this


    Maybe it's just my mood tonight, but damn that kinda creeps me out!
    Judging by the gif, at first I figured it was a shadow cast by someone on the opposite side of the stadium. But once I saw the video in full I realized that's not possible.

    1. There isn't just ONE person on the other side of the stadium, or running around on the field I assume, so there wouldn't be just ONE shadow. There would be MANY shadows reflected there if it were so.
    2. If it were an airborne track camera casting a shadow, WHY IS THE SHADOW THE EXACT SAME SIZE AS THE PEOPLE IN THE STANDS?
    (There would be a proportion difference if it were airborne, given the light of day, and the angle of the stands.)
    3. Is it a projection, as in a hologram of sorts? I don't know the science, but maybe?
    (But that begs the question: What's the motivation? If someone wanted to project something spooky to freak people out, you'd think they'd pick something more scary than one shadowy solitary figure the same size as a person.)


  7. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: blubird
    I'm not saying this is in fact a "ghost," but just an FYI:
    In the field of paranormal activity, often "ghosts" are NOT visible to the human eye UNTIL they are captured on camera.

  8. Sonya says – reply to this


    I think it may be a reflection, if you look towards the end it's as if the camera recording it is behind glass… Perhaps possible that it is a reflection that is well placed(incidentally).
    There is also a reflection of the score board too I think? Pretty cool either way! xx

  9. Si@ni@ says – reply to this


    If its a shadow/ reflection tben how come it has a shadow?? An it looks like its kinda dragging a leg to me?? Dosent resemble any camera ive ever seen! Sppoooooky!!!!

  10. Graham Mosdall says – reply to this


    It's an actual guy running through the crowd, there is no barrier for him to run through as he runs across some steps, that football stadium has a pathway that deprecates the stand into two tiers and the so called barrier is steps as you can clearly see fans behind him sitting on them not to mention there's a video that shows the fan walking down a flight of steps then he gets to that pathway and runs through the crowd also this article says fans we're scared, no they weren't, if they were them they would have moved but they just say there watching the game, there's no shadow of anyone, no camera trickery it's just a guy running along the pathway between the two tiers or as Americans call them bleachers