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President Barack Obama Plays Soccer With A Robot In The Ultimate Man VS. Machine Challenge! Watch HERE!

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President Barack Obama plays soccer with a robot during a visit to Japan!

Either this is a trailer for an upcoming Terminator movie, or President Barack Obama is ACTUALLY playing soccer with a robot!

Based on the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is nowhere to be seen, we think we're going to have to go with the second option!

Obama has been busy overseas as he embarks on a weeklong tour of Asia, and during his stay in Japan he made his way to the Miraikan Science Expo in Tokyo where he got a chance to meet a robot named Asimo (Advance Step in Innovative Mobility)!

Luckily, the robot is a product of Honda and NOT Skynet like we originally feared, but we have to admit we're a little freaked out by the fully functioning, talking robot that eventually challenged the POTUS to a "friendly" game of soccer!

Obama chuckled nervously as he kicked the ball back and forth with the humanoid, and even he later admited "the robots were a little scary" and were "too lifelike!"

Where's John Connor when you need him?!

Ch-ch-check out the beginning of the robot uprising (below)!

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