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President Barack Obama Weighs In On Clippers Owner’s Shameful Comments!

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We were waiting to hear from him!

After the news broke about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments, saying he doesn’t want his girlfriend V. Stiviano bringing black people to his games, everyone was ready with an opinion.

Including President Barack Obama!

During a speech for something entirely different, POTUS took a stand, voicing his support of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and reinforcing that something should be done quickly.

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

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31 comments to “President Barack Obama Weighs In On Clippers Owner’s Shameful Comments!”

  1. shaygirl says – reply to this


    see this is what is important to this pos in the wh. the world is on fire, no one has a job, his whole trip to Asia was an epic fail but now he's where he should be, the most important thing in the world RACE And BASKETBALL Obama doesn't know anything about fast and furious, NSA, IRS, Benghazi but race and basketball now he's in his league.

    Putin is laughing his ass off. while Putin takes over other countries or "little boy" president is all excited about a white guy in a fight with his ho girlfriend.

  2. Peter Wanker says – reply to this


    Oh how very brave
    Meanwhile Russia is marching on
    , Russian planes have buzzed our ships, have submarines
    monitoring /spying on our ports, has a warship in the Havana harbor
    Obama should be in the White House solving some of the problems, he has created, and leave the race baiting to the other pros, like Al Sharpton, and Jesse

  3. jackson says – reply to this


    the racist is an Obama supporter, lmao

  4. carlyann says – reply to this


    good grief the man is 81. just sounds like a old man being shaken down for his money and his team. a racist wouldn't be spending that kind of money on a black whore.

  5. Emily johnson says – reply to this


    I remember days when "so called" journalist didn't ask the potus about whether he would save putin or about fights between a white rich guy and a black hooker. the world is on the verge of WWIII and Obama gets involved with fights with rich guy and hookers, bowing to robots and being asked if Obama would save putin if he were drowning. Read some foreign papers, the Russians have a pic of Obama in a Russian officer uniform. it says for his service in Ukraine Obama has been awarded the rank of colonel

  6. 6

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  7. Jiminbh says – reply to this


    Obama? Gross!

  8. 8

    Barack Hussein Obama? GROSS! Keep that away from me!

  9. kimcloo says – reply to this


    He was answering a question you racist scumbags. By your comments I assume you would prefer a war mongering ignoramus like Bush still running the country. I and the majority of the country (remember you lost) am thankful we have this thoughtful, intelligent man as president. Go back to polishing your guns and salivating over fox news disgusting creeps, vomit!

  10. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    I like how Obama picks and chooses what to respond to. I mean, a US citizen who makes stupid comments and this is the level the President stoops to? I don't remember any President doing that before. Does he not have anything more important. I guess his golf game got cancelled. Obama and Sterling are both idiots. Obama should be more concerned with the killing of young children in Chicago, or the over 90% of black households being run by the mother and born out of wedlock. He should watch "The First 48" and he'll see that most crime is black on black. Obama is an idiot who just wants to inflame and separate. Both racially and by economic class. He's a jerk, he's no uniter and he is no leader. Remember when you read stories on this website praising Obama, it's because the Democrat party are paying a fee.

  11. Lori says – reply to this


    Wonderful response from a wonderful President.

  12. I'm teary eye says – reply to this


    Great performance ,Lets Give Him an Oscar .

  13. KimJo says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl – LOL

  14. larry Rudolph says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl – Is matter of national security ,sure this is important topic

  15. Face it says – reply to this


    Re: Peter Wanker – but i guess when they do it is not News

  16. You won the Award says – reply to this


    Re: carlyann – lol

  17. Transparency says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl
    i love cherry picking my topics

  18. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Will be SO glad when his term is over, never understood why he got re-elected when he did so poorly the first term. I voted for him the first term because his opponent was that hothead John McCain, but the second term election he had a nice moderate opponent. Oh well, you get the government you deserve.
    On topic, he needs to get back to governing and fixing the economy.

  19. doctor X says – reply to this



  20. unsustainable Economy says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – What Nightmare mean While ppl are losing their homes in tornado alley ,how come thats not news ?

  21. Guto says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle – Agree!!

  22. Jo says – reply to this


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    Sign up at

  23. la Camaleon says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle – I Gonna Vomit my dinner thanks to you !

  24. Not a racist pastor says – reply to this


    When black students attacked dozens of asian students in a south philly school for being asian in a system of attacks that lasted from early morning to after school.. ….. not one famous black leader raised an angry alarm and condemned the racist black students. The government made no official statement that i'm aware of. The drama was quietly swept under a rug by the media (the only reason I heard about it is because my girl is asian). The major media didnt pick it up. Where was obama? Obama was in office. The asian students boycotted the school for 8 days. Where was obama?

    Anyways, what is pissing me off is that i keep seeing that people are calling the owners ex (?) black/ethnic girlfriend a "gold digger". That slur is as bad as the one it rhymes with (my mom lived with that label endlessly). Society should not punish women with slurs for dating rich men. Just say "no" to caste systems that punish poor women for dating rich men with horrible slurs. "whore gold digger" etc.

  25. pragmatist says – reply to this


    All this press and movement due to a couple racist comments.

    If only we could get this moved about our roads, dams and ELECTRICAL GRID that are 15 years OLDER than they were designed to be!! Bridges are crumbling, roads turning to dust, and the electrical system WILL die if a moderate sun flare hits it. We woulld be instantly transported to the dark ages for a matter of months, maybe years.

    Yet THIS is what you get upset about. Some gay saying some racist shit that he's entitled to say, and entitled to believe. UNBELIEVABLE.


  26. MyGolfgamegotcancelled says – reply to this


    Re: pragmatist – i knew the country need it an upgrade on the roads but Holly shit are you for reals ??

  27. Broken Legal System says – reply to this


    He created huge massive monster by using the N.S.A To go after ppls civil liberties ,n order too go get rid ppl he doesnt like,
    the same way he used the I.R.S going after he's political opponents
    cuzz ones he's out office ,who ever takes over will make he's controlling tactics look like childs play ,he truly created huge massive godzilla

  28. Oh Ma Geee..... says – reply to this


    Every Word He Ever Said On that microphone ,as lie
    and will be the but jokes because Everything he ever said , was completely the opposite ,of what he did and promised the country
    i will never look at black man holding the microphone the same way again ,
    After this guy is out office thats for sure .

  29. Janet says – reply to this


    The clippers owner is a democrat. It isn't true that he is racist. He was just being funny. I too am a democrat and I'm not racist. I don't think it's fair that there are not more white men on the team and the hoop isn't higher but I'm just a girl, so what do I know.

  30. You won the Award says – reply to this


    Re: Emily johnson

  31. Not a racist pastor says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle – In black American culture, there is this thing called an "uncle tom". Any black american who says anything critical of black culture is usually adorned with that label by blacks. And for that reason, you will NEVER hear obama or any prominent black man criticize the black homicide rate or any of the other ills that plague the typical urban streets.

    Obama knows that black gangs kill 1000's of innocent "trayvons" yearly and that the leading cause of death of young black children is… black on black street violence. But he will never address that issue publicly. He will never tell black americans "fix that mess".

    He knows the response would not be "oh my god. obama is right and wise. Lets solve this problem once and for all". The response would be "god damn uncle tom. sell out mutha fugga" … So he avoids those issues and waits for incidences that he can voice an opinion on and not get called an uncle tom in the process.