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Rihanna Is Sadsies About Donald Sterling’s Racial Comments! See Her Instagram Proof!

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rihanna responds clippers owner donald sterling comments

We’re pretty sure everyone who isn’t a racist is sad about his comments!

By now you’ve heard that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made some extremely racial comments to his girlfriend.

Well, Rihanna, the noted Clipper fan, is NOT happy about it! She posted some NSFW memes, along with a pic of herself and friend Melissa Forde looking judge-y at the Toronto Raptors game.

Each of the images was only accompanied by a “ :( “

We totally sympathize! Ch-ch-check out her posts (below):

rihanna responds clippers owner donald sterling comments 1

rihanna responds clippers owner donald sterling comments 2

rihanna responds clippers owner donald sterling comments 3

[Image via Rihanna/Instagram.]

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18 comments to “Rihanna Is Sadsies About Donald Sterling’s Racial Comments! See Her Instagram Proof!”

  1. Ali says – reply to this


    Does Rhianna have hair-plugs or some wig lace going on by her forehead area?

  2. BEYFLAWLESS says – reply to this


    haha i lovee

  3. KimJo says – reply to this


    I love niki ninja looking ass

  4. bouhou scobydou says – reply to this


    Rihanna should take care of twerking her butt instead of criticize subjects exceeding her ability to comprehend. Rihanna is in bad faith and opportunistic as the accusers in a witch hunting are..
    Some day, someone should have to explain to me how is that possible, that a man accused of racism can officially have a different ethnicity for partner of life ?

  5. the born diller says – reply to this


    I havent heard the recordings. I actually dont care (while whites and blacks are having their little waaa waa session.. us white men with asian women are making love! I think I even gave her an orgams WITHOUT her finger's help, YAY ME!).
    ok. I guess we are going to hear about this for the next weeks… and not once during this week will we hear about black men's tribal wars, ethnic wars and discrimination against others in africa. There are still several ethnic wars raging on in africa. Tribe versus tribe. The media will ignore that. They will ignore the black janjaweed tribes conducting islamic slave raids into sudan to capture black women and children for servitude..but we will hear endlessly how this WHITE guy who had a BlAAAAAAAAAAAAACK girlfriend is a horrible racist.
    In the meantime… because the PC police have only small brains.. they will not condemn white men, black men, white women, black women (or anybody) for calling older men "dirty old men" for having young girlfriends. Its always "ok" to toss slur words at older white men. But god forbid he send a couple back. I dont know what he said. I dont care what he said . But society wants its cake and eat it too. It wants to condemn him for saying something racist but not condemn itself for saying something ageist about men his age with young lovers.

  6. the born diller says – reply to this


    society: "dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man . —> He's how old and she was HOW OLD? How dare they hook up. <—- dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man dirty old man!! dirty old man "

    "dirty old man? fuck off… you ageist n words and honkies and sp*cks and ch*nks and kikes and …. everybody else"


    awww. poor babies.

  7. saly says – reply to this


    Re: the born diller
    Are you allowed to have phones/computers in the nuts House?

  8. the born diller says – reply to this


    Thats what this place is? they told me it was MENSA.

  9. Heather says – reply to this


    This racist D bag from the clippers is 17 different kinds of gross, no question. I don't see what anyone can really do about it, though. He didn't say that stuff in the workplace or directly to a player. They all have contracts and as long as he's paying, they've gotta play.

    It will affect future drafts but not much will happen now.

    Also, one problem is that there are few black-owned teams or even managers or coaches. If LeBron or Magic really wanted to make a change, they'd get their own teams going.

  10. Enjoy your whyning says – reply to this


    Enjoy bringing this team owner down ,right now
    just remember the black list and the patriot act are real And is coming for all of you like true slavedriver on communist country this time ,
    cuzz after this guy is out office ,the smear camping and the money hungry lawyers are coming ,to claim your wealth
    After all this complaining when you should been grateful
    for having it this good .

  11. 11

    sadsies? my god are you 12?

  12. 12

    Re: saly – HA!

  13. nana says – reply to this


    She is my IDOL 😂

  14. Junior93 says – reply to this


    Re: the born diller

    What does tribal wars and some Africans wars have to do with one of the numerous ignorant racists like you here in the US?? I mean before judging those may you could look for the causes ( often because of past colonialism that broought tribes against tribes by moving their borders while opressing others etc…) anyways I still don't get your point…10 wrongs while never do 1 right…
    FYI his girlfriend is ASIAN and you can like some races and hate others based of prejudices…It's a documented fact that slave owners were raping their slaves 24/7 so they were not racists??
    Please leave that neo cons republicans white supremasist KKK way of thinking for a smarter and broader way of seeing things…

    Last not least what does calling old people old has to do with being racist?? have you heard of millions of people being killed or deported because they were old??

    Well I could go on but indeed you make no sense and you have no valid argument, even a 6 yrs old could easily demonstrate how silly you sound…

  15. Junior93 says – reply to this


    Re: the born diller
    Your ignorant ass hasn't heard the recording yet you can leave an ignorant comment?? Any smart person in his right mind would know that before entering a fight you should know the FACTS because you might sound and look bad…like you do now…listen to the recordings and your sorry ass will understand that he openly admits to be a dirty filthy slaveowner wannabe!
    Stop trying to excuse racist people because of what's going in Africa now because if you look at Russia now with its silent war against Ukrainia ( you probably never heard about that you so ignorant… ) and other WHITE countries they are NOT better off!

  16. rihanna says – reply to this


    fuck u

  17. rihanna says – reply to this


    fuck u

  18. rihanna says – reply to this


    fuck u