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Awful! Shaq Made Fun Of A Man With A Rare Disorder Then Deleted The Pic! He STILL Hasn’t Apologized!

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What’s up with this, Shaq?!

The NBA champ recently posted a selfie on Instagram split with a Detroit man who suffers from a rare disease called ectodermal dysplasia.

As a result, 23-year-old Jahmel Binion started a “Hug Don’t Judge” campaign against bullying!

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

Shaq has since deleted the pic, but has yet to apologize to the young man.

Ch-ch-check out the whole story (above) to see the offensive pic — and revel in Jahmel's courage to stand up and do something!

Time to say you're sorry, Shaq! This was awful of you!

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10 comments to “Awful! Shaq Made Fun Of A Man With A Rare Disorder Then Deleted The Pic! He STILL Hasn’t Apologized!”

  1. Amy says – reply to this


    Jahmel we can all see what a beautiful soul you have! You are strong to stick up to these people, famous or not, they are wrong! Thank you for speaking out and keep that positive smile!! :)

  2. Sinners at its best! says – reply to this


    Who is really surprised by this?
    I mean: who still believes in 2014, that a celebrity would not make this kind of free wickedness? People should start to accept the facts and at the same time, accept reality as it is!
    Celebrities are imperfect and often cruel humans in the intimacy.

  3. me says – reply to this


    So Shaq jumps on Sterling, but not himself….???

  4. Jamesr says – reply to this


    That's WAY worse than what Sterling has done. Way worse. Funny how there's no repurcusions

  5. meanpeoplesuck312 says – reply to this


    This breaks my heart. Shaq Thinks it is awful what sterling said ( which It was) but what he did is ok. IT is still hate and intolerance. And the people who are suppose to be role models should apologize to him.

  6. Tucko says – reply to this


    its Free country Let these Chimps praise Each other .

  7. Black skinhead says – reply to this


    Chimp Talk is Aight with me ,I Aint Mad at ya .

  8. cantobantorantosantoda says – reply to this


    I cant wait to hear what Obama has to say about this incident.

  9. the truth has spoken says – reply to this


    Thank you for reporting on this. I could care less about the NBA - this boy needs our attention, while Shaq, Sterling and the rest of them will continue to cash that check.

  10. paul says – reply to this


    hey guys check it out. lets all help raise money and awareness for this disease!