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NBA Commish Fines Donald Sterling $2.5 Mil, Bans Him For Life, & Urges Other Owners To Force Him To Sell The L.A. Clippers! Watch The Video HERE!

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Well, that just happened!

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver just laid the hammer down hard on Donald Sterling.!!!

In his strongly worded statement, the Commish called the L.A. Clippers owner's racist remarks "deeply offensive" and "harmful."

Adam stated:

"[Donald's remarks are] contrary to the principles of inclusion and respect that form the foundations of our diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic league… I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the NBA — Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, he may not be present at any clippers facility, and he may not participate in any player or personnel decision involving the team… I am also fining Mr. Sterling $2,500,000, the maximum amount allowed under the bylaws of the NBA Constitution."

Earlier estimations put the possible fine at $5 mil, but we guess this was as high as they could go. Adam also revealed those fines will be donated to relevant charities aimed at promoting diversity.

Adam continued:

"We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling's views, they have no place in the NBA."

Furthermore, Adam Silver swears he will do everything in his power to convince the other owners into quickly coaxing Donald Sterling into selling the team.

Apparently if the 3/4ths of the owners vote to remove Donald as an owner, they can force the sale of the L.A. Clippers!

Get to work, rich dudes!

Ch-ch-check out the Commish's statement for yourself (below)!

And CLICK HERE for everything we know so far!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “NBA Commish Fines Donald Sterling $2.5 Mil, Bans Him For Life, & Urges Other Owners To Force Him To Sell The L.A. Clippers! Watch The Video HERE!”

  1. alayna says – reply to this


    Adam Sterling?? Get your facts straight, people. His name is Adam Silver.

  2. hobochic says – reply to this


    Its ADAM SILVA not……ADAM STERLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its an insult to get him name wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    What happened to freedom of speech…are we not in America?
    Im not defending him but who are we going to tar and feather next?

  4. Dunya says – reply to this


    Sounds like a slap on the wrist to me, 2.5 Mil is like petty cash to him. And the lifetime ban? He is 80 and will prob have a heart attack if he keeps it up (pun intended) with young G-Friends.

  5. rhonda says – reply to this


    poor little aids-infested magic Johnson. what a way to get a team

  6. 6

    What he said was horrible, and I am glad he is being held accountable, but people seem to be acting as if this is an anomaly. It's not. Racism is everywhere. Tons of people talk in the same way this old guy does and plenty worse. Sure, punish him - then what? Go back to pretending there is no racism?

  7. jbrando says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – Totally agree thank you for saying that because i was just about to!

  8. 8

    he has been saying these type of comments for years. Now that Magic Johnson wants to buy the team, he is using the media and get him to sell the team, so his family does not get it before he dies. All political!! Where was the NBA and all these media peeps in the past years when he said these things? Where is the uproar of this being a prvate phone called that is hacked / spyed on? He was not talking to anyone but his whore. I thought we had freedom of speech. If he were black and sayign racist things about whites, this would not be a story. I do not have enough space to give the many examples. Again, this is political. Magic Johnson wants to buy the team.

  9. Hail says – reply to this


    That is a great point. There is absolutely racism still, everywhere. This guys just got recorded talking about it. HOWEVER…when you own a team of predominantly African Americans…and they are the ones putting butts in the seats, selling tickets, and merchandise and making your old ass rich beyond belief. You may have the "right" and "freedom" to say whatever you please. But to do so under those circumstances is despicable. I'm happy he got tarred and feathered - he doesn't deserve his wealth and success when he bashes the people who made it possible.

  10. 10

    He should be hung in the public square … !!!

  11. 11

    Re: rosebud99 – I don't like what he said either but he said it in the privacy of his home. Someone invaded his privacy and leaked this to the press. THAT too is wrong. The guy is a pig but he has ever right to say what he feels. Hit him in his wallet. That's probably the best way to punish him but its not going to change his deep rooted racism, sadly.

  12. Hanger says – reply to this


    All a rights violation.
    His private thoughts stolen and splashed everywhere.
    His racism.
    The nba taking away his rights to have thoughts in the privacy of his own space away from the public and speak them aloud.

  13. gold dig not shit dig says – reply to this


    People always SAY that racism is everywhere… yet.. the only people who ever get called racists are…. guess who? WHITES (the people who created the most free countries on earth). Calling only one race of people "racists" in a world where most modern ethnic wars are waged by non whites is racist. Its kinda like calling only one sex sexists. Thats sexist.

    Somebody said yesterday that The NBA is 78% black. Thats racist (in my opinion). Why not have more whites and asians? Asians love basketball. Why do black basketball players have to go to north korea to see asian ball players? "because asians are short. Thats why they cant play in america". Then shorten the height of basketball players and the height of the hoop. 78% black.. is a racist figure. They are only 14% of the population.
    So the NBA is an anti racist perpetrator of racism. (in my opinion)

  14. Question says – reply to this


    What if he had said it about gay people? Do you think it would be the same outcome? The same outrage? Are we there yet as a nation?

  15. gold dig not shit dig says – reply to this


    the "non racist" NBA is ..78 percent black and 17 percent whites (and some token "others").
    Blacks and latinos live in the same communities but the recruiters skip over all those latinos (the second largest ethnic group) to get to the black players.

    If I hired 78 percent males and 17% females (and some token "others") to work for my business… I'd be in court for sexual discrimination.
    But as it turns out, I only have 5 employees and all 5 of them are female. So, i dont have to worry about being accused for sexism (whew).

    Obama (mr diversity) spoke out about the racially insensitive comments of sterling but is oddly mum about the LACK of racial diversity in basketball.
    Talk about a "justice for JUST US" presidency.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: manymoms – Hmmm. Very Interesting.

  17. leaveon says – reply to this


    I believe that Donald Sterling's rights were violated. No, it's not right that he is racist, however, it is not correct for someone to record his private conversation and make it public without his permission or knowledge. Then Adam Silver of the NBA to stand in front of all the world and announce, "Oh well, he said it and now it's out there!" Sorry, dude, but if you sent a private letter to your wife or your mother and she was on you were on your death bed do you want it published to world to see when you have opened up yourself and told all your secrets that you have kept maybe for years and you are apologizing? I don't think so. Just because someone comes into information by accident does not give them the right to publish it without your permission. Everything we do in this life is not right and we all make mistakes. No, I am NOT taking up Donald Sterling and the things he said, however, I am taking up for his right as a human being and the fact that we all have rights and his were violated. I'm sure that his lawyers will do this too Mr. Silver. Good Luck on winning this one in court.

  18. brenda says – reply to this


    the guy may be a dirt bag running around with a mistress while still married .But it is FREEDOM OF SPEECH just like the Duck Dynasty and phil only diference is one is on COLOR and other GAY &LESBOS or same sex marriage.Come on people if you don't want freedom of speech than get rid of it but it is important law so there it is Law!!!

  19. brenda says – reply to this


    re=6674639]Re: Question[/re] oh come on dude I am White I am 50 why is it okay for Black people to say the N word and put it in there music I fined this very offensive for my kids to listen to. But they are right they bought it and the N word is there over and over.And is this not a freedom of speech thing anyway.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    I can certainly see how Salem happened. Give the throwback old guy a chance to have his light bulb moment and apologize, and then learn freaking forgiveness. The tarring and feathering glee is as disgusting and almost worse than the words he spoke.

  21. Smile IS YOBIRTHDAY says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – your inn police state now everything you say could be used against you ,just like in communist country .