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Nearly Half Of All Men Blow Their Load In How Many Minutes According To Science?? Learn The Sticky Statistic HERE!

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men orgasm in short amount of time

We can almost hold our breath for that long!

Noted doctor Harry Fisch has published a book called The New Naked, and he reveals some shocking facts about SEX!

For example, men get eleven erections a day, including partial ones, on average. That’s a lot of wood! Fisch also revealed that even though all men like to claim that the have the endurance of a marathon runner, they actually only last around TWO MINUTES.

In fact, 45 percent of the men in this study fell into that range!

This is just no good for the ladies though.

Apparently, women take 7.3 minutes on average to orgasm from inter-vaginal sex, which is still not considered very long, scientifically.

But that’s why sex isn’t one dimensional! We all have mouths, don't we?! LOLz!

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