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Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Amazing Butt In A Brazilian Bikini! See The Sexy Almost Naked Selfie HERE!

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Demi Lovato shows off her booty while sun bathing in Brazil!

Unless you're Ron Burgundy, chances are you've all heard the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!"

But do the same rules apply when you're in Brazil?

According to Demi Lovato, yes they do! The Heart Attack singer made her way to South America for her Neon Lights tour and decided to use some of her downtime to soak in some sun!

But seeing how she was in Brazil, she went with the local attire and wore an itty bitty bikini that showed off her ASSets! Thankfully, she shared a super sexy selfie of her swimsuit on Twitter and wrote:

"When in Brazil…… 👙☀️💖 #NEONLIGHTSTOURSA"

Hot dayum! Demi's got an AH-MAZING booty!

Maybe she should just pretend she's in Brazil ALL the time! LOLz!

[Image via Twitter.]

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13 comments to “Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Amazing Butt In A Brazilian Bikini! See The Sexy Almost Naked Selfie HERE!”

  1. Jared says – reply to this


    Well, her music isn't especially acclaimed or popular, aside from her group of Disney fans who flock no matter what, and her talking about eating disorders/cutting/depression/bipolar disorder is getting repetitive since we've heard it for literally 3 years now and no one seems to care anymore… she has to get press somehow, right? Obviously, she's still struggling with attention and acceptance issues. "Look at me! Tell me I'm sexy! I need it to be content!" She shouldn't be on tour. She should be with a therapist. Beautiful voice, pretty girl. But she's trying far too hard.

  2. LanaDelRayOfSunshineee says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – yes to all of that. preach.

  3. point blank says – reply to this


    fatass attention whore

  4. @Jared says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – I really don't believe she's all better myself. Well, she's said herself that she's always gonna be struggling and it's not like everything's ever gonna be fixed, but I mean I think she might be less confident than she presents herself as most of the time. I'm a Lovatic and this is something that seems really unpopular as an opinion, but she could still be struggling with addiction too. The good thing is that I really do think she wants to get better.

  5. @Jared says – reply to this


    I think she's very pretty though and I think she has a nice body too. I wish people would stop trolling her in that specific way ffs. It's always sad to me she seems to have self esteem issues still.

  6. Jared says – reply to this


    Re: @Jared – Exactly. I don't think she's 100% better. Especially after she went through that whole "sober is sexy" phase to her fans and in reality, she admitted she had relapsed. She never even fully and properly mourned her father's death. I think she's afraid that if she completely goes to get help, which would mean stepping away from the spotlight completely for a while, people would forget about her or not care. So, she's half-recovered and is clinging to the attention she still has. And she's clinging to it because she's not recovered. It's very sad. She's very beautiful and her voice is exceptional. But she's just ruining herself. These pictures are cheap tactics for press. She even sacrificed her music sound, which she sounded better in "Here We Go Again" than in any other albums, to this terrible dance music that is obviously a ploy to get radio plays. With her voice, she shouldn't have cheap tactics for attention. She doesn't believe in herself and she's doing basic and trashy moves in her career to cover it up. It's just sad. Like I said, she doesn't need to be on tour. She needs a therapist.

  7. Maddona is the only 1 says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – I Agree

  8. menopause Monster says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – Obviously .

  9. geez says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – Stay strong .

  10. Clueless White girl . says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – Preach sister Great Perspective you're such great leader .

  11. K says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – Or she could just simply be a NORMAL person in their early 20's taking a selfie in a bikini. How many other girls her age do the same thing? (MILLIONS)

    This isn't a picture to examine her emotional/mental health, this is just another selfie. Nothing more or less.

  12. 12

    I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but she's just a slutty exhibitionist like the rest of them, and demi don't call yourself a roll model if your doing stuff like this. I'll be ok with this trash when men are doing the same thing.

  13. Kelsey says – reply to this


    For all the people trashing her for posting a picture like this, in case you haven't noticed, she's a 21 year old girl at the beach. Of course she's going to post a bikini selfie because that's what almost every girl her age does. And almost every celebrity does that too so why are you just trashing her? And, she rarely ever posts selfies like this, in fact selfies at all, so that isn't very trashy. I'm not saying I know this for sure but maybe, just maybe, she's feeling confident so she posted a picture. And for the person who said that she's changing her music to get radio, well of course she's going to do that. She's a singer who has a career and to keep that career she needs radio plays. Whenever her songs play on the radio, that's more publicity for her, which, as a singer, is what she's trying to get. So don't act like no other singer ever does this. I agree that here we go again was her best but she didn't get anything for her career with that.