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Just Like Herpes, Kris Humphries' Herpes-Based Legal Woes Just Won't Go Away! Find Out What He's REFUSING To Do HERE!

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Kris Humphries might be ordered to take an STD test! Why doesn't he just do it anyway??

Kris Humphries is in an awkward legal battle because of a one-night stand with accuser Kayla Goldberg.

She's trying to sue him, claiming he gave her herpes! STILL! This was back in 2010!

Humphries has always denied having any STDs but he's apparently not submitting to testing, so Goldberg's lawyers are requesting a judge order him to get tested.

The plaintiff's document read:

"Since the outset of litigation, Humphries has steadfastly denied having any herpes virus. Humphries has also admitted that he has never been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1 … At the same time, Humphries has refused to submit to a test for sexually transmitted infections to lay this matter to rest. [Humphries] denies that he is infected with any herpes virus, yet has simultaneously admitted to not having been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1. In essence, Humphries wants Plaintiff and this Court to take him at his word that he is free of any herpes virus while refusing to submit to tests that prove that is so."

Hmm, makes you kinda think why he doesn't want to submit to a test. We assume he'd rather this whole lawsuit just go away!

If he doesn't actually have herpes, then wouldn't it be super easy to just take a test and move on with your life??

Or is he afraid of what he might find out…

We'll be interested to see what happens if a judge orders him to take the test.

[Image via WENN.]

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4 comments to “Just Like Herpes, Kris Humphries' Herpes-Based Legal Woes Just Won't Go Away! Find Out What He's REFUSING To Do HERE!”

  1. 1

    The American Sexual Health Association maintains:

    STD or STI? What's the difference?

    Diseases that are spread through sexual contact are usually referred to as sexually transmitted diseases or STDs for short. In recent years, however, many experts in this area of public health have suggested replacing STD with a new term—sexually transmitted infection, or STI.

    Why the change? The concept of “disease,” as in STD, suggests a clear medical problem, usually some obvious signs or symptoms. But several of the most common STDs have no signs or symptoms in the majority of persons infected. Or they have mild signs and symptoms that can be easily overlooked. So the sexually transmitted virus or bacteria can be described as creating “infection,” which may or may not result in “disease.” This is true of chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and human papillomavirus (HPV), to name a few.

    For this reason, for some professionals and organizations the term “disease” is being replaced by “infection.” ASHA has used the term STD since 1988 and it appears in hundreds of published ASHA documents, including this site. Users of this site will continue to see it for some time. But in moving forward, you will also begin to see increased use of the term STI. We’re interested in your thoughts about this as well

  2. Gold Digga says – reply to this


    Even if he did test positive for herpes, it doesn't prove he gave it to her. I wouldn't take the test, either. She wouldn't be suing him if he didn't have money, or else 25% of the population would be suing the hell out of each other for this.

  3. Maddie says – reply to this


    Since when can you sue for getting herpes from someone? Dumb bitch

  4. Eddy says – reply to this


    Ask Kanye !!!!