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Unfortunate! Man Found Dead Inside A Fortune Cookie Dough Mixing Machine In Texas!

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man dies in fortune cookie dough mixer

If only there was some way he could have been forewarned about this!

Jokes aside, this is REALLY sad!

A 26 year-old Texas man was found dead inside an industrial sized fortune cookie dough mixer at Wonton Food Corporation in Houston. It seems that the man was operating the machinery and he may have accidentally fell in and died.

The authorities, however, do not suspect any foul play!

Should you have any doubts as to how terrible his death most likely was, THIS is what an industrial sized dough mixer in action looks like…

Yikes! If only he'd eaten one of his own products, then maybe he would have seen this coming!

What an awful way to die. Poor guy!

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family!

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7 comments to “Unfortunate! Man Found Dead Inside A Fortune Cookie Dough Mixing Machine In Texas!”

  1. 0000 says – reply to this


    confusius say misfortune awaits you.

  2. Get it? says – reply to this


    The company should be sued for their <b><i>wonton</i></b> disregard for safety.

  3. Dummy says – reply to this


    Should've used <strong>strong</strong> and <em>em</em> there.

  4. Michelle says – reply to this


    "he may have accidentally fell in and died"
    Proof reading did not happen prior to posting this….

  5. c says – reply to this


    Your jokes are disgusting and you are still a bully. This poor family.

  6. 6

    His last fortune was: "Soon you will be rolling in dough:".

  7. 7

    His last fortune was: "Soon you will be rolling in dough".