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Donald Sterling Is Planning On SUING The NBA For His Lifetime Ban! Lawyers Up Big Time!

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Donald Sterling is taking legal action against the NBA after receiving a lifetime ban!

Last week, Donald Sterling was the center of attention in the world of sports after a racist rant led him to be banned from the NBA for life.

But apparently the 80-year-old has no plans of going down without a fight as sources say he's planning on battling the league in court!

Insiders say that Donald has been in contact with several law firms and will be taking action against the league for their attempts to force him to sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

He's allegedly contacted Patricia Glaser, and if that name sounds familiar it's probably because she previously represented Paula Deen in a separate racism scandal after the celebrity chef admitted to using the N word in her restaurant!

Sounds like this is right up her alley!

Donald has also apprently been in touch with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan, a law firm that specializes in business litigation.

While it's clear Donald plans on going down swinging, we're not sure what he plans to gain here. Even if he DOES retain ownership of the Clippers, sponsors have already showed they don't want to be associated with him, and we're willing to bet not many players or coaches in the NBA would want to work for a team owned by him when there are 29 other teams to chose from!

[Image via AP Images.]

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4 comments to “Donald Sterling Is Planning On SUING The NBA For His Lifetime Ban! Lawyers Up Big Time!”

  1. wanker says – reply to this


    good for him. he should be able to say whatever the F he wants in his own home. fck the NBA. remember when they used to not allow blacks to play at all? Not that long ago.

  2. shaygirl says – reply to this


    The pile-on is getting to the point of insanity. inside edition went after his dead son this week-end. We aren't Nazi Germany so they are not going to be able to sell this family business, so get over it. might work out good. maybe the Clippers can get some Euro players and bring some DIVERSITY to the NBA.

    Interesting story about the morals of the black NBA players and coaches. 8 players and 1 coach with 55 women have fathered 78 illegitimate children. If you're looking to the NBA for your moral compass you've gone to the wrong place for a lot of reasons.

  3. The fooooood says – reply to this


    I often point out which races in america have high homicide/crime rates and which ones have low ones (and I compare countries, religions, hemispheres etc). I have an obsession with low homicide rate cultures and countries. Low homicide rates are the greatest human accomplishment. Not landing on a moon.
    I view crime/homicide rates as a sport. The lowest scoring team wins. Asians are winning. Blacks are losing. Hispanics are competing with blacks to be high but are losing and whites are competing with asians to be low but are losing.
    To some people that makes me a racist. "If my race has a high homicide rate..and you dare point it out ….that means YOU ARE A RACIST and insensitive". "but my girl is asian and i'm always bragging about her gymnastic skills and her cultures LOW homicide rate. Am I a racist for saying asian americans are more civilized than us whites?"…. "racist. Judge people as individuals".
    "but in basketball.. individuals dont win or lose. GROUPS do. Groups called teams. "

    I forgot what my point was going to be. I started laughing too hard.

  4. The Fooooooooood says – reply to this


    Oh now I remember. Sue the FUCK out of the NBA. I would. Who do they think they are? Donald didnt break a law. His purported mistress did. its not illegal to say what the fuck you want to say in your own house. You can even scream "FIRE"… in your crowded house. But it is illegal to secretly record someone. So.. HE is banned from the game but HER criminal ass will be sitting at every game. Americans want their cake and eat it too. We want to brag to the world about how "FREE" we are… and how we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH that soldiers DIED for in….. afghanistan…..but then when someone USES that freedom… americans are like "HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!".