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3 Oregon Basketball Players Accused Of Gang Rape Get Suspended From Team But WON’T Face Criminal Charges! And The Reason Why Is SO Outrageous!

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A recently released police report for a sexual assault investigation involving three University of Oregon basketball players is about as bad as they come!

Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and incoming Providence transfer Brandon Austin are all accused of assaulting a female victim three separate times in two different locations on the night of March 8th.

According to the victim’s statement, the three men forced her to perform sexual acts on them inside of a bathroom while they kept her phone out of reach. They then allegedly physically forced her into a cab and took her to an apartment where they all raped her, ignoring her repeated pleas and cries for them to stop.

Along with interviews from the victim, suspects and witnesses, police also obtained phone conversations between the accuser and Artis, who stated that he absolutely did do something wrong and that he felt bad about the situation.

Another phone call occurred between the victim and Dotson, who reportedly said:

“[This was] something no one should have to go through.”

He also allegedly stated that he had learned his lesson.

But despite ALL of that, the DA is declining to prosecute Dotson, Artis and Austin because they don’t think they have enough evidence to convict!


They issued a statement saying:

"While there is no doubt the incidents occurred, the conflicting statements and actions by the victim make this case unprovable as a criminal case."

Wait. What conflicting statements and actions did she make??

According to the District Attorney’s office, those would be the victim staying at the house where the rape was committed until the next morning and engaging in consensual sexual contact with Artis the next morning and with basketball player Joseph Young later that same day.

This is such a mess.

But clearly an injustice occurred. We would certainly hope the State of Oregon would want justice to be served and the way to do that is not with simple suspensions from a college basketball team.

For shame!

[Images via GoDucks.com.]

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10 comments to “3 Oregon Basketball Players Accused Of Gang Rape Get Suspended From Team But WON’T Face Criminal Charges! And The Reason Why Is SO Outrageous!”

  1. Pdx says – reply to this


    Sounds like she wanted the D but couldn't handle them like she thought she could. Sadly, her screwing at leash one of them the next morning, consensualy, makes the rest of her story sound a bit off. I think they tore her up, and she got butt hurt, literally. She was drunk and thought she could handle them all.

  2. 2

    He "learned his lesson?" He should be learning it in court.

  3. Miranda Wright says – reply to this


    Look at this case and than think back to the Duke lacrosse case
    Under Holder white is guilty, black is innocent

  4. DoYourResearch says – reply to this


    If Perez bothered to actually look into this he would know that the conflicting statements are that the woman in question told the police that she willingly went with the men to multiple locations and the one time she asked them to stop, they did.

  5. White Oreo says – reply to this


    Re: MAD DOG Jr – *rolls eyes at you* White people do this siding with the team players way more. This is soccer mom sh!t.

  6. Whatdon'tyouunderstan says – reply to this


    How hard is it to understand that they don't have enough evidence? We live in an innocent before proven guilty country Perez.

  7. s says – reply to this


    Yea, sounds like she couldn't handle what she did. Can't cal rape then have consensual sex the next morning and again the that afternoon with a 4th person. Sounds a bit slutty.

  8. 8

    What do you expect? You can take the black out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the black. They're just apes.

  9. OneOfTheFewNon-Idiots says – reply to this


    First, can we please stop the racist remarks. I am so fed up with them on the web and in reality. People of all races do stupid things. Second, If the prosecutor's don't have enough evidence or they're conflicting reports from the victim, the victim only hurts themselves. If you want to tattle on people at least get your facts straight. No matter what did or didn't happen we as a society need to learn how not to judge first. It is hilarious to me because everyone is always talking about the constitution, but just like the bible everyone picks the parts that suits them at the moment. None of us were there so we don't know we can all just speculate. This is not they type of news that I come here to look at anyway. This is not entertainment and this is certainly not a news website.
    P.S. "Mad Dog" someone needs to put you down for being an idiot on here. Why don't you try saying your comment to the actual people instead of hiding behind your punk ass keyboard.

  10. 10

    Open letter: