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Tori Spelling Now Needs MAJOR Surgery But She’s Worried The Operation Will Destroy Her & Dean’s Marriage Even Further!

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tori spelling neck surgery wenn doodle

Today is Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s 8th wedding anniversary but we doubt they’ll be celebrating together tonight.

And as if their relationship wasn’t rocky enough, we now hear Tori has to have a serious spinal surgery!

The 41-year-old actress is said to be suffering from a cervical spine condition and needs to go under the knife to fix multiple disintegrated discs in her neck!

As painful as that sounds, she’s trying to hold off on the operation because she’s worried that this will ruin her already troubled marriage!

Insiders say doctors have explained to Tori that this procedure needs to be done and it needs to be done ASAP! But she says she has to be there for her family during these troubling times.

On the other hand, sources say she also wants to put off getting the surgery because she wants to be earning money! And after a major procedure like this, she’ll be out of commission for sometime!

It could effect her ability to do her reality series True Tori and her upcoming ABC Family sitcom Mystery Girls with her old 90210 pal Jennie Garth.

But c’mon Tori! Think about your own health for a sec!

If doctors are telling you you need to get this done, then you really need to listen!

Get well soon, Tori!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

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33 comments to “Tori Spelling Now Needs MAJOR Surgery But She’s Worried The Operation Will Destroy Her & Dean’s Marriage Even Further!”

  1. 1

    Sorry she's going through this. But, a little martyr thing going on? Take care of yourself SO you can take care of the others, if for no other reason?

  2. 2

    They should just put the b!tch down.

  3. c says – reply to this


    Tori Spelling is not doing well. She looks absolutely anorexic. Might she need rehab to deal with eating issues? Very sad. I think that she used to be cute, however she looks thin, pale and terribly underweight. Tori…please get some help!! How pathetic to play this situation out in the public eye! I thought better of her!!!!

  4. c says – reply to this


    AND….dye your hair! That ugly yellow is hideous and so unbecoming. Who ever told you that it was attractive??? Try brown…as your dark roots looks horrible.

  5. c says – reply to this


    I used to think that Tori was just delightful! She, however, has become terribly anorexic looking (thinner than normal) her yellow hair looks horrible (roots!!! and bad color) She should try brown as it would not draw such close attention to her very thin, pale face and may not look so sick. Playing this personal situation out in the public is bad form. Shame on you..what you are doing to your children and your family. So very sad!

  6. NoOne says – reply to this


    How desperate for attention is she? I watched her "real tori" show the other day and I could literally SEE the b.s. coming out of my tv.

  7. 7

    spine conditions? always with pumps or hills..lol…. shes going under the knife 4 some other reason. ck her stomack, face and breast in 3 months..then u tell me…anorexic bitch

  8. Martina says – reply to this


    Omg. What next? Faking your own death to see if anyone cares? You've never had the talent or looks but you've certainly had the connections. Get an education and a job behind the scenes

  9. Too much tv4me says – reply to this


    Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn don't have a chance with these two loser parents who are so self absorbed. Just when I think Tori's stooped to her lowest….and this continuous shopping by the two of them–tattoos, clothing, party supplies, bedding, hair salon (for Tori only apparently) ….

  10. Charlie S says – reply to this


    Candy should be granted custody of the kids.

  11. Evie says – reply to this


    They had way too many kids. Four kids can ruin even the best of marriages. Should have stopped at two kids max.

  12. Vanity says – reply to this


    It's actually hard to feel bad for her. Not speaking on her health issues but as far as the drama in her marriage… Karma. If Dean cheated on the woman he was previously with with Tori why is she so shocked that he'd cheat on her?!?

  13. Ora says – reply to this


    Re: Charlie S – What makes you think Candy wants to e bothered with the kids? She is a self-centered bitch who enjoys controlling the money.

  14. Elaine says – reply to this


    Most rich mothers would step in and hire temporary help for a daughter who needs surgery.
    But there is Candy,the old witch, sitting back and enjoying Tori's misery with a big grin on her face.
    Vile woman.

  15. Jean says – reply to this


    Tori made a huge mistake in marrying this dude,having 4 kids with him was an even bigger mistake.
    The satisfaction level in a marriage drops with each successive child.
    Plus, he apparently was under the impression that he was marrying an heiress. Now he has a monster-in-law.
    Ya gotta feel sorry for this couple.

  16. jill mcdermott-romy says – reply to this


    Her mom has a ton of money, she really needs to step in and take care of her daughter. they were both married, he cheated on his wife to be with her, and she was married too……..so hello. he did it before,not a great track record.

    she needs to be there for her kids, : grandma, step in, divorce Dean………..and get healthy and move on!

  17. Charity says – reply to this


    Re: c – rude and heartless

  18. Charity says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – Rude and heartless

  19. Kelly says – reply to this


    If all you have better to do is to get on here and leave ugly and rude comments then please dont waste your time or ours. Tori, I think you should really take care of yourself for those beautiful kids you have and I really hope that you find the peace and healing you need after all you have been through. Its so easy for the public to judge others just based on what the tabloids put out, but we have no idea the pain and struggle she has had to endure!

  20. Deborah Pucci says – reply to this


    Get the surgery Tori, take care of yourself first. You don't deserve what Dean did to you and he certainly isn't showing much remorse. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. Nancy says – reply to this


    Tori needs to drop that jerk. She has lost so much weight, I am sure it's stress related, she's always been a thin girl, she can't lose much more. I worry about her precious little famly. Go Tori. It will be OK..kick Dean out of your life!

  22. Barb says – reply to this


    Why is she surprised that he cheated on her. He cheated on his previous wife w with Tori and she cheated on her previous husband with Dean.

  23. Sharon says – reply to this


    Tori, you have a family to think about. I am sorry for your troubles, however, if the marriage is ever going to work, it has to work through everything. YOU need to take care of YOU and then be there for those beautiful children. It's that simple…if the marriage collapses, it was meant to.

  24. getalife says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – you are an asshole, period

  25. getalife says – reply to this


    Re: c – you are an asshole and most likely hard up yourself

  26. Julie says – reply to this


    This bashing is not helping r or her family one bit! I pray she reached out for help! You can see the pain and anguish in her eyes and on her face, but she is a strong woman trying o do what she has to do for her kids. Marriage with betrayal isn't easy to overcome! Sending you prayers Tori, strength and much love! <3

  27. RoRo says – reply to this


    Get a second opinion by a spine surgeon..

  28. wow says – reply to this


    Re: Too much tv4me – Is this Candy Spelling talking? Give me a break…She is a good person and the people who watch the show are watching because they CARE. You don't know her finances…looks to me like she is a hard worker and provides for her family.

  29. poosie says – reply to this


    Hope she does not end up paralyzed. Dean will leave her or keep her for $ and cheat on side. She needs to rid of him get her surgery and ask mom to care for kids in meantime. She is not able to think straight.

  30. poosie says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – lol mad dog lols you are not too popular on here :-)

  31. poosie says – reply to this


    Re: Ora – if were not for candys and Aron's vigilance knowing how Dean was from beginning Candy's $ would be long gone just like all the money Tori/Dean burned through too!

  32. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    OMG, poor little rich girl is in dire strait over financial situation? No wonder Dean is leaving! He thought he has married a gold mine. He didn't foresee the gold mine is Candy lol.

  33. Tonja says – reply to this


    Re: jill mcdermott-romy I totally agree with you.