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NEW Audio Of Donald Sterling Has Him Digging An Even Bigger Racist Hole! You Won’t Believe What He’s Saying Now!

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Wow. Donald Sterling really needs to stop calling people on the phone.

Yet AGAIN a private conversation he had with an acquaintance has been recorded and is now being leaked to the public!

The latest audio from the disgraced LA Clippers owner has him angrily declaring that he’s NOT a racist, despite the controversy that was sparked last month.

He can be heard on the new tape telling a friend:

"You know I’m not a racist! I grew up in East L.A. East L.A. you die to get out of there! I got out of East L.A. I was the president of the high school there. And I’m a Jew! 50% of the people there were Black and 40% were Hispanic. So people must have a good feeling for me!”

Ohhhh Donald…

You really think throwing out made up statistics about the demographics of your high school is going to help you at this point?

He then went on to try and explain how it’s impossible for anyone in his position in the NBA to even be a racist!

He can be heard yelling:

"How could you be in this business and be a racist? Do you think I tell the coach to get white players? Or to get the best player he can get?”

The unidentified man that he’s speaking to then suggests that Sterling will have to sell his team and that the long list of interested buyers include Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and Oprah Winfrey.

With a guffaw, Sterling comments:

“You can’t force someone to sell property in America. I’m a lawyer. That’s my opinion.”

You’re right, Donald. No one can force you to give up your beloved Clippers to the highest bidder. But what’s the point of holding onto them?

You’ve got a lifetime ban. Your image is forever tarnished. What good is owning the team at this point?

Sell the Clippers to Puffy and O and go live a quiet life far, far away. Maybe on an island. With white sand beaches.

Very, VERY white sand.

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “NEW Audio Of Donald Sterling Has Him Digging An Even Bigger Racist Hole! You Won’t Believe What He’s Saying Now!”

  1. 1

    None of those things were overtly racist..

  2. 2

    I hope he sells the team to a white guy.

  3. shaygirl says – reply to this


    Michael Jordon in a new book says he grew up hating whites. I guess he hated whites until they helped to make him a superstar, funny how that works. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Little to close to Nazi Germany for my liking. Since when does someone get to make you sell YOUR assets because they don't like your words? words that were recorded illegally. the destruction of this old jewish man who has cancer and just lost his son by the media would make joseph Goebbels proud. now they are going after his wife. this man built a franchise from 12 1/2 million dollars and HIS franchise is now worth a billion dollars and SOMEONE wants it real bad. Maybe its time for DIVERSITY in the NBA.

  4. The foogerBoogerlooger says – reply to this


    i"m not usually a conspiracy theorist but this is starting to look like a black perpetrated conspiracy to increase the number of black owned teams. Its starting to look like arabs downing the world trade center and then putting a mosque there. Tacky and distasteful.
    thats what it LOOOOOOOKS like. I'm not saying thats what it is. '

    I dont know the guy but i dont believe he is a racist. He had a BLACK gilfriend (if that was his girlfriend). There is no such thing as a white racist with a BLACK girlfriend.

    I'm not famous so I dont have to worry about a "tarnished image". I can say it like it is.

    This issue is detracting attention from all the blacks with criminal records in the NBA.
    I would bet that basketball has more convicted criminals per 100 heads than any other sport. Buy reducing the number of black players… you would be increasing the number of positive role models for kids.

  5. The foogerBoogerlooger says – reply to this


    its been claimed that 40% of NBA players have some kind of criminal record (or something like that. I havent researched the credibility of those findings). If we banned convicted NBA criminals for life and replaced them with white, Hispanic or asian players.. that sport could finally be one that embraces diversity.

  6. jackson says – reply to this


    I read an article that said there were 8 NBA players and one coach with 55 women produced 78 illegitimate children. I think the NBA needs to clean it WHOLE house.

  7. biased mind says – reply to this


    As usual, Perez is in bad faith! As he is constantly with his fanaticism for homosexual lobbying!

    Disinformation of the masses!!!!

  8. LordDrJustice says – reply to this


    There's absolutely nothing digging himself an 'even bigger racist hole' in those comments at all. It is now starting to seem like someone just wants him out and is going after him tapping him, trying to make a big deal anything he says, and releasing it to the media etc. I would really like to know who made that phone call. If they weren't trying to do something underhanded they would have put there name to it.