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Do Dogs Visiting Hospitals Help Kids With Cancer?? A New Study Is Set To Find Out Just How Valuable These 4-Legged Friends Are!

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For kids battling cancer, sometimes the best medicine isn’t a drug, it’s a dog!

Therapy animals have been making the rounds at children’s hospitals for years and those who have come in contact with the loving, loyal dogs swear by the positive effects they have on the young patients who meet them.

But never before has a clinical study been started that would prove once and for all the power these pups have on the kids who spend time with them!

Until now…

The American Humane Association has announced their plans to launch a research study that will examine how animal-assisted therapy (AAT) effects young cancer patients.

Scientists will study the physical and psychological effects of animal therapy on the child patients, their families and caregivers.

The director of the program, Amy McCullough, said they have a feeling the results will show that dogs can truly make a difference in these kids’ quality of life.

She explained:

"Obviously, we know that the children like to see the dogs, but the folks in risk management want some clinical data.”

100 randomly selected children will participate in this study, with 50 receiving targeted visits from therapy dogs while the other 50 will receive standard treatment.

Aw! We feel so bad for the 50 kids who won’t get to spend time with these incredible creatures!

But we’re sure that after this study is done, there’ll be no doubt that dogs DO make a youngster’s hospital stay a much better experience during such a scary time!

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One comment to “Do Dogs Visiting Hospitals Help Kids With Cancer?? A New Study Is Set To Find Out Just How Valuable These 4-Legged Friends Are!”

  1. The lord sayithShitith says – reply to this


    Figures a dog would show up before a god does.

    Just say no to religion. Its high IQ men that invent medicines and cure disease. HIGH IQ is the only god. A country only has as many cures as it has IQ geniuses.

    Animal rights people better not start their "this is an abuse of animals. Animals are not clowns to cheer up people". I think its great to use dogs for this. But if I ever catch cancer as a grown man…. shove the dogs and happy clowns and the pagan slaying priests up your asses. Bring me a nurse giving handjobs (if i'm single at the time). I'm leaving the world with a smile. And if I still have a girlfrriend then… close the curtains and let her handjob me. No security guards arresting her. THAT is how i want to leave this world. Doggystyle. Not dogs. If I was a 9 year old terminal boy.. I'd want to leave the same way, frankly.