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Chinese Performance Artist Removes His Rib Himself With No Anesthesia! Then Wears It! Find Out Why HERE!

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performance artist cuts open body removes rib wears it

There’s art that you hang in your house, and then there’s this kind of art.

Popular Chinese performance artist He Yunchang is known for doing crazy things, like encasing himself in concrete for 24 hours, but this just takes the cake!

The exhibition, called One-Meter Democracy, apparently seeks to show “tension between individual and state” because Yunchang took a vote before his performance to decide if he should do it.

So what did 12 out of 25 people vote yes on?

Under a doctor’s supervision, Yunchang cut a three foot gash WITH NO ANAESTHETIC from his neck to his thigh.

THEN he removed one of his ribs and now wears it around his neck.

He cut out his own rib!!!

Afterward, the artist explained:

“Artistic performance can be distinguished from everyday life only when it is given a certain intensity. I want my work to move people… I feel that China is a very complex society, one in which it is important to use your body and your intellect so you can stop and face its reality. Highlighting the body in this way, as separate, is also important because, historically Chinese people have not endowed the physical body with value, rather they have valued the spirit of the Chinese people, as a collective. Contemporary China is much more individual in its thinking, so it’s a pull between the two. By putting pressure on an idea about myself (my intellect) and my own body, I can make it into something much larger.”

So, there you have it!

We’re on board with his democratic cause, but the execution of it??? Eh, we’re not so sure.


[Image via Getty Images.]

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7 comments to “Chinese Performance Artist Removes His Rib Himself With No Anesthesia! Then Wears It! Find Out Why HERE!”

  1. Kay says – reply to this


    This report is not accurate in the slightest, his rib was surgically removed with anesthetic to represent autonomy, before the Beijing Olympics, the 1 meter gash was done in 2010, called 1 meter democracy, and was not done by himself, a doctor performed the procedure, with no anesthetic. He did NOT remove his rib himself.

  2. Lisa says – reply to this


    Those were two different performances, and the rib was in fact removed with anesthesia by a surgeon in 2008. It has since been used in other performances. And he didn't make the cut himself either.

  3. Rachel says – reply to this


    I don't understand how the decision to do this was made based on a vote of 12 out of 25 people saying yes. That would mean 13 people said no, so….

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  5. rudyracin says – reply to this


    The guy is nuts! What kind of sick mind thinks this is art and a way to express his Chinese spirit? He is an odd ball that could end up with complications later down the road health wise because of his stupidity not to mention he could end up getting a bad infection or something like MERSA because of this. I have saw a lot of weird things but this takes the prize. Who does this or even thinks this kind of shit up? Yes people are going to vote and say yes do this because it's not them and they want to see the idiot cut himself up and pull out his rib what a moron.

  6. Get Real says – reply to this


    Re: Kay – Thats the one thing you got realize when you come here He iS Idiot playing to be journalist.

  7. reana says – reply to this


    Re: Kay – since it is tabloid it is made sensational. That's the whole point of yellow journalism