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Gabrielle Union Dishes On Fiancé Dwyane Wade: 'We Call Him Groomzilla!'

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Gabrielle Union may care a lot about her wedding, but it's Dwyane Wade who\'s the real groomzilla!

Gabrielle Union is obviously way into planning her wedding.

She has some specific directives, like definitely no center pieces, which "obstruct the view and flow of conversation," and "no bridesmaids."

But she's not actually the most nitpicky, soon-to-be-betrothed person! Her fiancé Dwyane Wade is!

She said:

"We call him Groomzilla. I come in for like wine tasting and food. I’m like: What do we have? What are our colors? What is the date? I’m still waiting for a Save The Date so I know what the hell is going on."

Ha! We guess Dwyane is playing point guard and running the show!

What's even funnier is the total role reversal. Not only is the groom planning the wedding, the bride is shopping in the men's section?? Say whaaat?

Gabrielle explained:

"I just went to Zara to make sure I got some basics without spending my mortgage payment! We’re always trying to get the boyfriend look, but [the clothes] are really cut for women. I wanted a boxier, slouchier look that I wasn’t really able to find in the women’s [section], so my stylist, Jason Bolden, steered me to Zara’s men’s department."

That's a great idea, way to think outside the box!

Also, seriously, they're like a reverse couple, it's HIGHlarious!

Bet they can't wait to tie the knot!

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5 comments to “Gabrielle Union Dishes On Fiancé Dwyane Wade: 'We Call Him Groomzilla!'”

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  2. 2

    Whats with these gUUrls and high maintenance boyfriends? It's all about them the dress, party, honeymoon….homeboy and all these kids babymama's then divorce. These story's never end and they get boring

  3. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – Good point and I have no idea why people act this way.
    At least they are not having a destination wedding which is very expensive for their guests.

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  5. 5

    Re: teeter totter
    What? Does that mean if someone has their wedding in Hawaii that the guests have to pay their own way?!? I would not even bother going lol.