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West Virginia Restaurant Responds To A Sexist Customer In The Most Deliciously Awesome Way Possible!

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The Atomic Grill came up with a great solution to a customer's sexist request!

Talk about making the best out of a nasty situation!

Daniel McCawley, owner of Atomic Grill in Morgantown, West Virginia was shocked when a customer requested that the waitresses at the restaurant show more skin!

As a proud father, Daniel was obviously disgusted by the remark. But as a clever businessman, he decided to turn the situation around and give the customer EXACTLY what they asked for!

Well, sort of.

atomic grill potato skins facebook

This Memorial Day Weekend, Atomic Grill will be offering a $7 potato skin special to all of their customers! And if that's not awesome enough, all of the money raised from their promo will be donated West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services!

Looks like that customer got what they wanted after all!

[Image via Atomic Grill/Facebook.]

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5 comments to “West Virginia Restaurant Responds To A Sexist Customer In The Most Deliciously Awesome Way Possible!”

  1. MB says – reply to this


    I' m a bit sexist, but in my experience, women are trouble makers. Guys are laid back. For example, you have a guy pilot. Any guy pilot, two things all of them should be doing when it comes to me as a marshall are coming in, as I TELL YOU. You watch me, and I'm gonna let you know when you should slow down, you;re approaching the mark. You'll see it in my movements, they get slower and more dragged out. Extended until I bring you to a stop. AND I know you can hear the tower and other planes behind you, but sometimes, they're sneaky, so because you can' see, YOU ASK ME IF IT'S SAFE to pull away with either the light, or a gesture, a point.

    ALL the guy pilots, even the pricks are good with this.

    This one lady though, my buddy likes her, he thinks she's attractive and she is, aside from the fact that she' wearing pants and man clothes which I don't find hot… she doesn't ever ask to leave. Doesn't even look at me. SO, I just stand there even as shes pulling away and it pisses me off. Sorry, lady but I;m the one guy you have to ask permission to do something on…
    Or today, pulling in, she cruses fast, ignores me slowing down, calmly too I might add, I dont even flinch. Is she gonna hit me? No, not unless the brake failor she pulls a stupid manuever like spill coffee on her dash, grounding the plane for a day like she did. The point is she's not paying attention to or listening to me. I SHOULD report her, but….

  2. 2

    Re: MB – ??? What the hell does that have to do with someone suggesting the waitress show more skin????

  3. 3

    Re: snoopysniffsairplaneglue
    Don't bother responding to him. He is just a troll. Notice how he starts his sexist rant by saying that he is a BIT sexist and women are trouble makers?!? He is hoping a woman will call him out on his nonsense so he can say "Ha I was right….trouble makers".
    It is a shame that people can make more then one account.
    I love how the restaurant handled this situation. Very clever lol.

  4. 4

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  5. KM says – reply to this


    MB is clearly autistic