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EXCLUSIVE! We Know The Secret To Kim Kardashian's Ripped Abs! You Can Do It Too! Find Out HERE!

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kim kardashian workout

Kim Kardashian really knows how to make magic happen.

She can make super sexy abs appear out of thin air!

How does she do it? What's her secret??

Joey Gonzalez, celebrity trainer and COO/Partner at Barry's Bootcamp, knows a thing or two about how Kim does her thang!

He said:

"Kim frequently takes Barry’s Bootcamp classes because the workout produces results, fast; that’s why she incorporates Barry’s into her rotation of activities to help her shed pounds quickly and safely.

Guests and trainers at Barry’s have all noticed that she works hard every time she takes a class. She has naturally good form, so she’s able to work on trying the advanced version of a move and challenging herself to go the extra mile. She is not afraid to push herself a little bit further with each sprint or incline run on the treadmill, or with each sculpting move.

The workout at Barry’s Bootcamp is extremely effective, but it can be that much more potent when you really give it your all and push your personal limits. Kim always shows up with her game face ON."

Wow… so Kim got her amazing body by working hard for it?

Who woulda guessed?! LOLz!

It's easier said than done but the true secret to fitness is perseverance. Just stick with it.

You screw up? So what? Keep pushing forward. Miss a workout? Make the next one. Eat a really unhealthy meal? Chug a ton of water and start fresh the next meal.

It's that simple.

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11 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! We Know The Secret To Kim Kardashian's Ripped Abs! You Can Do It Too! Find Out HERE!”

  1. hahaha says – reply to this


    OMG LOL this article is SOOOOOO FAKE you can tell its Kim TRASH who asked this to be posted. YOURE NOT FOOLING ANYONE!! You are a plastic surgery whore and your abs are photohsopped and lipo suctioned!! HILARIOUS!!

  2. 2

    All you need is photoshop

  3. 3

    Let's not forget the liposuction, tummy tuck, and I bet she has also had a couple of ribs removed to give her a smaller waist. And who works out in full makeup, and a leotard that looks like it is on backwards?

  4. kitykatnae says – reply to this


    LMAO I can't believe that cow even has the ability to jump, let alone work out w/all that excess fat on her a$$!!! BTW who the hell besides a ho works on in their damn bra!?! #PATHETIC

  5. MichJB says – reply to this


    If she has sexy abs they must be buried under that flabby gut. Oink! Oink!

  6. 6

    Her secret isn't so secret……….it's called MONEY! When you have the bucks you can hire a couple of personal trainers to keep you in shape and let's face it she can spend the whole day at the gym because she sure doesn't have to take care of that baby…..that's what the nannies are for.

  7. brandy says – reply to this


    She gets abs from working out? Nooooo. You don't say!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, please. Spray abs.

  9. reds says – reply to this


    NOTHING about her is real. Every inch of her face and her body have been worked on. She invested in some great plastic surgeons, got her sex tape out and now is considered "American Royalty", just another reason for the rest of the world to hate us! Great role model for young girls, hers included. Just get surgery and be a whore and act really dumb and life will be great!

  10. 10

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  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Perez and mods, please ban spammer

    Thanks for your consideration.
    On topic I have no strong opinion about this story one way or the other.