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Medical Miracle! Watch! A Brain Implant Is Allowing This Man To Move His Arm Again After Being Paralyzed From The Neck Down!

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Science, for the win!

Four years ago, a tragic diving accident paralyzed Ian Burkhart, leaving him unable to move his arms or legs. Until this week…

The 23-year-old quadriplegic patient has been working with surgeons at the Ohio State University and researchers at the Battelle Memorial Institute on a new technology called Neurobridge.

Using an implant inserted and connected to Ian’s brain, he’s able to move his arm and hand using his own thoughts for the first time since his accident!


But how does it work??

Neurobridge uses a microchip that controls Ian’s motor center. That chip sends signals out that are relayed to a muscle stimulation sleeve wrapped around his arm. The sleeve receives pulses that control Ian’s muscles, basically creating the same connection that Ian’s brain and extremities once had!

The transmissions take less than a tenth of second to travel from the brain to the sleeve, making his mental requests actually feel like he’s moving his muscles on his own. And for Ian, this is more than just a medical breakthrough - this is life changing.

He explained:

“Picking up a cup of water and drinking it or brushing your teeth or feeding yourself - if you can do those things on your own, it makes a big difference in your life."

Watch the incredible invention at work in the video (below)!

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One comment to “Medical Miracle! Watch! A Brain Implant Is Allowing This Man To Move His Arm Again After Being Paralyzed From The Neck Down!”

  1. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Wow that is great news, so glad for him.