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Woman Who Can Flip Butt Implant INSIDE Her Body Opens Up About Her Struggle!

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butt implant flipper gross video

Omg omg omg omg!

Whew, we're sorry, we just had to get that out.

There are few things more unnerving than botched plastic surgery. Few are freakier than butt implants gone bad!

There are so many horror stories about people going to get butt injections and things turning out really badly.

We've actually seen this video of a woman flipping her butt implant around inside of her body and it gives us the chills!

Well she's gone on the show Botched and opened up about her surgery mishap.

Hopefully others can learn from her story.

Check out the video (below) to hear her butt implant story in her own words.

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3 comments to “Woman Who Can Flip Butt Implant INSIDE Her Body Opens Up About Her Struggle!”

  1. Frances says – reply to this


    That's so wrong! Hope it gets fixed the A-SAP! :( Another thing for us ladies (and men!) to actually learn from.

    Hey, buy your gag items at "Fake a Baby"!

  2. Fabab says – reply to this


    Like everytime we can"t watch the video in France!!!!! "This video was blocked in your country by the user who has it alignment(on-line publishing)…… WHY??!!!

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