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Has Shia LaBeouf Made A Permanent Lifestyle Change? His Latest Sighting Sure Looks Like It!

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shia labeouf hits the gym

Shia LaBeouf, we are impressed!

You are looking much better! Those Alcoholic Anonymous classes look like they're doing pretty well for ya!

The actor has been attending AA classes ever since his Cabaret arrest in NYC at the end of June and it looks like he's transforming for the better!

Shia was seen leaving a workout on Wednesday afternoon and he definitely looks a lot healthier than his last appearance.

Not only is the ex-Transformers star routinely going to AA, he is apparently frequenting the gym to keep his mind off of those dangerous substances!

It's definitely a positive lifestyle change! Good for him!

We sincerely hope he sticks to it and gets his life back on track!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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13 comments to “Has Shia LaBeouf Made A Permanent Lifestyle Change? His Latest Sighting Sure Looks Like It!”

  1. lulubell says – reply to this


    WHY??? would you continue to post regarding him going to "AA classes"??? It's an anonymous program and he has done NOTHING to "out" himself in this organization. I truly believe that others (celebrity, lay-people) may see these posts and it can impact their decision NOT TO GET HELP because of fear of being photographed and OUTED. It's a choice to post this stuff Perez. Please think about this….

  2. jan says – reply to this


    I agree but at the same time he looks great i'm happy to see him.i want to see him in an epic blockbuster soon! miis u shia!

  3. clive12 says – reply to this


    Re: lulubell – I agree. Let him get help without you plastering him all over. Really dumb to keep bothering someone that is taking on something like this.

  4. noGenius says – reply to this


    do you have any comprehension for what the word "permanent" means? this story is all of two weeks old. how permanent could that possibly be. and dude is obviously struggling. WHY keep trying to bring him down further? you are ghoolish. you build them up just to gleefully tear them down. you make any sort of fame suck.

  5. 5

    He looks like he's auditioning for a Depeche Mode biopic.

  6. kiara says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – or Dora the explorer

  7. 7

    Re: lulubell – Becuz Perez is an ignorant ass! Shia not much better. AA shies away from the media. AA is not for everyone but it saved my dumb ass. Anonymity is partially why it works. Perez, educate yourself you fucking ignorant moron. The subject of recovery is not to be made fun of.

  8. 8

    Re: noGenius – Well it is evident Perez Ass Wipe suffers from low self esteem (understandably so). Those individuals always try to profit off of those suffering, i.e. Amanda Bynes, etc. Addiction is not funny!

  9. 9

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  10. bmhambruch says – reply to this


    Perez and Shia are NOT ignorant asses!
    Everyone has their flaws, no one is perfect and people go through shit! What if he's dealing with something personal?????
    Think before you speak ignorant animals…….. I'm glad he's doing better, looks great!

    PEREZ! keep doing what you're doing :)

  11. Melissa says – reply to this


    Please Perez, if you insist on completely destroying someone's anonymity and potentially impact their ability to stay sober in the name of a pay check for yourself, at least do the most basic research on your topic. AA does not hold "classes", they hold meetings, in which people attend and participate in and are not lectured to by any one person. No one is in charge at an AA meeting, every person is at the same level, regardless of the amount of time they have sober. This disgusts me when you post someone going to a meeting, even if he is attending to create a new image for himself, at least give him a chance to prove us wrong.

  12. jan says – reply to this


    If he washed his body and his clothes it might make a difference. I doubt it though…he's still going to be creepy.

  13. Annie says – reply to this


    I missed him so much in the latest Transformers movie :( it wasn't good with out him!