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REPORT: Plus Size Woman Wears A Bikini To The Beach! How Is That Crazy News, You Ask? Find Out HERE!

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jenny trout bikini two piece worn to beach

Jenny Trout is a blogger, a comedian and a big, beautiful woman!

But she decided to make a crazy New Year's resolution: she was gonna wear a bikini to the beach this summer!

She found that after telling people, most conversations went like this, with her writing:

"Me: "Next summer, I'm going to wear a bikini."

Them: "What a great goal! What are you doing? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Are you going vegan? Paleo? Are you having the surgery?"

Me: "I said I was going to wear a bikini. I didn't say I was going to lose weight."

Them: Face melts off like they're staring into the Arc of The Covenant."


But she really did have to fight some adversity from ignorant people.

She said some people were actually worried about her health or that she'd be somehow glorifying obesity.

"Blood pressure, heart problems, joint problems and cholesterol were all brought up, but I didn't see any kind of warning label anywhere on the suit that suggested the Surgeon General had investigated these claims. I remain skeptical as to the health problems bikinis cause.

The secondary concern seemed to be that I would be "glorifying obesity." I was going to look so good in my bikini, I would make others question their perceptions of beauty and body size?

A third type of person only worried about my comfort: "Wouldn't you be more comfortable in a one piece?" Or perhaps I would be more comfortable if I didn't go to the beach at all. If I venture into the water in a bikini, the sight of my melanin-deficient Michigan belly might attract beluga whales. Sure, I could secretly live among them and learn their ancient ways, but I couldn't keep that kind of ruse up forever. One day, they would learn of my betrayal, sparking tense conflict between humans and those gentle giants of the sea."

LOLz! She makes such good points!

Best part about all of this?

She went to the beach, in a two-piece bikini and guess what… the world didn't end!

She looked great and made some incredible points, saying:

"The reason these people do not want to see a fat body in a bikini is because traditionally, that garment is something a woman earns by proving herself attractive enough to exist. If fat women begin wearing them without shame or fear, what's next? Will they have self-esteem? Will they demand respect? Then what will keep them in their proper place? How would conventionally attractive people judge them?

As a society, we need to be more honest in our discussions of other's bodies. If we can't avoid those totally unnecessary conversations, then we should at least admit the truth to ourselves: That this has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with the control we believe is our right to exert over others."

Society really needs to rethink our opinions on body image and health.

We need to realize that no matter what, everyone is truly beautiful!!

[Image via Bronwyn Green/Jenny Trout.]

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12 comments to “REPORT: Plus Size Woman Wears A Bikini To The Beach! How Is That Crazy News, You Ask? Find Out HERE!”

  1. 1

    NO, it is not a "good" look. She looks happy and SHE is comfortable the way she looks - that is what matters. FYI - plenty of "fat" women wear bikinis. I am a size 10-12 and I am fr too self conscious to wear one. But I don't like hot weather and I don't know how to swim - so where would I wear one anyway! "Fat" people in tiny clothes do not look good - but if they don't care what people think and they like how they look and the are comfortable then good for them.

  2. Emi says – reply to this


    Here in Portugal only elderly women wear bathing suits: big girls proudly wear bikinis and everyone seems to be fine with it. It's their body!

  3. Dar lín. says – reply to this


    Please do tell me how good she feets with herself in 10 years when she needs prosthesis in both her knees.

  4. ohmy says – reply to this


    I think the suit is cute and I like her purple hair! You Rock it Ladies, no matter what size you are!

  5. Soy Yo says – reply to this


    Re: Dar lín. – You make NO sense. Why would she need prosthesis? Does she have something only you know about? Really?

  6. Soy Yo says – reply to this


    Re: kabuki girl – "Fat" people in tiny clothes do not look good " Neither does some skinny or slim people. People's opinion of what looks good or not is skewed and manipulated by media. Wear what you want to wear. In 30 years you will look at pictures of yourself now and say " DAMN, I should wore this back then. I didn't really looked bad."

  7. Darlin says – reply to this


    Re: Soy Yo – what I do know, first hand seeing family members with overweight problems just as the girl in the photo (or even not that much), is that our bones are not prepared to support that much weigh, and eventually the joints give in. And that's not pretty, nor painless.

  8. the boof are boof doof says – reply to this


    The notion that "all people are beautiful" only extends to women. Only women get that kinda bullshit charity. I dont see perez posting pictures of chubby guys and saying how hot they are. He has the same taste in guys that my youngest sister has. Hunks. Buff. Older men dont get that kinda charity. My dad is twice my moms age. But does anybody say "you know why she married him? because he's beautiful like all people". Nope. My mom endured 3 decades of "what on earth? must be the money. Wouldnt you rather date a younger aged man?". IN fact… I will bet $1,244,000.. that even this girl calls older men "creepy and ugly" and criticizes young women for dating older men. I dont know that for a fact. i will just assume it (its always a safe assumption). So based on that assumption: lose weight. Its ok to wear a bikini… as long as she is actually swimming and working off that fat. If she is just wearing it to make some social statement then….. eye roll. I cant be manipulated.

  9. 9

    Personally I prefer a one piece these days so I don't have to worry about tanning my stomach but my travel buddy wears two piece suits, just depends on what you prefer.
    I used to be heavy (155 lbs) but lost a lot of

  10. jak says – reply to this


    Darlin lol… First of all… she's not heavy enough to have any problems. I do know this for a fact. Secondly you'd have to be over 400 pounds and been that was 20 years for you to even have a bad knee. Certainly not a prosthetic

  11. iknowitall says – reply to this


    She is not wearing a bikini, she is wearing a 2-piece bathing suit. The waistline of her bottom piece is too high for it too be a bikini. I think she looks good.

  12. iknowitall says – reply to this


    Re: iknowitall
    I meant: … "to" be a bikini.