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HIV Killing Condom Could Hit The Market In A Matter Of Months!

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There is an amazing company with an incredible new product that could change the world… and it feels sooooo good!

Australian bio-tech firm Starpharma has come up with the VivaGel condom, which is designed to kill the HIV virus!

The VivaGel lubricant has been found to be 99.9% effective at deactivating HIV, herpes and HPV.

So not only is it a normal condom, with the same amount of protection offered as with other condoms, it also kills some seriously dangerous STDs!

That's seriously revolutionary!

So now people can EXTRA enjoy sex because it's extra safe now!

Let's hope these condoms become the new standard for dong bags.

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5 comments to “HIV Killing Condom Could Hit The Market In A Matter Of Months!”

  1. IQ protects humans says – reply to this


    Fear of that 0.1% chance would still make me go limp if I did a hooker.

  2. Kaity says – reply to this


    I have never ever comments on your site. I have hated you, and hated to love you. Still no comment. And yet this gif compelled me to sign up and write that it is the best gif ever.

  3. rod says – reply to this


    Stick this up your ass so you don't die of aids you disgusting homo / pedophile.

  4. 4

    Good news if it works.
    Glad I got most of the wild sex out of my system in the early 70's before marrying, in those days we had never heard of AIDS or HIV. Seemed to just appear in the early 80's.

  5. a says – reply to this