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Pez Dispensers Filled With CASH Found At NYC Beach! Wait’ll You Hear How Much Buried Treasure Was Found!

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pez dispenser

You can find a lot of things along the beach at Coney Island.

Sea shells…

Sand castles…

Hypodermic needles…

But never have we EVER heard of any New Yorker coming across a Pez dispenser stuffed with a $100 bill!

But this weekend, there were some lucky folks who found a buried treasure! It wasn’t just one cartoon candy container though. There were THREE DOZEN discovered!

One little boy even found a Superman-shaped dispenser that had two round-trip plane tickets to anywhere in the U.S. inside!

So who was behind all of this?!

Hidden Cash has been informing their nearly 750,000 Twitter followers on where they can find these secret stashes! These anonymous do-gooders have been hiding money in San Francisco, New York and beyond!

All you have to do is follow them @HiddenCash to find out where the money will be! Just, like, don't destroy the area while you're searching. It's not worth it!

And if you manage to find the moola, all the organization asks in return is that you pay it forward with a kind gesture of your own!

They say nothing motivates quite like money. Let’s hope this movement generates some generosity around the world!

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2 comments to “Pez Dispensers Filled With CASH Found At NYC Beach! Wait’ll You Hear How Much Buried Treasure Was Found!”

  1. Christina Rogers says – reply to this


    It already has, and the world ugly as it is right now, it's a Blessing that @HiddenCash has brought some good, & got people to come out & come together to have great time even if there was no money found!! There are still some good people in this world!!!

  2. 2

    Good for them, this is a nice story.
    Gosh I have not heard about Pez since junior high (middle school for those of you not in Southern California).