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The FDA Just Now Decided That Gluten-Free Foods Can’t Contain Gluten! Why Wasn't That The Case Before?

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There’re some new guidelines being issued by the Food and Drug Administration today. After much deliberation, the government agency has decided that products which promote themselves as being gluten-free should in fact not have any gluten in them.

Yeah. No sh*t, Sherlock! You mean to tell us you guys were ALLOWING gluten into foods that had "Gluten-free" printed on the side of the boxes they came in??


The FDA was permitting companies to sneak a tiny bit of gluten into their snacks, so long as they kept it under 20 parts per million.

They’ve now come to their senses and decided gluten-free should probably mean there’s no friggin’ gluten in it!


People with gluten allergies and intolerances still need to be careful with what they eat though, since these new regulations are voluntary, not mandatory!


Why is this so hard, FDA?!?

Alice Bast, the president and CEO of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, talked about how important it is for foods to be labeled accurately, saying:

"What the food labeling does is that it gives members of our community confidence that when a food manufacturer is making a gluten-free claim… they can eat.”

Because when those with allergies DO ingest gluten, it sets off an auto immune reaction and can lead to long-term health consequences, including cancer and reproductive health issues.

We just don’t get why anyone who makes a gluten-free product wouldn’t want to make sure their food is safe for those who are going to be eating it?!


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6 comments to “The FDA Just Now Decided That Gluten-Free Foods Can’t Contain Gluten! Why Wasn't That The Case Before?”

  1. 1

    You should see what they consider " organic" . anybody that falls for that scam is a moron

  2. Skeptek says – reply to this


    The answer is because "gluten-free" only matters to patients diagnosed with "Celiac Disease". There is NO SUCH THING as "gluten sensitivity", allergy, or intolerance outside of that ONE, diagnosable medical condition, which the vast majority of dimwits eating "gluten-free" simply don't have. Like MVPnis says, "anybody that falls for that scam is a moron."

  3. 3

    Sure seems like a lot of people these days have allergies of one kind or another. No one I went to school with in the 60's and 70's had any problems. Maybe it is something in the water? Who knows.

  4. jak says – reply to this


    very good point. ANY gluten is going to cause a reaction. It's not like you can tell your body.. hey it SAYS gluten free. Your body is going to know despite the fine print

  5. jak says – reply to this


    Skeptic is a MORON. There is definately people with severe gluten sensitivty that test negative for celiac.. not to mention you can have false negatives despite biopsies. We are not cows. We do not have 4 stomachs to digest grains. Humans CANT digest grains. There is a reason we use extremely processed flours… because we can not pick a blade of wheat from the ground and eat it and digest it. We aren't made like that. The only way we can force our bodies to take it in is by processing the holy heck out of them small enough to sneak it through.

    Teeter, people are also putting more toxins than ever before into their bodies.. sadly the government is pushing it. It use to be super rare to run into an autistic person also. Now you have to have entire schools for them as there are sooo many (and no I am not mentioning one cause or another as I believe in multiple environmental causes)

  6. Thank you! says – reply to this


    Re: jak