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6 comments to “'Dick!' Tony Stewart Ridiculed By Family Of The Race Car Driver He Hit & Killed!”

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    I am so sorry for the young man's family and I am SOOOO SORRY FOR Tony Stewart! He is going to be a basket case over this…even though it was truly a tragic accident! Poor Tony too! I remember when a young man was killed on the racetrack in Vancouver for the Indy. Go do some research. Willie T Riggs (or something) KILLED a track worker when they had red flags telling him to NOT go that way. He ignored the flags and finished the race! At least Tony has a heart and is hurting! I'm so sorry for all involved and the Aunt SHOULD NOT post anything during her time of grief!

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    What a shocker. Another redneck that throws hate on something they dont understand. These cars dont turn on a dime like a regualr car. You have to steer with the gas pedal as well. Even if he could steer out of the way in 1 tenth of a second that dumb ass redneck kid should not have walked in front of a 90 mile per hour vehicle. He basically committed suicide.

  3. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: Douche Hunter – Agree'd, this young man did not have to run out onto the track, but he did. Unfortunately, it was a FATAL MISTAKE on his end. Understandably, Tony Stewart is going through a lot right now but this is, in no way, his fault. It could have been ANY other driver that hit this kid.

  4. Littlegirllost says – reply to this


    I'm sorry for the family's loss but and yes Tony Stewart may be a 'dick' sometimes, but lets not forget the temper of Ward Jr. is what made him step out on to the track while moving vehicles were still flying by… so really the blame should be shared.

  5. Gypsy649 says – reply to this


    I feel badly that someone lost his life. I know his aunt is angry, but really this isn't the fault of the driver, but the fault of the person who got out of his car, and ran out onto a race track. Everyone knows not to do this. These sorts of life lessons are taught early in life…like don't cross the road before looking both ways…its tragic but I don't believe its the fault of the driver.

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    This is a very tragic ACCIDENT caused by a young man doing something that he should not have done, which is stepping out of his vehicle onto a racetrack. Perez please do not post something to your website that you clearly know nothing about. My guess is that you have never watched a motorsport in your life.