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EXCLUSIVE! Jay Z And Beyoncé's Trainer Marco Borges Reveals MORE Info On How To Look And Feel Like The Stars!

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exclusive jay z and beyonces trainer marco borges reveals more info on how to look and feel like the stars

He's back with even MORE information!!

Beyoncé and Jay Z's personal trainer Marco Borges has helped a ton of celebrities lead healthier lifestyles that have significantly improved their hotness levels.

Part of the way that the founder of 22 Days Nutrition has done that is through his 22 Day Vegan Challenge, but it's not about just committing to a healthier life for 22 days — it's also about committing to a health routine for LIFE!

And the ways to a complete makeover of a lifestyle change involve a lot of different factors!

Well, Marco revealed what those factors are and more in this follow-up EXCLUSIVE interview!

Here's what he said about the different factors that go into leading a healthy lifestyle:

“It's not just about how you eat, it's not just about how much you exercise. There's different components, there's different factors involved. I found them to be:

1. Diet and nutrition

2. Exercise and physical fitness

3. Sleep/rest/relaxation

4. Stress management

5. Love

A lot of times you find that people eat because they get depressed or they're sad, and many, many times it has to do with not having enough love or not having the proper support system in your life.

Once the balance of these pillars goes off, you try to recalibrate, and allow the other four to take the weight of that one."

Another super important factor to keeping your life on track is managing the curveballs life throws at you sometimes! Here's what Marco said about the importance of managing stress:

"When stress goes up, cortisol levels go up in the body. When cortisol levels go up in the body, your body tends to hold onto fat. Anything that you eat that could potentially make you heavier or fatter will automatically gravitate towards that.

You have to focus on be the best you, and not looking outside for the, ‘I want to be this person,’ or ‘I want to be that person,’ but rather, be the best version of yourself that you possibly can. Once you have that in place, I think makes it easier for all the other things to come together, as long as you have those five pillars in line."

Another vital attitude, Marco explains, is thinking “in the now." Here's what he said about its importance:

"Thinking in the now is really about understanding what it means. Someone can say, ‘I’m definitely in the now, I'm just going to enjoy this cookie.’ However, if you're really in the now, you understand what that means!

It means that for the next 30 seconds, you're going to enjoy this cookie and the minute that you finish the cookie or the brownie or whatever that guilty pleasure is, regret and remorse set in. I'm not talking about just eating ONE cookie, but that action could trigger people to lose control.

No one ever gains weight or becomes obese if they had a cookie or because they had a chip or because they had a soda. It's physically the feelings and the effects that come thereafter. I always say, ‘be very present, and understand what it is that you're putting into your body.’

If you're at work, and you're standing by the vending machine and you're like, ‘you know what, I should prepare myself, because everyday at 2 o'clock I do the same exact thing. I come to this machine, and I grab a Snickers bar and it's really not what I want. I get antsy because it's that middle of the day.’

Instead, start bringing in carrot sticks to work, take that 15 minute break time and walk around the block or make a phone call and catch up on your personal life. Whatever it is, understand the mechanics behind the behaviors that physically lead to lifestyles and dietary discretions. If you that, then you're golden. You found a way.

By choosing to exercise, by choosing to move around, by choosing to eat, by choosing to be conscious of what we put into our bodies, by choosing plant based foods, by choosing a plant based lifestyle. That's exactly what 22 Days Nutrition is all about. We're empowering people the tools necessary for them to create healthier lives for themselves, and their families, and their friends."

Wow! That is a lot to take in!

But we have a feeling that doing a little each day of what this proven lifestyle coach says will end up paying HUGE dividends!

And you'll end up not only reaching fitness goals, but all other types of goals as well!

It'll be a lot of hard work, but with Marco's tips and suggestions, we can all change our lives for the better!

P.S. — Check out the FIRST PART of our awesome Exclusive interview with Marco HERE!! And prepare your bodies for even more advice to come!!

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