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McDonald's Adds Mozzarella Sticks To Its Menu! And People Are Already Calling It The Greatest Thing Of All Time!

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mcdonalds adds mozzarella sticks to its menu and people are already calling it the greatest thing of all time

We're not gonna lie.

This DOES sound pretty amazing!

McDonald's has innovated its food lineup with a brand new addition that is being tested in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. And so far the reviews have been extraordinary!

The new item is three mozzarella sticks for one dollar including some McMarinara sauce on the side!

The items were actually tested before in the UK market, but this is the first time the USA have had a chance to take a bite out of it, and it may become a permanent addition to every chain of McDonald's in the country if the test results are strong enough.

Or at least that is what we gathered when a spokesperson for the popular food chain restaurant said:

"It’s premature to speculate on the decisions we may make after the test, but we’re excited to share this menu item with our customers in this test market."

On Twitter one high schooler named Austin Tobler wrote:

Although another Twitter user was less than enthused writing:

We'll have to try it for ourselves to make a formal decision, but the dollar menu is absolutely the best part of the infrequent McDonald's trip, and the fact that it's only about 327 calories is definitely a bonus!

Besides - when it comes to anything cheesy…

…We're always lovin' it!

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8 comments to “McDonald's Adds Mozzarella Sticks To Its Menu! And People Are Already Calling It The Greatest Thing Of All Time!”

  1. 1

    it is processed cheese which is fatty and salty
    not great

  2. Miriam says – reply to this


    Is this new? We have those in Puerto Rico macdonalds years ago.

  3. cristina says – reply to this


    That has been on Puerto Rico's McMenu for years… I would say almost 10 years now.

  4. Elle says – reply to this


    They've had this in Puerto Rico for over 10 years.

  5. Viannix says – reply to this


    In spanish: actualmente y hace mas de un año en PR venden mozzarella sticks en McDonalds so no creo que sea tan nuevo, quizas alla si pero aqui disfrutamos de ese privilegio hace tiempo!

  6. Cheri @ Overactive Blo says – reply to this


    327 Calories - but how much sodium and how much fat? No thanks!

  7. Sabrina says – reply to this


    They had these years ago in New York atleast they aren't new but they were really good idk why they stopped selling them they were on the dollar menu when the dollar menu was new

  8. taytay1245 says – reply to this


    New York McDonalds had mozzarella sticks on their menu in 2005 while I was in high school… tastes just like the frozen stuff you buy from the super market.