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Aaron Carter Blows Minds With New Song & Concert Dates! Hear & See Them Vid HERE!

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From getting dissed by his Backstreet bro Nick Carter to being jumped by NKOTB fans, it's safe to assume Aaron Carter Summer has been less than ideal.

Thankfully for him, the seasons are-a changin'!

And with it, AC's fab new Fall tour and a fresh new song, Where Do We Begin?.

Ch-ch-check them both out (above)!

Whoa!! That's one ridiculously catchy track!!

We love it!!

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Nick Carter Calls Out His Baby Brother! Says Aaron Carter 'Doesn't Have A Black Belt In Anything'!

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nick aaron carter sbs doodleAaron Carter might not be so tough after all! We always knew he was a lover, not a fighter.

His big bro Nick Carter set the record straight following Aaron's Boston brawl with some NKOTB fans.

Nick isn't so sure Aaron could have given four guys the beating he claims he did. Nick said about his brother's fight:

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Aaron Carter Gets Jumped By NKOTB Fans!

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aaron carter three doodle

It's too bad this had to be settled with fists rather than a dance off!

Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, is currently on the road with his The After Party tour. His latest stop on Saturday was Boston, MA.

That's where Aaron says he was jumped by four guys who told him this was a New Kids On The Block town before "beating his ass"! Aaron later tweeted Jordan Knight to tell him about his altercation:

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Aaron Carter Poses Nekkid For The After Party & Promotes The Second Leg Of His US Tour!

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aaron carter shirtless instagram

Well, well, well…

Someone's grown up quite nicely.

Hello there, tatted up and shirtless Aaron Carter!!

Now do you FINALLY understand why Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff feuded over the mini-Nick Carter??

Because we'd go to Aaron's Party and take all his candy! ;)

Want to see the HOT blondie serenade you in person??! Then today's your lucky day!

Aaron is inviting all of us to the next leg of his After Party tour across the country AGAIN.

Aaron said:

"I'm so excited to be back on the road again. It's truly the only place I can call home. My fans have been extremely supportive throughout the years and I can't wait to see them all."

We can't wait to see you either!!!!!

With a name like After Party and the promise of a real, live near-nekkid Aaron, we KNOW we're in for a good time!

Ch-ch-check out when you can catch the dapper dude during his BIG comeback …AFTER THE JUMP!!

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Nick Carter Writing Tell-All Book About Backstreet Boys Journey & Family Substance Abuse!

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So much Backstreet Boys bliss!!!

After the Backstreet Boys release their eighth album this summer, Nick Carter will go solo once more. But not for a solo album, for a personal book of memoirs!

Nick is currently working on a book, titled Facing The Music And Living To Talk About It. It’s currently set to be released this fall!

As the title insinuates, the book deals with some pretty heavy stuff. While there will be plenty of fun stories about his time at the peak of his BSB fame, there will also be stories of woe.

Nick will delve into family burdens, substance abuse, and

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Aaron Carter Has Nothing But Love For Lindsay Lohan And Justin Bieber!

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aaron carter supports lindsay lohan and respects justin bieber in interview

With all of the negative attention surrounding Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber, it's nice to see some of their fellow celebrities show some support!

In a recent interview, Aaron Carter was asked some hard-hitting questions, like what does Beyonce smell like!?

For those of you who are wondering, he said she smells like a mix of a Victoria's Secret store and soap. Just like we always dreamed!

But when AC was asked about LiLo's recent legal struggles, he got a little more serious said he has nothing but love for his ex lady friend:

"I love that girl. She’ll always have a beautiful place in my heart. She’s a great person. She just deals with struggles like we all do. We’re human, you know? It’s important for others to embrace somebody while they’re down; not kick them while they’re down. I don’t have intentions like that. I’ll always be there for her."

Awww! How nice is that!!

Then Aaron was asked an extremely difficult question: Is he a Directioner, or a Belieber? That's basically like asking whether cake or ice cream is better. They're both AMAZING!

AC said he respects both of them, but he leans towards the Biebs since the two have had very similar careers. That's definitely true, although he don't remember Justin ever beating Shaq one-on-one in basketball! LOLz!

Check out the full interview …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Shaq Gets Revenge On Aaron Carter!!

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Remember when Aaron Carter had Shaq in one of his videos?!? LOLz

The former teenage heartthrob and the basketball legend starred in the clip, That's How I Beat Shaq back in 2001, and after 12 years — Shaq wants revenge on AC.

However, now that Carter is 25, we were thinking… maybe the 7-footer wouldn't have a chance against Aaron, considering that he lost to him when he was just a kid, but Shaq is NOT going out like that.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to watch the hooper finally defeat the singer!!

Annnnd…just in case you've never seen Carter's That's How I Beat Shaq video, check it out AFTER THE JUMP!!!!

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