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Kris Jenner Breaks Down During The Bruce Jenner Special, Says She Mourns Her Husband

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Apart from himself, Bruce Jenner's transition has been hardest on Kris Jenner.

During part 2 of the About Bruce special, the Olympian finally sits down with his ex-wife after speaking with all his kids about his decision.

Bruce admits that he's talked to the kids more than Kris, whom he was with for 25 years.

That upsets Kris, because she felt that he was never truly honest with her, especially during the rough times in their marriage. During at least two periods, including the one right before they separated and divorced, Kris asked Bruce why he was so angry, but he would always deflect and said she wouldn't understand.

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Kris pleads with Bruce to finally be honest with her. Ch-ch-check out the emotional exchange (above)!!!

From Perez: Bruce stated in the interview with Diane Sawyer to use "he" and "him" so we will do so in our coverage until that changes.

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LIVE BLOG: Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce Part 2!

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We're so ready for more Bruce Jenner!!

Last night, we live-blogged the first part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce special.

Among the big revelations: Kendall and Kylie Jenner discovering their father's makeup and thinking he was having an affair, Khloe Kardashian believing that her stepfather was going to dress as a woman, not become one, and ex-wife Kris Jenner really struggling with Bruce's change.

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The second half of the special airs tonight, where Bruce will reveal more about "Her" — his female self.

Our live blog begins at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Be sure to refresh this page to get the latest updates.

9:03PM Khloé reiterates that she doesn't want anyone living their life in the wrong body. Bruce admits that he doesn't have a specific day in mind to officially start living his life as a woman.

9:04PM Bruce shares that he doesn't have an appointment scheduled to have his gender reassignment surgery, but says that he's always been heterosexual.

9:05PM Kim asks Bruce when to start referring to him as 'her', and he lets his daughters know that when they see him as a female, then that should be the time to change pronouns. Kim feels comfortable meeting 'her' whenever Bruce is ready.

9:06PM Scott Disick stops by to meet with Bruce 1-on-1 and says he wants Bruce to be happy, but does have a lot of questions.

9:09PM Scott was completely in the dark about Bruce's true identity for the 10 years he's known him. Khloé inaccurately assumed Scott probably knew, but Kourtney never felt comfortable sharing the secret with her baby daddy.

9:11PM Upon Scott's questioning, Bruce admits it was frustrating wanting to live life as a woman in the same home of so many women.

9:12PM Bruce states that he intends on helping out the Trans* community. Scott thinks Bruce's transition will be a major stepping stone for the community.

9:13PM Bruce contemplated leaving Los Angeles since it was such a media-heavy environment, but ultimately decided he shouldn't have to leave Malibu because of other people.

9:14PM Kendall wants Khloé to be kinder to Bruce once he apologizes for keeping his secret from them.

9:19PM Bruce says he gets why Khloé feels like they're experiencing a death in the family, but wants her to know he wants to live his true life. Khloé accepts his apology.

9:21PM Bruce is optimistic about his future, and hasn't felt that way in a long, long time. He knows he'll be a better and more understanding person who will be able to do some good in the world.

9:22PM Bruce shares that he told his mother Esther about his transition, and wants the change to bring them closer together.

9:25PM Kourtney doesn't want Khloé and Scott to talk about Bruce's transition openly in front of Mason yet. She wants to be fully aware of Bruce's choices before telling Mason mere bits of information.

9:26PM Kourt wants Mason to find out in the most positive way possible.

9:27PM Bruce feels like he's been more honest with the kids than he has been with Kris. He wrote down the pieces of his life he wants to share with Kris, but she is already in tears before he even gets a chance to start.

9:31PM Bruce says he'll always remember the great moments he had with Kris from the past 25 years. A tearful Bruce never wanted to hurt Kris, and wants her to be on board with his transition.

9:32PM After Kris says she's confused because he shut her out, Bruce says he wasn't happy with their marriage for the past four or five years.

9:33PM Kris knew his cross dressing was an urge of Bruce's, but never knew of any of Bruce's other desires.

9:34PM Bruce never explained his hormone use clearly to Kris, even though he had an identity crisis 10 years ago.

9:35PM Kris says it was unfair for her to work 18 hours a day only to come home and feel zero love from her husband. She says she never saw Bruce's transition coming in 'a gazillion years'.

9:36PM Kris pleads with Bruce to tell the truth, to which he says that she was the toughest person to be honest with. Kris says that maybe that's because she was the person he lied to the longest.

9:40PM Bruce apologizes to Kris, and she says it's going to take her a minute to mourn her husband now that he's drastically changing.

9:41PM Kris can't contemplate losing Bruce, but he assures her they're always going to be a part of one another's lives because he still loves her.

9:42PM Kris tells Bruce the only thing she can do for her is to live the happiest life he can. She wishes him peace, and tells him that he was a great dad, partner, and friend.

9:43PM Once Bruce leaves, Kris breaks down alone in front of the cameras.

9:48PM Each member of the family shares their opinion on how they think they're going to react when meeting 'her': Kylie says she wants to when they're both ready; Kendall is nervous that it will be weird; and Khloé is scared of her reaction.

9:50PM Bruce shares his closet with Kim, and wants her to help him pick out clothes for 'her'.

9:51PM Kim goes through Bruce's clothes and gives him fashion advice. Bruce admits to stealing an outfit of Kim's.

9:55PM Kim puts an outfit together for Bruce with the top that he stole from her. Bruce says he's gone through every piece of Kris' wardrobe.

9:56PM Bruce looks forward to not having to hide himself. Kim picks out the blue-striped dress that Bruce was eventually photographed in a few months ago and says she hates it.

9:59PM The entire family says they are excited to see Bruce as the person he wants to be.

So, what did YOU think of the episode?

From Perez: Bruce stated in the interview with Diane Sawyer to use "he" and "him" so we will do so in our coverage until that changes.

[Image via E! Entertainment.]

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Bruce Jenner STOLE Kim Kardashian's Clothes! Watch Him Come Clean On This Preview Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce Part 2!!

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In part one of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce special, it was clear that Kim Kardashian West is trying hard to stay supportive of Bruce Jenner after learning of his transition.

And in part two we'll see just how she plans to support him — by helping him pick out clothes! It's like having the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app but in real life!

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But how will she react when she finds out that he ALREADY took some of her outfits??

Watch the exciting preview from tonight's special (below)!

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Kim Kardashian Has Seen Bruce Jenner After The Transformation And Thinks She's 'Beautiful'!

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Kim Kardashian Access Hollywood

We can't wait to see what she saw!

Tonight, in the first part of a three-part interview with Access Hollywood, Kim Kardashian West sits down to give a look back on her perspective of everything that's been happening in her life recently! She dishes about her relationship with Kanye West, she also talks a bit about Kylie and Kendall and what they're going through right now — and oh yeah, Bruce Jenner!

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Of course, the BIG one we all want to hear is any news on Bruce, and Kim revealed she's seen "her" — Bruce after the transformation — and she "looks beautiful, really beautiful." Kim goes on to say:

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The Top Five Moments From Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce

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Wow, there's A LOT to dissect here!!

On Sunday, we saw the first emotional part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special.

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Obviously, there were a ton of dramatic and intense moments, especially between Bruce Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

So, let's take a moment to relive the TOP FIVE moments from this revealing and heart wrenching episode!

1. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner thought Bruce was having an affair: after finding their dad's make-up, the sisters thought Bruiser was having an affair. The girls didn't tell Kris Jenner because they were afraid it would tear apart the family.

2. Khloe VS Bruce: Khloe FLIPPED OUT on Bruce and accused him of

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LIVE BLOG: Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce

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We're so ready for this!!

Ever since Bruce Jenner's amazing interview with Diane Sawyer, we've wanted to hear more from the olympian and THE KARDASHIANS about his plans to transition into a woman.

[ Watch: Kim Breaks Down Crying In New Clip For KUWTK: About Bruce Special! ]

We expect tonight to be extremely emotional and we're here to capture every moment.

The live blog starts after the jump. And be sure to join the discussion in the comments section below.

9:01PM Bruce explains how his transition might be his "greatest calling in life".

9:02PM Khloe is showing Kim heels she brought Bruce. Klo admits to having anxiety about talking about Bruiser's transition.

9:04PM Jenner rehashes his struggle about his identity — an issue he struggled with since he was young. He competed in the Olympics to show off how "macho" he was.

9:05PM Bruce opens the gifts he got from Khloe — Koko bought Bruce the same pair of heels she has.

9:06PM Kendall shows up at Bruce's house and she already is emotional. Kendall explains how she and Kylie would find make-up around the house. They thought Bruce was having an affair.

9:07PM Kim recalls finding Bruce dressed up as a woman 12 years ago.

9:08PM Kendall recalls finding Bruce dressed up as a woman a year ago. Kenny starts crying because she feels bad that Bruce had to "sneak" around.

9:09PM Kylie explains how she thought Bruce felt "comfortable" telling her. Kyles gets really emotional and can't continue talking.

9:10PM Khloe and Kendall reveal that they didn't know Bruce was going to transition — they thought he was just a "cross dresser". The girls get really upset when they learn that Bruce will become a woman in the spring.

9:15PM Khloe is FURIOUS that Bruce didn't tell them that he planned to transition in the spring. Khloe says Bruce isn't being "fair" or "honest".

9:16PM Kris says Bruce was the best step-dad because he treated her kids like they were "his own".

9:17PM Khloe says "Bruce has been my dad since I was 4".

9:18PM Khloe and Kendall are devastated that Bruce will be "gone". Bruce tries to explain that he's "not going anywhere". Khloe explains to Bruce that he has to be honest going forward. Khloe is upset when Bruce says that he's only concerned about Kendall and Kylie because she considers him her dad.

9:23PM Bruce likens his transition to a "death in the family". Khloe asks if the family will have a chance to say goodbye.

9:25PM Kris recalls meeting Bruce and feeling like it was "love at first sight" . Five months later they were married. Kris remembers how they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

9:26PM Bruce tells Kim that Khloe and Kendall "ganged up" on him. Kim explains that he needs to keep the family in the loop from here on out about his changes. Bruce admits that while he was living with the Kardashians that he used to hide his pedicures with his socks.

9:28PM Kim tells Bruce that he has to tell Kris and the rest of the kids that he needs to be honest about transitioning. Bruce admits to having "an appointment" to transition. Bruce reveals to Kim that he's coming out on an interview with Diane Sawyer. He says he's not doing it for "ratings" but for himself.

9:31PM Kris says it's "hard to believe it's happening". Kris reveals that she's annoyed that Bruce was never forthcoming about transitioning fully into a woman. Kris says that she's "not okay" — "I committed to this life and Bruce just checked out".

9:35PM Kim tries to explain Bruce's transition by making the analogy that she didn't feel like she was in her own body while pregnant.

9:36PM Kris says she wouldn't expect Bruce's transition in a "million years". Kris is alluding to the fact that Bruce hasn't been honest.

9:36PM Bruce asked Kim to be the family representative for the Diane Sawyer interview. Kendall and Kylie didn't know about the Diane Sawyer interview. Kim also reveals that a photographer once caught Bruce traveling in a car with wigs back in the 80s — the reporter ultimately didn't run the story.

9:38PM Kendall FLIPS OUT when she learns about the Diane interview — she's pissed Bruce isn't being honest. Kim breaks down about her mom "crying every night".

9:42PM Kim reveals that she's trying to be strong for Bruce — she doesn't want to cry in front of him. Kim says that she doesn't understand but she still supports him. Kim reveals she was initially afraid to tell Kanye but he took it really well.

9:43PM Kendall reveals that he's most worried about "treating him badly" and that it's heartbreaking because Bruce wouldn't "hurt a fly". The hate worries her more than anything else.

9:46PM Bruce holds a family meeting to be honest about what's going on — the girls want more transparency. Khloe is SO angry — she attacks Bruce about not calling her after she "left the house in tears".

9:49PM Khloe relives her favorite moments with Bruce and says she doesn't want to offend him. However, she feels betrayed. Kim and the rest of the girls echo that sentiment. Bruce explains that he doesn't know how to live life without secrets. Bruce then reveals he had a nose job and an upper lip lift. Khloe then explains she's pissed because obviously he has been planning this for a while.

9:55PM Khloe is worried that Bruce can't take back is transition if he does it publicly. Kendall says that she's sure Bruce is "pretty certain" about his transition.

9:56PM Kourtney asks what his everyday style is and Kim asks if he wears a wig. Bruce reveals how upset he was every time he had to get a hair cut. "Does the hair look better on Bruce? Sure…but on my soul? No".

9:58PM Bruce breaks down saying his greatest accomplishment is his kids — Bruce says he hasn't been honest because he knows how much it hurts. Bruce says you can "never do this right — there's no right way to do this".

9:59PM Next week: Kourtney says she doesn't want to talk to Mason about the transition yet. Khloe asks if Bruce is still attracted to women and Kim asks if Bruce is a lesbian. Kris has a heart to heart with Bruce and says she has to "mourn Bruce Jenner".

Wow, it looks like next week will be even more intense than today's episode!!!

So, what did YOU think of the episode?

[Image via E! Entertainment.]

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