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Terry Richardson Fights Back!! Calls Latest Allegations A "Witch Hunt" - Do You Believe Him?

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Terry Richardson finally breaks his silence and defends his actions!

Terry Richardson is finally speaking out!

The celebrity photographer has endured countless accusations of sexual assaults over the years, but he’s never really addressed them until now.

Apparently Charlotte Waters' recent and harrowing tale was enough for him to break his silence!

Amidst the tsunami of reports, Terry took action and wrote an open letter, saying:

Terry Richardson Actually Has A Model Stand Up For Him! Paints Him As "Shy & Soft-Spoken"

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One Ontario model describes Terry Richardson in a way that heavily contradicts what others are saying about him!

Many models have come forward recently to slam Terry Richardson’s reputation — but not Cailin Hill!

The Ontario model had nothing but kind words to say about the photographer, even after Charlotte Waters’ horrifying story surfaced.

Cailin’s encounter was far different, however; the model admits she’s met with Terry on several occasions but he never wanted to work with her.

She described one of her experiences with him as follows:

Traumatized Model Takes Terry Richardson Encounter To The Police; Reveals The Depth Of Her Life-Altering Experience

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Get an even more in-depth account of a model's awful encounter with Terry Richardson.


Charlotte Waters, the 24-year-old left traumatized after posing nude for alleged sex offender Terry Richardson, is taking her story one step further.

As we previously reported, the courageous model started by posting her story anonymously on Reddit, but since then has decided to go public and make her disturbing tale as known as possible. Her hope is to prevent other models from stumbling into similar situations with Terry.

She recently participated in an in-depth interview about her encounter with Vocativ. In it, she delves into her mentality before, during, and after her experience.

Charlotte was apparently SO overwhelmed after her Richardson shoot that she left New York to move to the opposite coast, and has resided in LA ever since.

Now that Charlotte has gone public, she even turned to the NYPD to see if they could do anything to prevent Terry from raping future victims — but their hands were tied since Waters never specifically said “no” to anything Terry had asked her to do.

Read her full interview …after the jump

Lupita Nyong'o Goofs Off With Jared Leto, Terry Richardson & Miuccia Prada In Paris! Hot Commodity!

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lupita jared paris

The girl can't help it!

Lupita Nyong'o continued being her flawless self in Paris this week.

Thank goodness she was plucked from obscurity to appear in 12 Years A Slave, because we don't know what we would've done if we'd never known she existed!

We would've been sad without ever really knowing the reason why.

So, let us thank the Yale theater gods for the gift of Lupita!

Anyway, the actress goofed around and looked super cute for the camera while grabbing dinner at a Parisian restaurant.

Terry Richardson and Jared Leto were also there, only furthering the playful talk of their potential love!

Check out more photos, including one with Miuccia Prada, in the gallery (below)!

[Image via Terry Richardson]

Lupita Nyong'o Gets Captured By Terry Richardson's Lens

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lupita nyongo terry richardson

She can even make Terry Richardson's glasses look good!

Lupita Nyong'o was shot by the controversial photographer recently, and of course she looks fantastic. That bone structure!!!

It was most likely Jared Leto who brought these two together, which only fuels the Jared and Lupita rumors more!

But let us hope that Terry treated the young Oscar winner better than how we hear he's treated his models.

Check out two more shots in the gallery (below)!

[Image via Terry Richardson]

Young Model Left Traumatized By Alleged Sexual Encounter With Terry Richardson; Read Her Horrific Firsthand Account Here

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Read about the horrifying sexual encounter a 19-year-old model had with Terry Richardson.


This just breaks our heart.

Charlotte Waters, a young woman who modeled for Terry Richardson, has mustered up the courage to share the extremely personal and traumatizing experience she claims she had with the celebrity photographer at age 19.

According to her account, she was completely taken advantage of and left helpless and stunned after a single photo shoot. Due to her episode with Terry, she never modeled nude again.

Many find it shocking that the fashion industry continually employs a photographer with a reputation as revolting as Richardson’s. They also find it even more shocking that so many celebrities seem to endorse him.

We have to assume the celebs who do are unaware of what he's accused of doing to unsuspecting victims. But with more and more women coming forward, that assumption begins to lose its strength.

If you can stomach it, relive Charlotte’s horrifying experience through her firsthand account, after the jump