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Robin Thicke Will Be Bringing His Blurred Lines To Amsterdam For EMAs! Get The Details HERE!

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Robin Thicke performing at the MTV EMA's

Is this going to be the VMA's round two?!?!?!

It's just been announced that Robin Thicke will also be performing at the MTV EMA's and we can't help but wonder if Robin will have ANOTHER collab performance with Miley Cyrus!

Probably not, seeing as how he doesn't want to take responsibility for what happened at the VMA's! So he probably has no desire to be caught up in another media whirlwind!

Maybe instead of Mileybird, Robin will team up with fellow performer Katy Perry for an epic Blurred Lines/Roar performance!

Whatever he decides, we're sure it won't be too family friendly! LOLz!!

Snoop Lion was also announced as a performer and he joins Imagine Dragons, Afrojack, and The Killers who will also lend their musical talents to the stage.

The EMA's are set to air on November 10 from Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome and we're sure there will be LOOOOOTS of drama from the show.

We can't wait!!

[Image via Sakura/WENN.]

Miley Cyrus To Twerk It Out All Over Europe At The EMAs!

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miley cyrus vma 41

Hello, Europe? We think you're going to need to rent at least one wrecking ball for November 10th!

We reported earlier how Miley Cyrus got nominated for 4 awards at MTV's upcoming EMAs, but news flash: she's also performing at the awards show too!

The EMAs are just like the VMAs…but for all of Europe! And get this, the awards show takes place in Amsterdam!

Do you know how much you can get away with so much in Amsterdam?! Twerking is only like the third craziest thing going on there!

That city already probably has shows there where ladies can do anything to a wrecking ball…and we mean anything.

Regardless of whatever Miley decides to sing (probably naked on a steel sphere), we have a suspicion that this MTV's European Music Award show could be that much crazier than its American counterpart! We cannot wait for the 10th of November to roll around…on the floor with a sledgehammer.

SRSLY despite the fact that Miley claims that she never meant to start a war, her performance might instigate WWIII over there!

Paul McCartney Defends Miley Cyrus' Booty Shaking Ways!

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paul mccartney paul mccartney 33480576 500 286

Paul McCartney truly believes that we can twerk it out, yeah, we can twerk it out!

In a recent interview, the legendary bassist gave us the feeling that maybe he's amazed at how so many people are up in arms over Miley Cyrus' VMA twerkathon:

Miley Cyrus' VMAs Dancer Admits She Felt Horribly "Degraded" After Being Treated Like A "Prop"!

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miley cyrus little person degraded during vmas

This probably isn't good for business.

Miley Cyrus has been dancing all around the world with little people to promote her new music, but the uproar against this is about to fuel up.

Hollis Jane was one of the dancers who was in a bear costume for Mileybird's VMAs performance. And while she might not have had a problem with Miley's foam finger antics, she's got a much bigger problem with how she was treated.

She admitted in her blog:

Miley Cyrus Talks VMA Scandal And Gets Scared Sh*tless By Ellen DeGeneres! Watch The HIGHlarity HERE!

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What's the BFD?!?

That's what Miley Cyrus wants to know when it comes to talking about her VMAs performance with Robin Thicke!

Because in her eyes, there was NOTHING shocking about what they did up on stage!

Miley confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that she doesn't understand what all the hubbub is about while stopping by her show! Cyrus said:

"I can't really understand where the shock comes from. I know that sounds crazy but I can't really understand it because…I don't see anything more than what any real artist did that night."

And while they were on the subject, Miley took the time to fire back at Mr. Thicke, who recently blamed Miley and ONLY Miley for causing such a controversy!

Uh-uh Robin! You and your junk were VERY much a part of that performance too! Miley responded saying:

Robin Thicke Places All The Blame On Miley For Their VMA Performance: "I'm The Twerkee!"

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robin thicke miley cyrus grinding vmas doodle

Don't you dare try to say Robin Thicke had ANYTHING to do with what went down at this year's VMAs!

In case you've been living under a rock, on the moon, with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, Miley Cyrus shocked the world by twerking all up on Robin's junk while the two were duetting to his hit song Blurred Lines.

But when Oprah Winfrey asked Thicke about "the incident" he became very defensive! He wants the world to know he shouldn't be blamed for causing the media frenzy! It was ALL Miley's doing!

Robin told Oprah:

Miley Cyrus Called A "Strategic Hot Mess" By Miley Cyrus!

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miley cattail

Miley Cyrus is all about controlled chaos!

Aside from doing her best Willow Smith impression, Miley in MTV's Miley Cyrus: The Movement commented on her VMA performance that shocked and left many scratching their heads with a foam finger.

To put the record straight, Mileybird addressed the notion that maybe she had gone off the deep end of the pool (and started making out with a life-sized Barbie):

"You could watch that performance from the VMAs and think that it's a hot mess, but it's a strategic hot mess."

Whoa big distinction right there!

That's as if your slovenly roommate spilled coffee everywhere, and you were like, "whoa, you made a hot mess," and then your roommate responded, "yes, but it's strategic!"

And how was the VMAs twerkathon strategic? According to Miley, it's because everyone can't stop (oh!) won't stop (oh!) talking about it:

"You're always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for like two weeks, rather than two seconds."

Valid point, Miley!

Now, if she can only reveal the strategy behind practically revealing her VAGINA in a recent Terry Richardson NSFW photoshoot, that'd be great!