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Justin Bieber's Family Has A History Of Drug & Alcohol Abuse! Could This Explain His Recent Behavior?

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justin bieber drug alcohol abuse family history patti mallette

The Biebs was arrested this morning, cameras caught him possibly partying after he was released on bond later this afternoon, and, sometime in between, he was even turned into a Drake album cover!

By any standards, Justin Bieber is having an AWFUL day!

Many of his detractors might point their fingers at Justin and wonder why he doesn't just make better decisions, but it may not be that simple!!

See, addiction can be hereditary and drug & alcohol abuse run in the 19-year-old pop star's family!!!

Cate Blanchett Can’t Remember Winning Her Golden Globe…Because She Was So Drunk!

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blue jasmine cate blanchett drunk at golden globes

The problem with winning the award for Best Actress at the Golden Globes is that the category comes so late in the night!

And as Cate Blanchett admitted, by then you’ve already taken full advantage of the open bar!

Yup, the Blue Jasmine actress is coming clean about being less than sober during her acceptance speech! So much so that she can barely remember what she said!

The 44-year-old Aussie recently spilled:

Justin Bieber's Team Begging Him To Enter Rehab After This Morning's Arrest? Disconcerting Deets HERE!

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Justin Bieber camp encourages rehab massively concerned issues ego miami beach arrest help

After getting arrested this morning and then released on bond this afternoon, the Big Bieberoni decided to quit while he's ahead and has booked a room for the night the Icon Brickell Hotel in Biscayne Bay.

We aren't sure when or if Justin Bieber plans to return to the West Coast, but apparently his family and handlers are hoping it's soon because they are worried SICK about him and his recent behavior!

They say there is "massive concern" that Justin is hanging out with the wrong crowd and they think he has serious "issues to work on" ASAP!

One source confessed:

Dean McDermott Called "Biggest Mooch" After Using Staffers To Create His Cookbook & Stiffing Their Bill!

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dean cookbook money

Show them the MONEY, srsly!

Tori Spelling's hubby Dean McDermott has been a bad boy lately…

Not only is he being accused of cheating with multiple partners on his wife of seven years AND just checked into rehab for undisclosed issues, but he's also apparently stiffed the people who created his new cookbook!


Dean was doing well hosting the foodie competition show, Chopped Canada, so Harlequin publishing company decided to make a cookbook deal with him!

The Gourmet Dad was born, and Dean was reportedly given an advance of more than $250,000, partly to cover his expenses to make the book!

Sources have revealed the 47-year-old did not pay the following staffers that helped him every step of the way:

Dean McDermottDean McDermottDean McDermottDean McDermottDean McDermott

Patti LaBelle Slams…Well, Everyone! Read Her Thoughts On Divas HERE!

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24799 original12

Patti LaBelle has some choice words for anyone and everyone who calls themselves a diva these days!

In a recent interview, Patti was asked what it meant to her to be a diva, and she let the flood gates open:

Dean McDermott's Past Comes Back To Haunt Him! Ex-Wife Releases Statement Following Rehab Announcement!

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dean mcdermott tori spelling watermark

What do Justin Bieber and Tori Spelling have in common?

They're both having one hell of a day. At least in Tori's case, she isn't the cause of her own misfortune.

This afternoon, Tori's hubby Dean McDermott announced he was heading to rehab to address some "health and personal issues" and also to "become the husband and father [his] family deserves." This is of course on the heels of his heavily rumored infidelity with another woman (and supposedly, another man!)

Soon after Dean's camp released the statement, a ghost came lurking from his past — his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace.

Ah yes! Once upon a time, Tori was also the other woman, but rather than flaunt that around, Mary Jo took the high road and released a perfectly civil statement when asked about Dean's rehab stint. She shared:

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