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Jennifer Lopez Gets More Of The Barbie Treatment With Two Fierce New Dolls Who Can Totes Rock It!

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jennifer lopez two new barbies

As if Jennifer Lopez could get any more perfect!

Well, apparently she can because as a Barbie doll the gurl is freakin' flawless!

She's already been lucky enough to be turned into one special edition doll, but now she's getting two more!

Mattel is putting their Barbie crown on the queen with the Jennifer Lopez World Tour Doll and the Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll (above). Both dolls are totes J.Lo with their perfect bods, sparkly outfits and gorge hair!

And apparently they even have some of her moves! J.Lo released two super adorbzie Instagram videos of the dolls in action, and while they might not shake their booties quite like the diva herself, they hold their own just fine.

Ch-ch-check out the videos…AFTER THE JUMP!!

Jennifer Lopez Barbies

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Does His Best Naked Lady Impression For Tyler Shields!

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AJ McLean poses on a bed wearing naught but black pumps in an incredibly sexy photo shoot by Tyler Shields!

We were just imagining AJ McLean’s seksi nekkid bod and thinking to ourselves how much we Want It That Way, when the most magical thing happened!!!

We GOT it that way!!

In a seemingly out-of-the-blue move, the 35-year-old Backstreet Boy seductively posed for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields on a bed.


We can’t think of a better way to spruce up our Thursday than to print the resulting pics out, hang them up, and stare at them for the rest of the afternoon!!!

And those gawgeous patent pumps just make it a million times better, don’t U agree?

See AJ's handsome curves …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Tom Cruise Didn't See Daughter Suri For 110 Days After Katie Holmes Divorce!

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tom cruise didnt see daughter suri for 110 days after divorce

Things just got personal!

Tom Cruise is suing Bauer Media's Life & Style along with another magazine for 50 million dollars for their stories that claimed Tom "abandoned" his daughter Suri Cruise after his divorce from Katie Holmes.

Although the actor vehemently denies that he abandoned Suri - new information has definitely been uncovered!

Documents from a deposition, where the actor sat down with two lawyers representing the magazines he's suing, record conversations that took place between Tom and attorney Elizabeth McNamara where the actor was forced to defend himself from extremely probing questions!

Tom Cruise was asked point blank why he spent so much time promoting his movies and going to Scientology events instead of spending time with his daughter.

He admitted:

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Lori Laughlin Chats With A Hunk Who's NOT Uncle Jesse While Leaving Hollywood Hotspot! WHO Could It Be!?!?!

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Lori Laughlin chats with a Glee star

OoOohhh! This is innneresting!!!

Lori Laughlin was seen leaving a Hollywood hotspot at the same time as ANOTHER gorgeous star!

The former Full House star stopped to chat with the smiling singer and Lori looked like she was having such a Gleeful time!

Hmmmm…have you figured out who it is yet?

Find out…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Paula Deen: Did Her Husband Walk Out On Her?? Details HERE!

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paula deen tugboat captain michael groover

Paula Deen just can't seem to get a break (other than this major one), but some would probably argue that she doesn't deserve to!

Paula's marriage is allegedly being put through the ringer right now, as her husband Michael Groover may have walked out on her — because she confronted him about some rumored cheating!

Michael, the 57-year-old tugboat captain, couldn't handle the 'warpath' his 66-year-old wife was on after a friend told her about the secret mistress — and now we hear they're

Darren Criss Reveals The Secrets Behind His Flawless Appearance

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darren criss sexy in bed looks gif

We know, we know. Darren Criss isn't entirely flawless…

(But isn't he??)

Just look at that skin!! There's not a single bump!

Of course that's probably because Darren knows a thing or two about skincare! After all, he is an investor and partner in the men’s grooming brand, The Motley, as well as a cologne designer.

Yet, it wasn't until he revealed his in-depth routine to GQ that we truly learned what exactly goes behind his gorge skin!

The Glee star confessed to the mag:

Darren Criss reveals his skincare routine to GQ!Darren Criss reveals his skincare routine to GQ!Darren Criss reveals his skincare routine to GQ!Darren Criss reveals his skincare routine to GQ!Darren Criss reveals his skincare routine to GQ!
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