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Selena Gomez Is A Jean-y Filling Her Car’s Fuel Bottle In LA

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Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank!

She’s a genie jean-y in a bottle gas station baby, gotta rub her the right way!

Yesterday, before Justin Bieber released that oh-so-juicy track that may or may not be about Selena Gomez, the pop princess stopped by a gas station in El Lay to thrust a nozzle into her tank.

And Selenita made quite the fashion statement while doing it!

She wore a denim Joe's Jeans shirttail romper that was belted at the waist, pairing the look with sandals that showed off her still-there henna tattoo.

We're just glad the Come And Get It Singer didn't hide from the paparazzi like last time!!

[Image via VIMO/Ramey Pix.]

Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank! Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank! Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank! Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank! Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank! Selena Gomez pumps some gas into her thirsty tank!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Baby Bump Is Ready To Pop Any Moment!

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Maybe she’ll have an October baby like Halle Berry?

Jennifer Love Hewitt was seen strolling around Los Angeles with her bun lookin’ like it’s ready to come out of the oven!

The expectant momma kept it casual with a striped button-up, a white shirt, loose fitting jeans and a bottle of water on hand!

Remember to keep yourself healthy and hydrated, J. Love!

You’re in the home stretch!!

We can't wait until you welcome your little one into the world!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

Jennifer Love Hewitt about to pop!Jennifer Love Hewitt about to pop!

Khloe Kardashian Afraid Lamar Odom Will OD If She Divorces Him!

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edt120722nr3 kardashian b gr 01

So, it's come to this.

Guess, this answers all of are burning questions, like why Khloe Kardashian has yet to divorce Lamar Odom despite his huge apparent drug problem.

We're all about standing by your significant other during the rough times, but Lammy has made it pretty clear that KoKo isn't necessarily his number one priority right now.

And, now we know that Lamar's past issues with depression could trigger something even scarier.

We're hearing rumors that even though Khloe believes that a divorce is "inevitable," she's actually TOO AFRAID to file for divorce because she fears what could happen to Lamar - particularly, a lethal overdose.

Even though divorce papers have already been drawn up, she just doesn't have the guts to go through with it because of the consequences that could follow.

All we want is for Lamar to get help and to lead a healthy, happy life too, but Khloe, it's time to live for yourself.

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

Aaron Paul Signs Meth Beakers For Breaking Bad Fans! Also Meth Heads!

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breaking bad aaron paul signs jesse pinkman meth beakers

Aaron Paul may be moving away with a Need For Speed from his Jesse Pinkman character, but there are tons of Breaking Bad fans that still want more.

Only this time they want a piece of the show they can take home with them. Luckily for them, Aaron seems to be the coolest guy in the world and is happy to oblige, signing everything from blue rock candy to meth beakers!

Or are they flasks? Either way, Aaron will put his John Hancock on them with a smile on his face!

Ch-ch-check out the pic (below) for the photographic proof, straight off of eBay!

That's right, you can have this little baby for a cool $175! Just don't, you know, cook any meth in it! The signature might melt off! LOLz!

breaking bad aaron paul signs jesse pinkman meth beakers 2

Prince Harry Proves He Would Make A Great Daddy By Playing With Adorable Baby!

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prince harry proves he would make a great daddy

With news that this prince may be getting married soon - we're assuming a baby may not be too far away!

And for anyone worried that Prince Harry would be any less of a father than his older brother is, we have two words for ya - think again!!!

Prince Harry was spotted down under in Sydney, Australia where he was greeted by the public at Campbell's Cove during the 2013 International Fleet Review this past Saturday.

But what caught out eye was one particular picture (above) where Prince Harry was making the funniest face ever to one little boy while a baby literally fawned over Prince Harry. That baby isn't even old enough to know what a Prince is, and it's obvious the little one was in love.

Clearly Prince Harry can handle himself around kids! It's not even a question!

And we just can't get over THAT FACE!!! Can Prince Harry please just do that all the time? It's just the best!!!

Check out more pictures of Prince Harry at Campbell's Cove down (below) !!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

Prince Harry Greets Australia!Prince Harry Greets Australia!Prince Harry Greets Australia!Prince Harry Greets Australia!Prince Harry Greets Australia!Prince Harry Greets Australia!

Paris Hilton's Good Time With Lil' Wayne Is Here For You To Check Out! Listen To The Collab HERE!

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We're guessing these two most def had a good time recording this song!

Especially considering Lil' Wayne gets raunchy with some explicit lyrics that might just be a wink wink at the heiress!

Whether or not he's pointing fingers, Paris Hilton's new single, Good Time, has been released, and it is just that.

The song is totes clubby, and we can see it being played to pump up the crowd alllll the time when she's DJing.

But srsly, it's fun and will get you dancing on table just like the Paris we know and love. Plus, Lil' Wayne's part is damn entertaining.

Now we REALLY can't wait for the sex tape music video!

Gravity Rockets To Record Breaking Weekend!

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tumblr msao76e8gz1qcga5ro1 500

In space, no one can hear you scream. Unless you're George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, in which case a record amount of people heard you scream.

Gravity left its audience, like its astronaut characters, in suspended suspense, and lifted off this weekend with a soaring $55.5 million, the best October opening ever!

The terrifying space thriller, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, has George and Sandra playing two astronauts who attempt to survive the final frontier after their shuttle breaks up like a Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth engagement: multiple times!

Ugh, that's what happens when you shut down the Government, y'all! NASA goes cray!

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