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Fergie And Josh Duhamel Have Baby Axl Jack Baptized!

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fergie and josh duhamel have baby axl jack baptized

It looks like someone has a reservation with the big guy upstairs!

Fergie and her hubby Josh Duhamel decided to follow in the footsteps of the royal family and were spotted at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Brentwood to have Axl Jack baptized!

Unlike Prince George, the little one didn't have a fancy gown for the occasion, but he still looked as cute as ever in his all-white outfit!!

An insider says Axl was VERY well behaved throughout the ceremony and didn't even cry once!! Although we think he might have just been tired, because as soon as it was all over her took a snoozer in poppa bear's arms!!

How cute is that?!?!

Ch-ch-check out more pics of the picture perfect family (below)!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Josh Duhamel and Fergie had baby Axl Jack baptized in Brentwood!Josh Duhamel and Fergie had baby Axl Jack baptized in Brentwood!Josh Duhamel and Fergie had baby Axl Jack baptized in Brentwood!Josh Duhamel and Fergie had baby Axl Jack baptized in Brentwood!Josh Duhamel and Fergie had baby Axl Jack baptized in Brentwood!Josh Duhamel and Fergie had baby Axl Jack baptized in Brentwood!

Lindsay Lohan Shares Supportive Mirror Message From Dina Lohan Amidst Barron Hilton Drama!

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lindsay lohan mirror dina

If there was ever a time Dina Lohan needed to show motherly support for her daughter…it would be now!

Lindsay Lohan is all wrapped up in the dramzzz around an "orchestrated" assault on Barron Hilton last week in Miami— so she's totes looking for some family comfort!

The Mean Girls actress took to Instagram on Thursday, sharing a loving message her momma posted on the starlet's mirror!

Along with the pic, Lindz tweeted:

Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Beyoncè Reveals Artistic Passion & Video Of Blue Ivy While Talking About Surprise Album! Watch HERE!

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As if the release of her fifth studio album and 17 music videos wasn't enough!!

Beyoncè is truly the gift that keeps on giving because gurlfriend has also released a video talking about her surprise, self-titled project. And better yet, this vid is only part one, which means there is more to come!

Hearing her discuss the original idea is nothing less than inspiring! Her passion and decision to change the way her music was debuted are just brilliant!

If anyone ever questioned Queen Bey's AH-Mazing artistic side, well, this visual adventure will surely put the haters to rest.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that we get to see some totes adorbzie video of lil' Blue Ivy right here!

Ch-ch-check out the beautiful video (above)!

Tom Daley Gets Wet 'N Wild With His Older BF Dustin Lance Black & Their Much Younger Hot Tub Crew!

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tom daley dustin lance black hot tub together

Dustin Lance Black is a famous screenwriter with an Oscar under his belt, and now we're not sure what ELSE he has under his belt because we can't see down there with all those hot tub bubbles!

Oh, and he's rumored to be dating the much younger, much more Olympic dive-y Tom Daley!! And who's that sitting next to him with his nether regions as wet as the dickens? TOM DALEY!! AND, what looks like some of Tom's young friends too!

At 39 years old to Tom's 19, Dustin and Tom haven't OFFICIALLY come forward as being together yet, though it's pretty much completely confirmed!

But we bet whatever is happening under that water would 100% confirm it!


You guys look so happy!

[Image via Instagram.]

Mariah Carey Gets Winded During Her Performance Of All I Want For Christmas Is You! Watch Here!

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Oh noes! A less than perfect performance from Mimi?!

That's TOTES unheard of!!

Mariah Carey was one of the performers at the National Christmas Tree Lighting event in Washington, D.C. last Friday, and it sounds like she had a rough start at the beginning of her set.

Sadly, the #Beautiful singer sounded tired throughout the whole performance and at one point, her stellar voice even cracked!


But you know, Mimi wouldn't be Mimi if she didn't acknowledge mistakes on her end! The star said at the end of her performance:

Beyoncé Was "Bored", Hence Why She Dropped A Surprise Album & Blew Up The Internet!

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beyonce surprise album statement bored

A lot of people quit their jobs when they get bored, but not Beyoncé!

Like a true queen, gurl decided to innovate instead, pushing the boundaries of how the music industry works!

In a press release that came along with the groundbreaking self-titled album, Bey explains why she decided to take fans by surprise. She says:

Leonardo DiCaprio Snagged Orlando Bloom 30 "Insanely Hot" Women! Miranda Kerr, Who?

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orlando bloom leonardo dicaprio boobs gif

Now THIS is rebounding in style!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr have been seen out and about together as recently as last month, but we've heard things are simply still not working out for the formerly fabulous couple!

Thankfully for the unlucky-in-love actor, he has an AMAZEBALLZ bestie named Leonardo DiCaprio!

According to reports, the two of them took NYC's meat packing district by storm the other night after the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Apparently the shindig they crashed was FULL of super hot ladies!!

We're sure they were looking to, ahem, pack some meat, but one report says Leo's group was filled with "like 30 insanely hot women."

THIRTY models?! Whoa! We're amazed Legolas can even carry enough arrows in his quiver?

At least now we know why they call Leo the Wolf of Wall Street!

Someone needs to nominate that guy for wingman of the century already!

[Image via WENN.]

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