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Selena Gomez Just Joined Taylor Swift In The Royal Court! The Royal Court Of DEM LEGS!!

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Selena Gomez flaunts her stems in London!

Dayum. Those are some seriously short shorts!!

All the better for Selena Gomez to flaunt her stems for a night out on the town in London on Monday.

The brunette beauty paired her tiny black bottoms with a basic crop top, but kept warm with a black blazer and sheer tights.

And you can actually see just how toned her gams are!!

Is it rude to stare?? Ha!

We always knew she had killer stems, but now we're thinking she deserves a crown in the kingdom — just like Swifty!

Though we bet that’s partially because Selenita topped off her monochromatic ensem with bold Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

Way to werk it, gurl!!

[Image via GF/BauerGriffinOnline.]

Selena Gomez flaunts her stems in London!Selena Gomez flaunts her stems in London!Selena Gomez flaunts her stems in London!Selena Gomez flaunts her stems in London!Selena Gomez flaunts her stems in London!

AWFUL! Dad Forced To Watch Entire Family Perish In A Fiery Car Wreck!

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dad watches family die in california car crash

We can't even begin to express our horror…

A Central California man was driving about a quarter of a mile behind his family when he witnessed something we wouldn't wish upon anyone in the entire world.

Unable to do anything the man was forced to

Ashton Kutcher's Love Keeps Mila Kunis Warm Upon Arrival To Snowy NYC!

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ashton mila jfk cold

My love. My love. My love. She keeps me warm, for realz!

Ashton Kutcher and his girlfriend Mila Kunis walked hand-in-hand as they arrived in snowy NYC late Monday evening.

The adorable duo was snapped making their way through JFK Airport as Ashton held on hight to his 30-year-old actress babe!

We're not sure why the couple left warm El Lay to brave the super cold weather, but we hope the have an AH-Mazing trip.

A little lovers getaway never hurt nobody!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at JFKMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at JFKMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at JFKMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at JFKMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at JFK
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Pussy Riot Arrested & Thrown In Russian Jail AGAIN! What They Did In Sochi That Got Them Locked Up!

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pussy riot jailed again wenn doodle

Two members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot were arrested yet AGAIN today!

Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, who after being released from prison last year have quickly become the stars of the Pussy Riot movement, were detained on Tuesday in central Sochi!

With the Winter Olympic games going on right next door, the women were accused of a theft at Hotel Adler before police used extreme force to apprehend them! According to eyewitnesses, the arrest was EXTREMELY violent!

Tolokonnikova's husband, Petr Verzilov was there and described just how bad the situation got, saying:

"They were put to the floor and beaten and physical force was used to them when they refused to be questioned without the presence of their lawyer, who was on his way to the police department.”

Later, the girls posted pictures of themselves behind bars on Twitter (below), along with tweets describing their ordeal. Nadezhda explained:

"Unbelievable lawlessness, even we are amazed. Beat on the floor of the department, in the Olympic capital!”

Another tweet exclaimed:

"They dragged me on the floor in the hall of the department, hands tied behind back and thrown to the floor. Putin will teach you to love the motherland!”

That last line is also the title of a song that Pussy Riot members are in town to record in order to spread awareness about the social injustices being carried out by President Vladimir Putin and Russian law enforcement.

Both Nadezhda and Maria were eventually released from jail and Russian police say they are no longer considered suspects in this crime.

Well good, because we need you girls out spreading the word about what’s going on in Russia!

Jail them all you want! Pussy Riot will not rest until their country is TRULY free!

[Image via Clemens Niehaus/Future Image/WENN.]

Pussy Riot in jailPussy Riot in jail
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