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Kelly Rowland Wants To Look Good Naked! And Plans To Motivate In New Workout DVD!

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kelly rowland naked workout video body

Uh, Kelly Rowland… we're pretty sure you look FANTASTIC naked, even though we've never really seen you that way!


With a healthy body and a fitness oriented life, we're pretty sure other people want to look like YOU when they're naked! That's why they're gonna go out and by your fitness DVD!

We're a little surprised with how many celebs are making fitness DVDs right now, it's almost as if it's a trend — but it's a trend we can get behind, because outside of making money, they aim to help people get healthy! We're all for that! And, besides, who DOESN'T want to look like Kells??

In fact, THIS is what she does to maintain that incredible shape:

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Kate Upton Admits She Felt 'Terrible' About Herself After First Sports Illustrated Cover!

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Kate Upton felt terrible about herself after her first Sports Illustrated cover!

When Kate Upton landed her first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover in 2012, you'd imagine she was over the moon and incredibly thrilled with her accomplishment.

But the blonde beauty recently revealed to Elle magazine that getting the coveted front of the infamous issue was not all puppies and sunshine!

The 22-year-old admitted:

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Olivia Wilde Caught Ridin' Dirty In El Lay!

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olivia wilde rides her bike through los angeles after grabbing a drink

Eat your heart out, Bradley Cooper! Olivia Wilde has her own set of wheels, and they're pretty darn rad!

Ok, so we're guessing the sexy actress's ride has a little less horsepower than B-Coop's, but she still looks pretty dayum good on her bike!

Olivia was spotted out and about and ran some errands in El Lay, but instead of taking the car, she decided to do things Sons of Anarchy style!

Unfortunately, she was one man short of a biker gang as her fiancé Jason Sudeikis was nowhere to be found.

Oh well, we'll take this Wild One showing off her wheels any day of the week!

[Image via Gaz Shirley/Pacific Coast News.]

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Melanie Griffith Fills Her Body With As Much Smoke As Possible Before Flight!

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melanie griffith smoking health chemicals plane airport

We love Melanie Griffith. We DON'T love that Melanie Griffith smokes.

In the picture (above), Melanie was spotted at the airport getting one last cigarette in before her flight — knowing full well you can't smoke ON a flight, so she had better get her chemical fix before being locked in a tin can miles above the surface of the planet!

We LOVE that Melanie has beaten to worst of her addictions (after going to rehab in 2009), but we wish she would just take that final step to becoming truly healthy, and kick the smoking habit!

We just don't want her to have to suffer down the road! Plus, she needs to be a good influence for her little ones! LOLz!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Emma Roberts Gets BUSTED Trying To Cut In The Cronut Line!

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emma roberts cronut line denied

Sorry, Emma Roberts!

Just because you're famous, that doesn't mean you don't have to wait in line like everyone else to MAYBE get a Cronut!

Apparently Emma didn't know that, though, or didn't care because she and her publicist tried to cut in line to get one of the (increasingly less) mythical delicious treats!

The line was stretching down the block, and Emma and her publicist thought that it didn't really apply to them — but they were rejected by the bakery's doorman!

They waited around for a few minutes before finally giving up… sans Cronut!


[Image via Splash News.]

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MLB Being SUED By All-Star Weekend Worker!

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mlb all star volunteers lawsuit wages paid

Wouldn't you be pissed if you were paid in swag instead of cash for all your hard work?? We would be too if were one of the TWO THOUSAND people working during All-Star weekend in NYC last month!

They were paid in swag, giveaway items, tchotchkes, NOT MONEY, instead of real paychecks!

But wait — weren't they volunteers? How does that work? Do volunteers HAVE to be compensated at all?? One worker is so pissed about it that they've filed a lawsuit to get the wages he thinks they deserve!

He claims the organization

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