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Mom/hairstylist By Karen B.

Oh geez pick me!!!! I have the good luck Chuck curse!!!! Everyone that dates me goes on to find their true love. My ex hubby did bc I wasn't the blonde with a tiny tummy and long hair. I'm the most ordinary gal you will ever meet. I work. I go home. I do not date bc I'm so blah. My tummy is squishy, my arms flabby, and my thighs look like they have been shot up with bbs! I've been single for 6 years. No real serious relationships. I live in rural Georgia and there are more cows than singles. I need the WOW factor badly. My daughter is graduating from high school this year and my teeth are slowly coming out my fear is that I won't be able to smile at her graduation. My ex will also be there with his blonde. I've never been good enough for him or at least that's how he has made me feel. I'm open to any and every opportunity bc I have nothing to lose at this point. I need help badly. I don't know where to start to improve bc it's overwhelming so I throw my hands up. Pretty please with sugar in top help me! I want to be extraordinary not ordinary, I'm over being passed by. I'm always checking my FB and phone hoping for some small miracle that one guy would actually want me but no such luck. I miss having a family and I need yall ( hopefully my soon to be village) to sparkle me up. My low self esteem stems from highschool years (per the norm) I honestly was never asked out! I promise on the bible. Yep that was me on the wall not getting asked to dance. For once I want to be the first picked for the team instead of last bc I'm the last woman standing. Again pretty please with sugar in top and extra sprinkles help me she the Good Luck Chuck Curse! I want to look like the sassiest hair stylist to grace this planet!

Rebound Chic By Jess H.

Hi my name is Jess and i live in Tucson Arizona and when I become determined their is nothing that can stop me, especially when it comes to having the chance to get revenge on someone who has really hurt me! Just recently I am back to being single once again. A few months ago an ex boyfriend of mine who I dated for over 2 years in high school stalked my cousin on facebook in an attempt to find me. So once I found that out I decided to go ahead and give him a call. He begged me to go out to dinner with to catch up. He was supposedly weeks from getting his divorce finalized from his wife of eight years with whom he had two children from. I almost immediately had my guard up and felt I couldn't trust him. I didn't want to end up as his rebound. As the weeks went by after our first meet he called me everyday saying he loved me and would never hurt me then asked me to be his girlfriend. I hesitated until he told me to look into his eyes so he could promise me that I could trust him. He told me that he never loved anyone the way he loved me and that he evened had told his wife that when they got married 7 years ago, which I didn't believe. So I eventually put down my guard and allowed myself to love him. We talked everyday and say each other as often as our hectic schedules would allow us to. He even introduced me to his two children. So right away I figured that he must really care and love me as he's been claiming to. Then one day I noticed he hadn't called me as he does all day long but the next day he does the same thing so naturally I got upset and asked him what was wrong. He told me that he wanted to work his personal issues so he could come back later when he was a better person and man. Basically I know right away that what he had said was really just code for "rebound chic". I had a bad feeling about him from the start and should have listened to my instincts. The funniest thing about that though was that his wife wouldn't take him back as he had assumed and then he thought he could come right back to me again! Don't worry I refused to listen to any of his lies. I really need this revenge for my sake and most of all to give back all the tears that I had shed for him.

i want my revenge By adrianna s.

I am on the heavier side of life and I always have been I try to embrace it as much as I can.. I am 20 years old living in Bakersfield CA with my boyfriend and his family I have red hair so I've always been made fun of. Even now by people my she I would love to win and be able to really embrace my body and be a new women .

A new improved me By Angelina N.

I'm 26 years old now and I have been struggling with weight problems since elementary school. I've always been teased by family and friends including my husband, in 2009 I was diagnosed with pcos ( poly cystic ovarian syndrome disease) which caused me to gain a lot of weight. Right now I am at the heaviest I have been and I also have diabetes when I go to the doctors for help instead of them helping me the first thing my doctor said was you need to lose weight! My husband is very athletic always on the go when we go places he keeps a fast pace and I love the challenge to try and keep up but being over weight you get tired right away then well there goes our trip. I get reminded every single day that I'm over weight we go to theme parks and my husbands tells me well if you lose weight you can get in a ride wait for me by the exit. Or if you lose weight ill take you anywhere you want to go. I go an play a sport for a fundraiser and they look at me and tell me oh she's going to need a runner . I'm sick and tired of people telling me what I can and can't do without giving me a chance they judge me and call me names that makes me cry and hate my self. I want people to know I am a hard worker and I can do this and I want to be an inspiration to those you give up like me cry because of the name a we are called being poked with fingers, sticks and other objects. I want to be able to walk into a resturant and not be looked at like should we put her at this table cause she won't fit a booth. Enough with the name calling, the bullying and the embarrassment of being over weight I am a great person who helps others and tired of people thinking they are better then me cause they are smaller i will get there praying and hoping for the help of oxygen help me so I can show the people who always teased me and thought I could never do it . Let me show my husband also that his criticizing of me being over weight was wrong when i give him a hug he would say as a joke i cant breath yout squishing me and I can change to be healthier and better and that I never give up hope!!

My Father Needs to Back Off By Millie D.

When i was 2 years old i got pneumonia, i was a very skinny baby and barely ate, but after going to the doctors and getting better my parents gave me any food i wanted and ate. I ate so much that i became over weight within a few months. In elementary all the kids in my class would call me fat, and i hated myself so much for it, to the point where i got suicidal. When i got to middle school it didnt get any better, my father and mother divorced and he started limiting what i ate, what i did. He wouldnt let me touch any form of snacks or anything with too much fat and sugar. He started calling me fat, big, overweight, worthless. I became depressed and with it i started eating way more. In high school things got only slightly better with the help of friends but it still didnt help with my dad in the background commenting on my weight and how i look and putting me down. My whole senior year i ignored him and became slightly more confident, but two weeks ago i went to go visit him and try to make things better, and an atomic bomb dropped down. The first thing he did was comment on my weight, what i ate, and how i looked. All my life ive been put down for how i look and my weight and i am so done. i want to prove him so wrong. i want him to regret all the things he said about me and i want to prove to all the people that made fun of me to have it shoved down their throats. i want them to beg for forgiveness and try to talk to me. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and not cry because of the way i look. I want revenge. I want people to look at the real me that is hiding. I want to change my weight and feel confident about myself when i walk around. i dont want to feel worthless, and i know this contest would help change that.

My big fat broken heart By Kiana M.

Hi My name is Kiana and I am a 19 year old college student. about 3 years ago I met a guy online and instantly fell in love with him. A few months later i got into a serious car accident and messed up my back pretty badly. It began to get really hard for me to play basketball and exercise like i did all the time. And that is where my weight began to become a big problem. We have been in a long-distance relationship throughout these few years and he has been with me from when i was skinny and started to gain weight. He said he didnt really care about what i looked like but every chance he got he would make comments like "arent you on a diet" or "why are you eating that" and "how about you excerise". I knew he missed my old body and my old attitude and confidence but everytime he made a comment it just made me feel worse about myself. It was a real struggle for me because i started to not feel like the person i used to be. I was always this athletic, thin girl but after the accident i felt like i was this girl in someone elses body. This year i was planning a surprise party for his birthday and was calling all of his friends, and once i reached one of his female friends she told me that they were a little more than just friends. She told me that he briefly mentioned me and took her out on dates, kissed her goodnight, introduced her to his family and they were sexually involved. Im not a naive person. I know in long distance relationships anything could happen and the other person may never know about it but we facetimed and skyped EVERY DAY! so it was really hard for me to believe that this was going on behind my back. It broke my heart. I know everyone makes mistakes and he loves me, but i do feel like the person i have become has made a big impact on our relationship. I began to be insecure and over protective and really mean. My whole family makes jokes about my weight and i cant do the things i used to or shop at my favorite stores. Im so young I want to change my image and get back to the person i was which is a confident, fun, outgoing diva so that he could see what he missed out on and i can have my old life back!

The World By Shonda W.

Well we're should I begin.. Since I've been on this earth I felt like I was marked.I was always overweight so that brought low self esteem, self hate , always unsure of myself and a host of other things. Still to this day I battle with my weight. Growing up I was often made fun of. Laugh at ,talked about and belittle as a person because of my difference. Which made me feel even worse about my self. People were bold , mean and cruel. Which made me mean and angry. This lead to poor choices, meeting the wrong men, being used , stepped on. Which I allowed to happen because I was beat down. So my thing is that I'm working hard on my weight loss and I would love to just stand before the world and have my victory . There are too many people that have wronged me I've been through a lot in my lifetime . So again I would love to go before all who put me down to see the wonderful awesome person I am, that they had but never knew. I need a Big Fat Revenge !!!!

Help us show a cheater AND cancer how awesome my mom is! By Melissa F.

I am nominating my mom because after a SUPER long marriage my father cheated on her with the skinniest girls he could find and after she divorced him he thought it was a good idea for him and his anorexic looking girlfriend to call my mom fat and ugly! But my mom had cancer and had to have her thyroid taken out so losing weight isn't easy for her. And I want you to help show him the HUGE mistake he made and I NEED you to show my mom that with some hard work she can show cancer that it doesn't define her life!!!

A New Beginning By Meshay D.

When I was in elementary school I was always teased about my weight. It never failed that I always got called fat, ugly, and several other downgrading names. I've grown to believe that I am fat and ugly and I want revenge! I want people to look past my weight and look at me as a person. But most of all I want to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with the person that I am. I want to make this weight change in my life for myself. I want to feel confident in the skin that I'm in to win this contest would be a blessing that I have always asked for.

the halloween nightmare By alisia h.

So it all began on halloween of 2012 . I did not want to go out but of course my sister told me I must go with her to hangout with this guy . As we walk up to the house there he is alongside with his cousin. As we walked to the back yard, the cousin comes up to me. I was in shock because I'm a bigger girl and usually guys don't come up to me so this had me a little excited . We exchanged numbers . We began texting and soon we hungout just him and I . I met his family and soon I was there everyday . Things were great, I was starting to really fall for him and in May he gave me a promise ring which he said "I will marry you when you are ready" . Then in june things just changed. It seemed like every day there was a new issue. His family didn't like me anymore and he didn't even go to my graduation, which really killed me but I got over it. Then mid june he tells me he's just not happy anymore. It was too random that I knew there was something up. Now he has a girlfriend who he got with two days before he broke it off with me. It hurts very much because he basically left me for someone better . I'm in the stage of moving on but man would revenge taste so much more sweet (; .

Overcoming the haters By Kenyada B.

I was teased since I was in the fourth grade and belittled by everyone in my class and the teachers were very oblivious to the situations was called all types of animals pick on by my hair my weight everything ,just because. I want to prove them wrong by showing them the opposite of who I truly am

Eating to live not Living to eat sexy @40 Phatabulos nd Hot By Angelia B.

Hello my name is Angelia and I'm a single mom of 5 I was once 332lbs suffering from diabetes, sleep apnea(cosponsoring machine), chronic body aces nd pain, swelling in my ankles and asthma was really bad. I have come along way and really its a lot of people I would love to get back but really you know I just rather come on your show and just let the world see how "PHATABULOS" I am to be a mom of my Fab 5/40 and sexy from head to toe it would be a blessing and honor to know that the men/females who once put me down can see how far I come from being obesed nd unhealthy to living a Eat to Live life instead of Living to eat life. I just want to show my new look off and if it goes anywhere from there then what a blessing it will be bc I I can see the mouth dropping nd the eyes popping..

Big and tired By Roberta D.

I had 1 child and later had a hysterectomy. I started menopause and feel like I am going to die of hot flashes. I recently went out with an ex boyfriend that I dated about 20 years ago. Everything was fine. He would tell me how he was totally in love with me 20 years ago and how I broke his heart. Then 2 hours later he did a total turn around and asked me why I had gotten so fat. He said I let myself go. What he doesent realize is menopause and raising a child on my own has put my needs aside.

My revenge By Tiffany L.

I have always been called over weight, fat, fatty, and it sadens me because most of the time it would mostly come from my family. My fleshen blood making me feel inferior. It got to the point of making my self sick to be able to loose weight. It got even worse after I gave birth to my daughter. Gaind major weight and a lot more name calling. I admit I was a little over the healthy limit but that does not mean it was okay to call me ugly and fat. They never knew what this did to my self estime. I love to eat healthy and excersize but it never did any to my weight problem. I want revenge but I don't know where to start. I want to feel better about my self and proove to my family that I am able to look better that they expect. I will get revenge!

better sex By Antrimeka .

My story is I been fat my whole life it been hard and I need help please help me I I think I am about to loss my man because we are having sex only a month he do not touch me or look at me any more

Family Fat Jokes By Alicia H.

Ever since I started the 5th grade, I began to realize that my body size wasn't like any of my most of my friends who were skinny. I remember the times when my mom and I would go school shopping in JCPenny and we would always have to go get my clothes from the girls plus section. I hated it. Besides that I hate coming around my family all the time. They always seem to have something to say about my weight even though they have weight problems themselves O_o. It gets so annoying. Especially when my grandma tries to crack jokes. I can never say anything harsh back because I was always taught to respect my elders. Sometimes I'll crack a joke on another family member just to ease it off, but I shouldn't have to do that every time I get around my family. They make it seem like I have no idea that the weight is there. I walk around with it everyday. I don't want to be big forever because I have this big future planned for myself. I want to be in the service one day, but my weight is really holding me back. I have tried going on a diet so many times, but I always relapse :/ I would love to lose all of this extra weight so I can feel more confident about myself, be able to join the service, stop my family from cracking fat jokes about me so they may be able to do something about theirs, and so I can get myself out of those XL size shirts and 17+ jeans.

Tired of being made fun of and tired of crying By Justine O.

My whole life I was always made fun of because of being fat and as I continued to grow up it became more obvious I wasn't skinny as my cousins or so called friends. I really never had friends because they said they didn't like to hang out or been seen with a fat girl. Now at 29 I am really struggling with my weight I have 2 children who were born just 9 months apart from each other and to this day I am made fun of by my family and my so called friends everyday I have to hear jokes about my weight and how fat I am and I would like the chance to prove them otherwise and make them pay for making fun of me and being bullies.... Due to the jokes and being made fun of I suffered from major depression including thinking of other options and I just want a chance to feel good about myself and be able to love myself and have confidence

my story not pretty. By kimberly r.

I have been heavy my whole life,I have been teased and made fun of for as long as I can remember. I have been beaten up for being over weight.I can't loose it I've tryed everything it makes me cry every time I look in the mirror I hate myself cuz of the way I look.can you please help me? I'm begging here.


I am gutted even thinking about this sort of thing. I have beat myself up my whole adult life that I didn't take the torment from my peers and use it as motivation to really turn around and make something of myself. Instead I let it get me down..and I think I still do. I'm 100+ lbs more than I ever was then. I went to a private school for grades 5 thru 8 and they were quite literally the WORST years of my life. Not only did the kids shake their desks and yell, "Earthquaaake!" whenever I got up to sharpen my pencil or anything, but they actually made it a point to make sure I knew that I was fat, ugly, and repulsive in their eyes, every SINGLE day. One boy used my little "crush" to get me to buy his entire stock of fundraiser candy, others just alienated me, called me names, made me cry. When I would go over to other girls' houses for sleepovers, it never failed, the next schoolday - they acted like they hated me and were never my friends. The kids actually threw themselves out of their desks when I walked by as if I caused that much of a "quake". I am now a mother of a beautiful 19 month old girl, and I panic because I don't know how to teach her about loving herself & loving her body & how to be comfortable in her own skin. Because I'm still not. I know I am kind and fun and joyful. But growing up, they kind of drilled it into me that it didn't matter because of how I looked. I'm now pregnant with a little boy who I hope (with his sister, too) will grow up to respect everyone regardless of their appearance and treat them kindly. Some kids would get in my face and tell me not to make them hurt my feelings whenever I tried to stand up for myself. The teachers and administrators completely turned a blind eye. ACTUALLY, I eventually got "kicked out" of that school because I had "poor academic performance". Gee, that couldn't have had anything to do with the bullying and intimidation from both the students and teachers, could it? I blocked a TON out from those years..though I do remember a teacher catching me doodling in a notebook during a lesson one day...she then proceeded to start from the beginning of my then-prized five subject notebook, and read EVERY page out loud to the class, then tear it out and throw it in the trash. One by one. It was humiliating! Not just school notes, but private thoughts that related to people at school and the screaming at home. I don't know if I deserve to win anything..I don't know for sure why I'm even writing. I just saw the trailer and thought...Goodness. I NEED that. In any case, the thought that someone may even just read my story...that's really comforting and amazing to me..and because of that, I just might hit submit. Thanks guys.

when i was in middle school By Barbara C.

When I was in middle school these two dudes use to call me Barber Shop because of my name an they said I had clippers in my locker. they did it everyday when I came to school even when I went home, it made me so mad one day when I came back to school I chased them in the boys bathroom an kicked the door. everybody in the hallway seen it then the principal call me to the office an I got suspended for three days my mom was mad because the other boys didn't get in trouble. I didn't like it cause they made fun of me everyday even bout my balled spot I use to have in the back of my hair. I use to didn't want to come to school, I even went home crying to my sister cause how they did me . an I still think about it until this day

Consultant By Jaulla S.

I have been bullied my entire life. Starting when I was in Kindergarten, being called four eyes made me cry. Then, throughout school I was teased about my weight, my ethnic background and my ability to be an overachiever, even through obstacles. Most recently, my friends, members of my University classes and even my own boyfriend hurt my feelings deeply as my father was diagnosed and dying of HIV/AIDS. Now that I am an adult, I have contacts, have began to live a healthier lifestyle and even have a response for those individuals who ask me if I am infected after I explain how my father passed away (my response is are you asking me if I have HIV or if my father sexually abused me" and that makes them think it through). Although the people who bullied me did upset me a great deal, I feel like these experiences made me a stronger person, overall and hope to proceed with a nonprofit organization to help others who are in similar situations.

insecure and unhappy By mylounda s.

For two years I have been trying to lose weight with no help I have been called fat girl ,big burtha and every thing else that u can name I am very insecure about my weight every since I had my there beautiful kids I have gained so much weight an my doctor told me if I didn't lose enough weight it was a chance I could get high blood pressure so please if u can help me I would surely take my chance with your help

80 pounds and counting By Carolyn M.

I've always been that girl who's made excuses for being big, like "oh i'm just muscular" or something along the lines of that. Well finally, I got so sick and tired of being the butt of guys' jokes and never getting any guys for myself, that I finally decided to literally "trim the fat" on my body. I completely changed my diet and exercise routine and I'm down 80 pounds and counting and even though I have a little more to go, I look good, feel confident, and now I'm the one who can play hard to get

Haters By Tresa T.

I've always been fat and always the confident to my friends. They never thought of me as a threat until I got in my 30's and started talking to men they want but they still thought they could out do me by dating the guy I fell in love with and bad mouthing me all over town. I would like to show people I'm beautiful and confident and successful. I was on a local tv show in Chicago and started dating a popular guy and they couldn't stand it. I had no idea they secretly hated me so much and now I'd like to have a make over and put all of the negativity behind me. I really need this. I know I'm a beautiful woman and I hate that so many people feel I'm not worthy to be loved and be successful. I feel like we should be able to be happy for each other and celebrate each others success rather than have people do everything to sabotage what you've worked hard for. Despite all of the negativity from 'friends' I've been able to excelle in grad school and make the national honor society. I just want to make my family proud and ignore the people who don't think I deserve to be happy. Please pick me. Love Tresa also my b-day is tomorrow. Please help make my dreams come true. I read it only takes one person to change someone's life please be that person for me.

My Cheating Boyfriend By Lamyshyah E.

My Boyfriend cheated on me w several other girls , i went through his phone while he was sleeping and found out he was hooking up with girls after asking over and over again to keep it real . I hate liars and i feel as though he should get whats coming to him via my big fat revenge btw i love you perez hilton : )

motavation By gloria r.

I have had two baby boys that I had back to back and have to time to get back in shape to all my family keep saying u got big I'm getting to much unwanted attention I cant fit any of my clothes my stomach wont let my shirt stay down my pants cant go past my upper leg just ready to get back in shape I really hate look at myself in the mirror and don't like what I see

the fat cheerleader By raeyana k.

As a kid , I was pretty confident with myself even thoughvi was a size 24 in the 9th grade . I kept quiet and out of the harm of the pretty skinny girls way . I tried so many different ways to make myself look good so the star basketball player would like me . Instead he said I looked like a big clown and I was the joke of the school . I was the fat cheerleader and he was the popular basketball player . I was so hurt . I'm still hurt . I want to be the pretty girl everyone wants . My 18th b day is next month and I want to show everyone , especially him , that I can be beautiful inside and out .

I hate how I look By Tyra T.

Hi my name is Tyra and I been picked on my brothers and sisters all my life. I'm 5 foot 3 and I weigh 453 pounds. I need help. It saddens me that I get picked on everyday. Everyone in my family is skinny except me. I would love to get revenge on my family to prove to them I can get fit and I can have a healthy life style please consider me I need help.

Please help me feel beauty!! By Emily S.

I have always been big and I used to be okay with it. It started in high school with people always calling me a fat button and taking my food and knocking me around. Was so lost in my own skin never socializing. Even my family will make jokes today and come up with plans. Ex boyfriends would call me a fat cow. Well now I have a man who is in the national guard and getting married in June and I just want to look beautiful becoming an army wife. I want my parents and friends to respect me so I can respect myself. I have had a rough life and I know some people have it worse but maybe I could make a difference if I felt better in my own skin. Please please help me to feel the way I should. Thank you for your time and good luck to anyone else who as this problem.

Desperate for a big fat revenge By lindsey o.

My name is Lindsey, I am 23 yrs old and I graduate in August with an associates degree in medical assisting. Growing up my childhood was great I was a little toothpick great health and in shape. When I was 4yrs old I was diagnosed with adhd. So they had me on different types of medicine and the side effects included no appetite. However, when I turned 15 my attention span was good and I was able to control my moods and my energy. So my doctor decided I no longer needed it. After awhile I noticed my appetite changing. I was now eating junk food and fast food like I somehow missed out on it. Within 2 summers I had gained 100 lbs. My high school years were good but I continued to gain more weight. I was happy with myself when I graduated high school, but soon after is when I started gaining more weight. In September of 2011 I told myself I have had enough. I was at 267 lbs and I was so unhappy. I got back on my adhd medicine and within 4 months I was at a wonderful 182 lbs. I was happy with myself for the first time I felt good in lingerie and a bathing suit. Shortly after that me and my boyfriend broke up and eventually got back together. I got too comfortable and gained the weight back. In July of 2012 I enrolled back into school and I graduate August of this year. I am now at 290 lbs. I am unhappy I don't have any energy and I believe my weight is the reason I haven't been able to concieve a child. To know these things, to know that my weight is the reason why I can't do the things I want to do in my life is so heart breaking. My family reminds me of what I look like they tell me I need to lose the weight just being told all the time just makes it so much harder. Fortunately I have a man who has stuck by me through this rough time. Who tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me either way. He has recently told me that he has noticed it it doesn't bother him but it does bother him when he sees how unhappy I am. He wants to marry me but I keep changing dates because I am afraid to walk down the aisle. I don't want to walk down the aisle at 300 lbs. This would be the best birthday present I could ask for. I don't normally ask for help because I am so independent but I can't keep this in me any longer. I need help before my weight gets the best of me. I want to accomplish so many things but my wieght is holding me back. As for the revenge part, when I was in 4th grade I had a boyfriend named Tyler and I unfortunately had to move. When I moved back 2 yrs after I had gained that 100 lbs plus glasses. To him it was like being ashamed of me. Ironically he had to move and we didn't see each other till high school. I lost the glasses and had contacts but I had gained even more weight. For the next 4 yrs he did nothing but taunt me and make fun of me. He would laugh with his friends making cow noises just so cruel. Karma finally caught up to him and he was expelled from school for a different matter. I haven't seen him in years. I do have a high school reunion coming up along with a wedding. I would like to just get the best revenge on him if I am chosen to be apart of my big fat revenge. Plus do it for myself. I want to show him that i have accomplished so many things now and after i lose the weight. I want my fiance to be proud of me, I want to feel sexy and comfortable in front of my fiance', I want to show my family I can do it. I want to show the world anybody can achieve their goals in life. You can do it if you try. Please help me in this desperate time in my life. I need your help. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Finally Finding ME... My Story of Losing OVER 250#!! By Jennifer B.

I would LOVE an opportunity to show all my DOUBTERS and HATERS that for once- they were DEAD WRONG about me, and who they 'think' that I am!! Over the past 3 years, I have not only lost OVER 250# through diet and exercise, going from 410# to 153# (and a size 60" waist to a size 6-8 jeans!), but I have ALSO found the courage (6 months ago!) to leave the legalistic, ultra conservative MENNONITE group I belonged to!! Do you know how many people have doubted and hated me for being extremely morbidly obese and 'plain'?? And I am talking about FAMILY members and 'friends' from my past who have NEVER even acknowledged that I have lost ONE pound yet, let alone 257#!! The past 6 months especially have been spent in FINALLY finding WHO it is that I am... discovering what kind of 'fashion' I like, that best portrays the 'new me' and then bravely wearing it in the same community I so recently walked away from!! It has been both AMAZING and TERRIFYING!! lol!! I would LOVE to be able to SHOCK and AMAZE my doubters and haters... showing them that labeling someone as a 'loser' and 'hopeless' is not only wrong on so many levels... it can come back and bite you on the backside!! Perez Hilton- HELP ME SHOW THE **REAL** ME TO THE WORLD!!! <3 I have traded in my black bonnet for FASHION... but I need HELP in getting this whole thing RIGHT!! :-)

Mine By Sofia R.

I've always been the heavier one of the family, my two sisters and my brother have always been thin and I never understood why I was the bigger one when we all ate the same. I was always teased for being bigger, I hated going to school because of it no boys would like me they said because I was fat. It's really hard knowing you or anyone has to go to school and is made fun of because of there weight, I will always stick up for people because that is something that literally sticks with you forever. My weight was always up and down I'd lose then gain it back. I'm not the biggest I've been now but I've always wanted that extra push to have the motivation to lose weight and actually keep it off. I think anyone can do it if you have the right help. I would love the experience and being around other people. I know my story isn't as touching as others but I feel like everyone has there story and they are all great ones.

Fat and freckles By debbi m.

I was teased as a kid about my weight and freckles. I never realized how cruel kids could be. I dealt with parents divorcing at 16 and skyrocketed to 140. Food became my friend and obsession to protect me from the outside world. I finally took control and started working on myself (to this day i still have to syke up) before i put on a bathing suit or a dress. I am 93 lbs and after going threw a divorce last year know that it's more important to be healthy and happy then miserable and heavy. Sadly in today's society it's the first thing we take notice on when we see someone over weight. My two adult kids have a great sense of self-it's a process but i am finally accepting who i am and what i can learn from others. Thanks debbi

Me Kiara Pittman By Kiara P.

Spwell I Think I Deserve This Because I Hate Being Called Fat &' I Want To Enjoy A Regular Teen Age Girls Lifee . I Was Skinny At A Point But iJust Kept Eating .. Now Im Likee 200 Pounds . A Average 14 YrOlds Weight Is 130 Ish . IJust Want To Prove To All My Friends and Family And The People At My School iCan Lose Weight ! And I'm Willing To Work Hard To Do This . Please Pick Me .. I Just Wanna Enjoy My Lifee

Taking Revenge on my Cheating Ex husband By Kayla S.

Where do I begin? From middle school through college and until today I still remain overweight. I have been teased my entire life until I met my ex husband in 2008. He would poke fun at me with sarcasm every day. Apparently my weight bothered him a lot as I found out that after our daughter was born he was cheating on me with 2 different women, and had proposed to one of them. I immediately left him, then a few months later gave him a second chance. He poked more fun at me then cheated again, at that point I was done. I filed for divorce which was finalized April 2013 and found out 2 weeks later he was engaged, and 3 months later he was remarried. I would LOVE to get revenge on my cheating ex husband! He never believed I could amount to anything, or that I was the best looking girl out there. I want to prove him WRONG!

Beautiful Revenge By Christina M.

When I was in Middle School, I was going through the typical pre-teen drama of skin battles. I had pretty terrible acne and I thought that as long as I stayed invisible to most people, that no one would even notice it. One day in 6th grade, I was in the bathroom adjusting my tattoo necklace and purple shimmer eyeshadow, when another girl came into the bathroom. This girl was in my grade and I knew her because she was in the "popular" group. She used the facilities and came out and stood behind me using the mirror. She said "Doesn't that hurt? You know, all those bumps on your face." Looking back on it now, she might have not meant to hurt my feelings, but she did. I was so deeply hurt by her observations of my face that it lead to a lifetime of anxiety about my skin and transitioned me into the beauty world. I searched and perfected my techniques to cover my bumpy skin with makeups and creams, I even tried special skin multi-vitamins. Years later, I have now moved to Los Angeles, in the hopes of becoming a true professional makeup artist. I want to prove to everyone who had ever commented about my skin, that i am having a much better life than they are. They say that, "Living well is the best revenge."

childcare provider By barbara b.

Growing up I wasn't big I was skinny I was just picked on about my skin color. All the other girls was lighter then me so all the boys taunted me because I was darker. But the weight gain didn't come about until I began having children. I was with my childrens father for about 17 yrs which ended about three years ago, the year after we broke up he married someone else it hurted and thats when I really gained weight. And now after all of that Im trying to lose the weight but it's extremely hard. He is some of the cause of my wdight gain. And I want to.be more healthy for my children and grand children.

Lonely Person at the Bar By Omar V.

Growing up I was always teased and made fun of for my size ... I never let it get to me but as I got older, I did. Many of my friends began focusing on the their image since high school and college. I never attended many social gatherings like clubs, bars, parties, etc. because I never felt like I fit in. Everyone always looked fabulous, skinny and confident of their image. I would be the guy that stood out for the wrong reasons, at least in my mind. When we would go out to celebrate friends' birthdays or wanted to grab a drink at a local gay bar, my friends would always somehow be asked to dance or would be offered a drink. Never have I had the opportunity to talk to a guy at a local bar/club because I am too shy or because never felt confident enough to do so. There were a few instances when people would look at me and immediately would begin talking about me for no apparent reason. Of course, I ignored them but what gives people the right to judge one person based on their outer image? It hurts. Aside from the night life, I have tried many dating websites/apps to meet Mr. Right One ... but that fails as well when people see my images or they meet me in person. I once received an "accidental" text from a guy I had a coffee with once afterwards that said, "Date was horrible, the guy was double my size ... not in a good way." I eventually want to date, impress, and find "The One", but deep down inside of me I just want to prove everyone at those clubs, bars, and my high school friends that I am beautiful on the outside & I will one day.

Please help me! By Angela S.

My name is Angela. I'm a 30 year old mother with young 2 children. I'm writing to you because I would love revenge. I'm to shy to get revenge on my own. When I was pregnant with my second child my childrens father left me for a younger girl who he said she was prettier and skinnier than I would ever be. I was so heartbroken. He was the love of my life. I have not dated or been with anyone since he left me. I let myself go forgot about everything I stood for. He now has a new family with this other girl he left me for and has a child with and takes care of. He doesn't even care about my kids and always puts me down. I rarely ever leave my house unless I have to. Please help me become the beautiful women I used to be so I can be the strong women I used to be. I feel terrible and think everyone thinks im a fat ass and are always looking at me saying wow how did she get that fat know wonder her baby daddy left her.

Fat boy looking ceci By Cecilia S.

My name is Cecilia but my friends call me ceci I'm 5'1 and weight 170 I have really skinny legs my body Looks deform :( . All my high school years I was called a cone body , a fat boy looking pig . I work at chuck e cheese and I can't control my eating habits . I look at my self on the mirror and get depress and just want to eat more and more . i love pizza with wings and lots of ranch. I can eat a whole large pizza with 20 wings . It has become a problem at work . My manager is getting annoyed at the fact that her food cost is getting higher . She gets revenge by bullying me calling me names . She says i will be alone for the rest of my life That I'm never going to change. Now she even wants to start charging my lunch . I never been skinny I have always been fat and I'm tired of it i don't know how to even start please help me . I know that with your help I can reach my goal please I want to prove my manager wrong . I want to show her I can be sexy too .

Life of changes By jamie w.

I played softball from the time I was four until I was seventeen, I was in good shape and I stayed that way until I was about 20. I had lots of "friends" , and life was good. I worked and went to school, I got pregnant but yet I lost about 25 pounds due to being sick all the time,, I still had all the same friends and everything. Then it got to where I gained weight sometimes 10 even 20 pounds a year even though I was working as a mechanic and lifting things and so on. As I gained this weight nobody ever said anything to my face but I could hear people make their comments, like "she would be pretty if she would just lose some weight". Or I dont know where she can get jeans that big. These are comments that come from a communuty setting, (I live in a small town). I have a husband that says my weight doesnt bother him, but all women can see that look when their man looks at a smaller woman, (not bones just smaller). I have a son in the Navy and a beautiful daughter, whom are not overweight and that im very proud of, i want them to also be proud of me. Iwould just like the opportunuty to rub the noses of a whole community in the fact that a well fit healthy person that I could be dont need the so called "friends" they act like they are. And would also love for my husband to look at ME the way he did when we first got together. Also to be a role model for women that are overweight that think they cant change their weight because of their age. Thank you

Boss Man Without A Plan By raven b.

My name is Raven and i pretty much been bullied all my life. I was at a healthy weight and after getting sick i gained weight and i try to manage it so i recently started working again and my boss and his other female worker constantly bullies me about my weight and make me feel so low about myself and it has evolved to more as in work bullying and i hate to go to work and i just pray that a job comes along. My boss constantly yells and curses me and they both constantly talk about me and call me horrible names and say the most crucial stuff and i cant leave because i need the money and thats why im desperately seeking this opportunity to get this make over to show them that i am beautiful and to gain confidence to go job seeking and get a new job and just be happy even if i dont win i want to thank you for reading my story

Marriage farce By Carol B.

I wasn't always fat. I was never a super model or anything, but this whole "fat thing" crept up on me during my 30's. Unfortunately, it took 15 years for a doctor to figure out my thyroid was the problem. Anyway, I met my "husband" after 10 years had past, so I was pretty big when we met. He didn't seem to mind, and romanced me and was fabulous to my little girl. I thought I had found my "knight in shining armor" at last! In fact, that's what he billed himself as and what I called him in our wedding vows. I lived the fantasy for 6 years. During that time we had a little boy together and I worked my way through college. I had health problems along the way, most of which he knew about from the beginning, but there were some that developed over time. When my father and his mother both passed within months of each other, I fell into a depression that was partly caused by their loss and partly due to health issues that no doctor could seem to pinpoint. Of course, I didn't realize I was depressed until much later. I still worked two jobs and kept taking my college classes. He quit a good-paying job and had only been able to find part time work that didn't pay very well. I kept on slogging away because what else could I do, really. Eventually, he decided it would be better to lie and cheat on me with someone he worked with rather than talk to me about what was bothering him. I found out after he abandoned me and the kids that this behavior was a pattern for him in the past. My daughter caught him making out with this woman in our living room while I was at a night class, and she told me about it the next day. The next three months I spent listening to him tell me how his lying and cheating was all my fault. He found me disgusting. I didn't take care of myself. I spent too much time on the computer (I took an online class and did my homework - all of which had to be done online). Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa..... Either way, his behavior is no excuse for what he did. It took a HUGE emotional toll on me, and worse, my children. Eventually, I got to a good place, had gastric bypass surgery this past January, and am working toward my goal of losing 250 pounds. I have already lost 100. I would love to get in shape and lose the rest. He is now living in our old house, and this "woman" now lives practically next door. Even though I know he doesn't love me, and obviously never did, I would LOVE to rub how fabulous I look in his smug, unshaven face! Thank you for reading and allowing me the opportunity for this much-needed emotional cleansing. That being said - I can't wait to watch the show :)

ready for the new By brandy s.

As most stories begin growing up being fat is probably the worst thing ever,havin society judge you on looks and not personalitity,i wasnt rich when i was growin i didnt have the nice clothes nor could fit in them,i was made fun of all the time,Even my best friends would make fun of me.So called best friends right?You know what really hurts me the most is that my family my own family makes fun of me calling me fat always picking out my flaws,growing up fat and havin a lazy eye was double the trouble people would ask what are u lookin at all the time.i cried for hours apon hours.being fat mywhole life has really brought my self-esteem down and confidence.i mean i work as stockin i get 3 hours a day once a week.im stuck with stocking because i dont have the courage and confidence to go help customers because im afraid there goin to call me names..who wants that in there life?im 20 years old fat never had the experince of a first kiss,never had a guy look at me,do you know how sad it is seeing my skinny beautiful friends gettin all these guys and i havent even had one?its horrible..im beyond read to get confidence and get pretty and improve my life and have better friends and not be soo shy and to prove my family wrong and be fabulous i know with your help to motivate me i could please pick me.i never wanted anything more then this..please !!

"best friends forever" By sarah m.

all my life ive been overwieght. i was 18 when i got into my first serious relationship and he spent 4 years making me feel awful about how i looked and made me think that i could never find anyone but him because i was so fat. i wasnt even that heavy at the time, in my opinion. anyway he left me...for my best friend, who is skinny, that i had known since i was 4. i was 22 when this happened. well now im turning 26 and married with a beautiful daughter. i think its time i got revenge on them both for making me feel so bad and low, and now they need to see that im better off than they are. it would make me feel so much better about the situation and mybe finally close the book on it for good.

beautiful face if only you'd lose some weight By Susan c.

my story... Starts at home my mom was heavy set and her mother wasn't and all I ever heard growing up was you have such a beautiful face if only you lose some weight you just be so beautiful. I never understood that how do you have a beautiful face but you're not beautiful. Then when I go to school, I played sports had friends I was always the fat friend, the funny friend, one of the guys, never the belle of the ball. I just get made fun of all the time at the Christian school that I went to and not just by the kids my basketball coach said that there should be no problems because I say had the hips to box them out in the stomach and bu** to keep them there so it's been a recurring statement my whole life. I want to get revenge because my high school reunion coming up and I want everybody to see that I've changed just one person

...but I thought you were a bear? By James W.

As a party of the bear community, a sub-sect of the gay community, I'm embraced for my being a big and tall fella with body hair and a beard. It's a far cry from having been teased for being a chubby kid. However a few years ago I found myself the target of a bullying campaign by a guy who bills himself as a 'Bear DJ'. He had an online profile on, of all things, a bear dating site, but in his profile he had all kinds of nasty things to say about chubby men. I confronted him about it; after all he was touring the states spinning record at our events, but out of the other side of his face dissing us for being who we are! As a result he started an online bullying campaign against me. He and his various friends started message board threads about what a hideous disaster I am. They even pretended to be guys interested in dating me so they could get my naughty photos and then pass them around on facebook to make fun of my body. I got emails that said things like "God don't like ugly!" Man, it really sucked, because you just don't think it's the kind of thing you're going to go through at age 30! It really messed with my head for awhile, and though I've gotten over it I've always secretly wanted to give the guy a taste of his own medicine.

Faboulous inside By Misty S.

Hi Perez Hilton! Finally a show where I can show all the people who called me a fat ass that I am and can be a fabulous, sexy and a confident woman inside and out. I am a mother to two handsome boys and a wife to an amazing man. Having kids definitely took a toll on my body and from that point on the name calling began. Unfortunately my husbands siblings have a hard time accepting me and after a 11 years of being married the one main thing they say about me is relating to my weight. It hurts to be made fun of because of your weight! I would love help getting my sexy back and showing people I am wonderful inside and out. I miss my old body and any help I can get to show off what a sexy woman looks like, I am all game. Perez, please consider me for your show and let me get revenge on people who have hurt my feeling repeatedly with their rude and hurtful comments. I would love to see their face when being called a fat ass is out and being sexy is in with a beautiful make over! Thank you for your consideration! Can't wait to watch the show!!!

Please Help By karena s.

My whole life I have been dealing with my weight. My sister is the number one person who thinks she's just perfect. Always calling me fat and ugly and I deserve to be ran over buy a bus. Sad part is she's not the only one in my family that has hurt me with unkind words I have always been the joke in my family they call me porky always fat ill never find anyone. When I try to play sports with my family I always get ask if I want a twinkle will it make me run faster. I've heard it so much growing up I look in the mirror and see nothing but ugliness and fat I truly hate myself because of the way I look and because I been told so much. plz help me prove them wrong and make them feel like I do. I want to be able to make them feel stupid when they see me fit and better looking. And I don't want to feel like this anymore. I want to prove to everyone their wrong and its not right to hurt people like that excespillay your family. Thank for a chance.

I would like to revenge my ex boyfriend . By Talitha L.

I've been over weight for almost all of my life . I never had self confidence because i was so heavy . I was so doubtful and thought I would never get a boyfriend and fall in love . Well for once i actually did . he never had a problem with my weight and always accepted me for who I was . When he broke up with me I was so devastated . I thought I couldn't get any one else and he knows that I can't so I keep going back to him. he treats me like carp and is always saying hurtful things about my weight . I would like to lose this weight to gain my self confidence and to show him I don't need him and I deserve someone better . I want him to see what he is gonna miss out on . please help me accomplish this .(:

Couples Beach Trip Ends In a FAT breakup By Brittany D.

I met a Guy on Facebook through our mutual network at the college we were both attending. Not long after meeting we began dating. Oh let me back up and mention I didn't update the pictures on my Facebook, and I had gained a little weight. He was very fit, always playing sports and going to the gym, and he vowed to help me in my weight loss. As we got deeper in the relationship I began to notice that my weight seemed to be a bigger problem to him than me. He would make comments about my weight and being embarrassed to take me in front of his friends. I began to become depressed and beat myself up about my weight. I even began throwing up after every meal. The relationship continued because he always assured me he was trying to help. I was so in love, and that blinded me from reality. As summer was approaching he invited me on a beach trip with him, myself and 6 other couples as well as two single guys would stay at a beach house. When he invited me he said "You just need to pay $400 for the week and you'll need to lose about 20 lbs to wear this bikini I bought you." He, again, assured me he was just saying it because he loved me and wanted to help. Come time for the beach trip I hadn't lost the weight. I drove to his house where everyone was meeting. My boyfriend was sitting in the front seat and I was left an empty seat in the back of the van. He wouldn't say one word to me the entire trip to the beach. When we arrived he immediately told me not to put my bathing suit on for the beach, to just stay inside and eat because it was all I was good at. Toward the end of the night the two single guys were getting ready to head out for the night. I noticed my boyfriend getting ready as well. Couple minutes later they, including my boyfriend, headed out the door to go out. On the way out my boyfriend looked at me and said "Just stay here and eat. I can't take you out looking like that." He said this in front of all his friends, and it hurt and cut so deep. I couldn't stay and do it anymore. I called a cab and had to pay to get home 2 hours away! I never spoke to him again. I'll never forget that relationship, the memories still burn. I have struggled with my weight ever sense. I have met someone else and even have children. I notice my weight is becoming a bigger problem in my relationship now and I hate to go down the same path, most importantly for my children. I would love to have revenge on my ex boyfriend, because I could only imagine his face to see the girl who was in the picture he first saw on Facebook!

Suppose to be friends and my sister By marsella h.

Before I have kids and before I became a stay at home mom I use to hang with the people that was so called my friends and family.I went out with. Them recently and they all looked at me a certain way. They all been going out and didnt think to ask me out. My friends even planned to go out in front of me and didnt even aak me. I know they are acting like that because I gained 100 pounds. My sister even exercise together and dont even ask if I wanted to go. So my plan is to lose weight show off my body and have my confidence back.

Tourtured Soul By kara R.

I am very tall for a female and my weight has always been a struggle. I had this one friend in school who was super skinny. She would constantly rub it in my face. She wouldn't outright call me fat but her actions and words surely displayed her feelings. We went to a barbeque 2 years in a row and she would wear her bikini and each year the same guy showed up. She would rub it in my face that the guy wanted her and talk about herself all the time. She would brag on her size, her clothes, etc. It was a bummer. My ex-boyfriend was also very abusive to me. He told me that "When I met you, you didn't weigh this much" He was going to Africa and told me I could go. I bought a passport and was so amped up. He then told me that I had to do 100 jumping jacks non-stop before I could go. I actually tried to do the jumping jacks and then quit because I began to cry for feeling so down on myself. This same guy also punched me to "make me tougher". :(

I Bet I Prove U Wrong By Madilyn A.

Well My Grandpa Would Always Talk About How Big I Am And How I Should Lose Weight To Fit In. And I Would Just Tell Him "I Am Who I Am And You Cant Change Me" Ive Tried To Do The Gym But Its Just Extremly Boring :( But Anyways Wen I Came To Visit Him In Florida He Made It Seem Like I Was So Huge And All This Bad Stuff And He Always Says I Need To Lose Weight Bcuz He Doesnt Want Me To Have Diabetes Because Its No Fun. And It Hurts When He Says That Because I Dont Expect For Him To Really Get On Me About My Weight Because Its Nothing BUT Big Girls In Our Family. So Im Just Confused And I Would Love The Oppurtunity To Prove Him Soooo Wrong Sincerly, -A BIG GIRL

Story of gross tummy By Mariah P.

I have a eating problem after since my dad died, I use eating as a escape from the deep hole that I felt in my heart. So I became really fat and I really didn't get tease about it until I got into high school. One day I wanted to wear a shirt that cling to my body like all the other girls did in my school. However the shirt seem to pulled up by my fat rolls. My best friend, friend seen me lift up my shirt a little to pull the shirt out of my fat roll and she made a GIANT gag sound like she was going to throw up and pointed at me. she then started to tell everyone in the class that she seen the most gross thing in the world that was me and my tummy. Which forever hurt me, and now I never let people see me with no shirt, swim suit that shows the tummy, I don't even wear shirts that is my size anymore, all my shirts are bigger then me because I didn't want people to see the gross thing that was my tummy. I would love to lose 30-90 pounds to help my heath with scoliosis since the doctors near me wont take my medical card. I know that if I lose weigh it could take the strain off my spine. Also to show all the guys who rejected me and the all the other people and family member who tease me and didn't help but put me down to the fat state that I am now. . PLEASE HELP ME, I REALLY DON'T WANT TO BE THE NEXT 50 YEAR OLD VIRGIN!!!!!

Bruised BUT NOT BROKEN By Saraena S.

Hi I've had problems with my weight all of my life. Since I was very young my cousin has always made me feel horrible about my weight. She would tell me I'm fat and nobody would ever want me, teasing me in front of her friends and belittling me even punching me and beating me up. No one in my family ever stopped her and she continued the verbal assaults into adulthood. Although she continuously took joy in harming me I still love her because she is my cousin. I was an only child and we grew up together so she was the closest thing to a sister I've ever had. I am a strong, confident, smart young 38 year old single mother who has put the pain behind me. I have lost 85 pounds so far but I have a long road ahead of me, my goal is to lose 60-70 more pounds it would be NICE to get HEALTHY ,FIT and SEXY so that I could RUB HER NOSE IN IT, especially since she has gotten A LOT CHUNKIER over the years.


hi Oxygen, hi Perez, my name is Desiree I am 20 years old,i was picked on, put down and bullied throughout my elementary and middle school years, when I was in elementary school I was actually bullied so bad a boy pushed me down, stepped on my foot and fractured it, I was wheeled out on a wheel chair and got taken to the hospital. I've been called almost every name in the book. when I hit middle school I gained weight, I went through depression, I tried killing myself, I couldn't take the bullying. I would cut myself pretty deep, I would starve myself, I mean I was doing anything I would to kill myself. in middle school I didn't have much friends. people would tease me when I would eat at lunch time and say that "that's a lot of food, oh wait your fat, you'll eat it all' that caused me to never eat at school and to go home and pig out. gym class was always the worst because when I would change people would see me, say "haha I hope you don't think you look good!, because you are fat" being chunky and all I never really got attention from guys, I've had a guy tell me once, "hey you'd be pretty if you weren't fat" that hurt the most and cause me go through depression, or trying to kill myself. that pretty much scard me for awhile. i would cry myself to sleep night after night, i would just get home from school and cry, cry, cry. i would really love to loose weight not only for others but for me, i want to have that feeling of being skinny and not feeling ugly and have that awesome feeling about my body. so with all that being said please guys help me loose weight and give me that motivation. help me skinny, help me please. thank you for taking the time to read this -Desiree Havird

Brother teasing me over the years By crystal p.

All most everyday my brother would make comments of my weight since i could remember,saying things like dang you eating agin or your arms look like legs look how big they are or (my feet) look at thoes thoes aint feet your walking on hooves ..im only 5`2 an 175 i know its not a big number but for my frame and medical problems even diabetes running in family.its hard for me to do much about it with depression,i gained weight from a horse ridding accident that effected my back.i wear guy clothes because girl clothes dont feet me or i dont feel pretty in them with my weight,i just wana be happy again.

Nightmare From hell By Britteny R.

I've always been the way I am but as I got older it started to show my Papa died loosing his battle to Cancer when I was about 5 he was my everything that's when it started I would get up in the middle of the night and sneak and eat at 10 I weighed 117 .im not gonna give u a sob story I just need this makeover ppl look at me like I'm discussing I've been humiliated in front of the people I love

A Grandmothers Words By Arielle w.

Since I was about 13 years old my grandmother started being verbally abusive. She would constantly make fun of my weight and tell me i look like a "pregnant prom queen". she hides food from me. she gives me dirty looks as if i'm as big as a whale. the emotional abuse i endured over the years has taken a serious beating to my life.she also tells me i'm a f**k up and a slut and that i will never amount to anything. but i have become successful and plan to continue on a good path. no matter what i do its never good enough for her. i have tried to sit down and talk to her about her behavior but she doesn't hear anything but that sound of her own voice. she is cruel and it does not matter to her if i'm hurt or in this case ill. a couple months ago i became quite ill and lost my job because of it and too no avail of course she blames me as if i got sick on purpose. i have come to realize that trying to prove myself to her is a waste of my time so i am living for myself. i am continuing my education to become a nurse. i even have my own business making and selling jewelry. i just want one last chance to prove her wrong about me then i am absolutely done with her.

Jerk who wanted me fat... By Paula S.

My ex helped me with poor self esteem by constantly getting me to eat so I would gain weight so no one would find me attractive. He wanted me to himself so he could fleece me and my family out of money. I supported him for 7 years. My highest weight was about 320. Since I left, I had gastric bypass surgery and worked out a lot, and now have gone from a size 28-30 to a 12, and still working on myself. I have a much better self esteem, and have done something with my life. I'd love for him to see me now, looking and feeling good!

The never ending mean girl sleepover By Sam B.

When I was 7 my parents sent me away to 7 week sleepaway camp. I had never gone before, and was even going with a friend so I was really excited! My cousins also went there, as well as some people from my town. I had glasses, frizzy hair, and braces. I never let that bother me or even thought anything of it until camp. I was constantly picked on by the girls. They excluded me from everything. They told me my friend was cute but I wasn't. They all shared video games but would tell me I wasn't allowed to play cause they didn't like me. They also told me I had a big head and that every summer they come up with a list of 2 girls that they don't want to return to camp and I was one of them. They told me straight to my face! I tried so hard to be their friend. My parents even came to visit me because I was in a play and brought all the girls in my bunk gifts but they didn't even accept it. We even had cheers that we would do at lunch and they stood up and made me look like a fool with a cheer about me having a crush on our waito in front of the whole camp. I left the dining hall in tears and they all laughed, none of my counselors even cared. In fact my counselor used to bully me saying that if I didn't eat salad she was going to take me to the hospital to get my butt flushed! Who tells a 7 year old that? It was mortifying. I never even did or said anything mean to these girls. One of my bunk mates even told me she was gonna have her older brother beat me up! Now I am strong and confident, and not to toot my own horn but prettier than all those girls! Guess that's karma for ya!

My Life will still go on! By KATRINA H.

Where do I begin? I don't think there is enough words to tell my story eventhough I do love to talk. At the age of 30, I decided to to live and look my best. I had lost over 80lbs, skinner than what I was throughout my whole life and thought I had it well put together. Thought I had what was a career job and was begininng to transition to something new. Then it began, health and emotional issues that would begin to break my world down. Nothing is how I expected, went from working in one the nation best employment places to having no job, walking away from a horrific relationship, homeless and sick. Trying to hold on for so long to everything I got took such an emotional toll, and with very little support from friends, family, coworkers it nearly broke me down. People often talk, neglect, and assume rather than love inspite of. But I thank God for the blessings that HOPE gives. I was diagnosed with MS this past march and because of the treatments I've gain most of my weight back. Because I don't look like the models no more my boyfriend left me and was cheating on me throughout the whole time I was in the hospital. The greatest revenge would be to look my best again and to turn him down or away.

Not arm candy enough for him. By Tamara C.

We were together close to five years and it all came to a hault the day he dumped me. He told me he was never really attracted to me from the start but it was fun and exciting at the time and felt stuck after the fun was over. He then went on to tell me that there was a reason he never held my hand in public or took me out places with him and his friends. If that was not bad enough he told me that I just was not arm candy enough for him and that he makes lots of money and deserves to have some one good looking on his arm. Once the break up happened he then paid for a gym membership for me to get into shape. So that is my story in a nut shell and it only gets worse.

What I've been waiting for.. By Vicky W.

Helloooo Oxygen! My name is Vicky, I'm 19 years old and as long as I can remember, I've been taunted and bullied for my weight. I've always been a chubbier child. and that was my "biggest" flaw. when I was about 13 or 14, I was diagnosed by a few doctors that I have severe depression and severe anxiety and I blame it on my low self esteem. My weight has always been an issue for me. No matter how hard I try to lose the weight, that I've been wanting to get rid of so badly, it seems that it just never happens. I would skip school so much because I was embarrassed to be seen at school. I had trouble fitting in the desks so I would sit in the back so no one could see.. I have horrible vision so I could never see whats on the board. (I never had my glasses cause i would lose them..). I never had 'cute clothes' because I could never fit in cute clothes.Every time I go shopping I cry because I feel so ugly in the clothes I want to wear so badly.. I would wear baggy sweat pants and huge sweatshirts to hide everything. So everyone thought I was just poor or some fat hobo. No matter where I went, I was bullied. My own mother would tell me that I'm fat. My depression started to get worse and worse to where I would think of suicide everyday.. I've almost attempted it 3 times already but i just couldn't do it.. every night I cry because I felt like I couldn't handle it anymore. I started starving myself because i wanted to be beautiful, I've tried being bulimic, throwing up all my food that i ate, I've tried working out my hardest til I've almost passed out. I've tried everything. I even considered going under the knife to fix my body.. unfortunately I cant afford it.. I cant even look at my naked body in the mirror without bawling my eyes out. I never go out unless its to work because i don't want people to look at me and judge me for my weight.. I'm very overweight, and I'm tired of it. I want to be happy, healthy, I need help. I want to finally prove to EVERY single person that has bullied me and show them that I finally did it. that what they said didn't kill me but only made me stronger. I want to have a life, I want to go out, go shopping, buy cute clothes that show skin. I want to go swimming in public without being embarrassed or worried someone was going to make fun of me like always. I don't want to be depressed any more. I'm tired of my self esteem being at a 2 out of 10. I wanna feel like a 10! I'm tired of being rejected because of my weight. I'm tired of being called fat ass, fat bitch, lard-ass, thunder thighs, chunky monkey, every fat name you can think of, I've been called that. So please, Perez, oxygen, hear me out.. I need help and I want to show everyone that they were wrong about me, all my ex boyfriends, my family, and I want this for myself. I saw the commercial for this show, and I just started bawling. My first thought was "this is my chance!" this is what I've been waiting for! I want to finally love myself. and get my big FAT revenge on everyone.

my family is my enemy. By samantha h.

Hi my name is samantha im 23yrs of age growing up i wasnt the slimest person and my family made sure it was clear from being called fat to not want to be hung around with to being called flabby arms and muffin top by my own sister and cousins.i used to starve myself at night as if it would do somthing. It was so painful to endure so much evilness from my own family.i want revenge and to show them that im more than they make of me.

I need HELP!!!!!! By Charity R.

Hello, I'm Charity Reed and I've been FAT ALL MY LIFE. I call my weight "Yoyo" because that's what she does. I need the RIGHT MOTIVATION to get me started in My Big FAT Revenge....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

Not good enough for the guys because I'm fat By Jerika V.

I'm 21 years old and I have always been the chubby/fat girl in all my groups of friends. I hate it because when I go out guys look at me and assume I'm not good enough to talk to because I'm fat. I feel as though guys don't take the time to get to know my personality because of my weight and it is unfair. I am single and I honestly have never had a real boyfriend. I also hate when females try and put me down by calling me fat. Skinny girls usually think there better than others because they aren't fat. I would like to have a big fat revenge so every guy that has ever turned me down can feel stupid.


ive been a fat girl all my life people rejecting me calling me names being disrespected making noises when i walk pass i have cried an cried it got so bad to the point where it even made me suicidal i been unhappy for so long an its not right my self esteem is blown as much as i tell myself im beautiful everyday someone brings me down people tell me im not good enough im too fat it hurts its torture i would love to be a contestant to show them you cant break me because im better than that i have tried diets workouts exercise every thing nothing works

Teen mom to fat mom. By Casey D.

My name is Casey and I am 23 years old. I grew up a really good kid, made the grades, and went to a great school. When I was 15, I got pregnant, was abandoned completely by the father to never be seen again, and every one of my friends from school dropped me as soon as they found out. Fortunately, I had a great family who pushed me to graduate on time, to work, and to go to college. I then met a great guy who would later marry me, have another baby boy with, and adopt my first son as his own. He's the greatest, kindest, sweetest man alive. We've made it so far and have done so much for ourselves. I'm still in school, he's had a job for a decade, and we just bought our first house last year. The only thing in my life that I HAVEN'T conquered is my weight. Since buying our house, I've made lifestyle changes and lost 40 pounds by making healthy eating choices. Now I've plateaued for months and I am still currently 50 pounds overweight. Perez, I'm your girl. I work hard and play hard, and I'm ready to show my revenge!

Baby Blues By Tyra B.

I would love to get revenge on my son's father. He was really hurtful during my entire pregnancy!!! Made harsh comments about my weight and how bigger I would be after our baby was born. That was on top of my pregnancy complications including high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and thyroid issues. It was a really emotional and depressing pregnancy with my first born. But the joke is on him because I'm 50 lbs smaller then I was prior to pregnancy :-). I continue on this journey of becoming a healthier me.

The three little pigs By Marisol D.

This is the story of three sisters that have gained weight. All of our husbands make fun of us as we'll as our family members, calling us fat ass. They say u guys would be so pretty if u guys where skinnier. We are all stuck in this fat funk lol. We would love to rub it in there face and say boo yah. Sincerely, Fat chicks

My Dreamer Story By Adan C.

Hi Perez! Hi Oxygen I grew up in Mexico, and moved to the US when my father got hired to work in the US when I was 12. Unfortunately I was bullied a lot due to the fact that I did not know any English whatsoever. I would cry my self to sleep every night and it was very hard for me to continue to go to school when I would get made fun at, plus many racial jokes where made regarding my legal status. kids would make fun of my clothes and shoes. Unfortunately my parents income was minimum and most of my clothes and shoes were second hand. Kids would always pick on me for the way I dressed and would talk down to me because I wasn't "cool" and in "style".Getting made fun of and being bullied altogether is not okay. I've been very fortunate to have an amazing family that supported me through the hard times growing up in a different country and the struggles of being bullied as a kid for appearance, ethnicity, and sexual preference. I would love to meet Perez and share my story and perhaps be a positive example for kids that are going through the same issues in school. thank you!~AC :)

revenge on the house of montiel By kristal m.

all my life my mom and sister have been supportive of me. however, my father and his part of the family is a different story. they have always looked at me as an annoyance or something disgusting because of my looks and weight. family is supposed to be supportive. i don't know what i would have done without my beloved mom and sister. during my high school days i was in swimming, water polo and gymnastics. even with all those sports i was overweight and again my father and his side of the family would snicker and say things about me. one time my father said you really shouldn't eat at all being anorexic would help you....or how is anyone going to love you when you look like the way you do. i recent got a new job and now i am 26 yrs old every morning before i go to work he makes a cruel reminder that i am not attractive. i workout 3 times a week but i cant change my face or change certain parts of my body. i love my father i know his way of showing compassion towards me is just different. how ever once and for all i would like to have revenge on him and his entire side of the family. i am not worthless i am a somebody.

The little fat girl who could By Michelle C.

Being the youngest child of a poor, overbearing religious Puerto Rican household, my social life was difficult from the very start. I was so socially awkward that often times I felt my classmates had a never ending spotlight on me, hoping to see how I would do or say something so they could mock me for doing things differently. I tried to fit in but eventually gave up. Even though I had "friends", I've always felt alone. I always questioned the very few who would try to befriend me and in my mind would dismiss them as trying to be my friends out of pity. What was a girl to do? I turned to food, and at a young age it had terrible consequences. By 3rd or 4th grade, I've gained so much weight and my classmates made sure to remind me... I went from semi social to complete anti social. Those who I thought were my friends were saying things behind my back and eventually my own family. I began loathing all social events and family gatherings, knowing that my own family and others would comment on the way I looked. I wanted no part of it. In 6th grade I decided that enough was enough. I began counting calories and started an extreme workout program...I know it sounds silly but I eventually worked my way up to being able to do 1,000 situps! In due time I lost enough weight and got so many compliments, but the damage was already done. It's upsetting how much differently you're treated when you're in better shape and you get to see how ugly and two faced people really are. From there until 2010, I remained a healthy, (yet fluctuating) weight of 140-160. Now at the age of 25 I'm 230 pounds, it hurts knowing that losing weight isn't as easy as it used to be. I want the old me back...To Hell with my classmates and whoever didn't like me, they're not worth the attention! I'm not trying to impress them, I just want to be happy with myself again.

One young girls Revenge on the world By Shani B.

Ive always been a larger girl, always told i'd never be the model like my sister and all I had going for me were my brains. The kids at school could not be more supportive of this idea and tortured me daily on my weight, curly hair and oily skin. Ive been called everything from fatty to pepperoni nipples. My weight has been a constant struggle because of the comments Ive recieved from not only children at my school but also my own family. My family nickname is Gordtha or Fatty in english. They pinch my fat and ask me why Im so fat or you should work out more. My swim couch would also make daily comments on why I was so fat and how I needed to work out more to the point where I told my parents the daily comments on my weight were becoming uncomfortable. Although all that has been hard to grow up with, I believe it has made me the strong confident person I am today. But boy would I love to show them all how hot I am now!

me against the world By hannah m.

my name is Hannah I am 25 yrs old and a single mother to a beautiful little boy. I have been over weight for so long and made me very depressed about my life even thou I am a grown women I still get made fun of about my weight by people who I thought loved me no matter what and people I don't even know. enough is enough its time to change my life not only for me but mostly for my son and to prove all those people who never believed I could do it wrong. this would be a life changing opportunity . I also have an older sister who is so skinny that people think I am older than she is and it kills me deep down that people would think that simply because I am bigger than she is.

The Underdog By Ataly G.

As a child i was always the chubby kid in school, and i always got made fun of for my weight. There literally wasnt a day i didnt get made fun of. I would go home crying not wanting to go to school anymore because my classmates, the people i thought were my friends, would always put me down and call me names. I got called "fatass", "grease ball" , etc. and it was always so hurtful. That was what my whole elementary school experience was like. The summer after 5th grade i started to loose all the weight! I was becoming a lady and all the baby weight started to come off. By the time i was back in school in my first year of middle school, no one recognized me. I wasnt the same little fat girl who got made fun of, now i was the girl everyone liked and wanted to be friends with. But i went back with revenge! For every person who once bullied me, i got them back. Throughout middle school and some of highschool, i became the bully. But then as my high school years went i realized i didnt have to be mean. I could just be myself! BUT if someone messed with me, they were going to get a taste of their own medicine! i no loger let people step all over me. I am now 20 years old. I am engaged to a wonderful guy and have a son that is 10 months old. After having my son, my weight issues and insecurities have come back to haunt me. I am in desperate need of help to feel beautiful and sexy again as i felt in my teen years. I wana be fit and healthy to be able to run around and play with my son and not be dying cause im so out of shape. And i want to feel sexy and confident again for my soon to be husband. Please HELP!!!!

So over this weight. Ready to be even sexier skinny ;) By Catherine C.

My name is Catherine I go by Alex :) I'm 22 years young and I love me! Although I would love myself so much more if I were healthy and fit. My whole life I have been over weight. I was in beauty pageants and cheer leading. Obviously it didn't last long. All my life I have been tormented in school and wherever else pretty much especially since all my friends are tooth picks :/ I have tried multiple ways in loosing this weight. Going into high school I had a personal trainer and obviously they are pretty expensive so that didn't last long. I also was doing Zumba and fell in love but of course had family issues had to go out of state lost my schedule and fell out of it. Anywho long story short I'm over this. I'm ready to slap everyone in the face with my big fat revenge and this would be the perfect opportunity for me! I don't think I can express exactly how much this would mean to me but I can sure show you if you pick me :) Xoxooxox Alex :)

I was on a fraternity hazing checklist By Anna K.

I was working in a law firm where many students from the prestigious college here in town worked while they attended law school. I didn't attend THAT school, but the local state university. One of the pre-law students "Wes"asked me out for a beer after work. I was so thrilled that this hot, pre-law student would take such an interest in the big girl wearing a size 26/28. We went to the prestigious school's local dive bar, and he bought me a beer. I saw Wes talking to some friends and he gave one of the guys a sheet of paper. The guy signed it and gave Wes back the sheet of paper. The next day I was talking with another co-worker and told him how Wes had asked me out and that we had gone to the bar. The co-worked (who also attended the prestigious school) informed me that Wes was trying to get into one of the fraternities, and the pledges had to get their checklist completed. One of the items on the checklist was to take a fat girl to a bar and buy her a drink. Today, I am a size 8/10, and am hot as hell. I am happy and healthy. I would love to see how this guy turned out. I bet he is fat and bald and has a big fat wife a home who secretly hates him.

You'd Be Pretty If You Were Skinny. By Hailie F.

Hey Perez I've suffered with being over weight all my life by the time I was in 6th grade I was an adult size 12. I get made fun of which lead me to the point of being self conscious & being depressed. I gotten made fun of to were the I've learn to laugh it off the go home & cry & here it more by my own mom. By the time I was a sophmore in high school I purged & benge ate until I thought maybe if I don't eat then maybe ill loose more weight which it did help out alot going from a size 18 to a 10. I went to the emergency room 4 times due to that for fainting in public, getting a really high temperature & not having any fluid or potassium in my body. My dad sent me to consuling to get me help I needed I fought & fought so much because I didnt want to do it I liked the size I was & It made me feel good! But being a size 20 now & only being 18 makes me think why did I let myself get like this? I was always the one to blame myself I've never felt comfortable in my own skin, I don't even where half the stuff in my closet because, I'm so worried about how my legs are going to look is my stomach going to hang over & bulge out. I usually try & to SUCK IT IN every time I walk by people or someone even looks at me ive tired working out but i have no motivation or anything. I want to get revenge & show people my name isn't oinky miss piggy or big mama anymore My name is Hailie and I am Beautiful & I am proud of myself !!!

324 lbs to 140 lbs By Shannon N.

Hi Perez. I've written you before on my weight loss to share my story. I've lost about 188 lbs on my own, I am 26 years old and did this about 3 yrs ago. I was on Anderson Cooper in 1/2013 and in People magazine for the "half their size" issue with my mom. I saw this on your page and this scenario fits the mold perfectly concerning my story. Although I always had a wonderful family and friends, girls were never nice when I was heavier. The first thing a girl would always say to me if there was a problem was how fat I was. When I was younger to boys never came easy. Noone ever wanted to date me. They just wanted to be my friend. The name calling was never easy to deal with but my awesome friends and family always helped me pull through. Now I am getting married on August 31, 2013. I fit into a size 8 dress and cannot wait to walk down that aisle feeling healthy and oh so comfortable in my own skin for once. Life is awesome :)

Watch me Work it!! By Kimberly A.

I've been overweight all my life but as an adult I have gained Alot of weight. I was talking to a good friend on the phone and he expressed to me that I have gained alot of weight from when I was living in New York. Did that crush my feelings? It sure did, my weight has always been a constant battle. I've had a personal trainer at one point but I find myself unable to pay for it so I quit. I've tried working out at home but I get bored so I stop. I watch what I eat but the one day I decide to cheat turns into "Oh forget this diet". I really want to lose this weight and honestly not just for me but so I can have my revenge on all the ones who ever doubted that I could or would ever lose my weight.

Back Burner friend By Nikita A.

I had this best friend that I did everything for 24-7 every time she called, i answered. i was basically her beck and call type girl. I was in her wedding, there the day her daughter was born, helped her when she and her husband would fight (which got physical at times) and she NEVER once gave me the same treatment back. I was her "back burner friend" when no one else wanted to hang, she called me.. and because I felt like she was the only friend I had, I always did what she wanted to do. I never once had the guts to tell her how she really made me feel needless to say we had a very rocky 6 year friendship. Last year she finally broke the camels back when she called my husband and told him I had been cheating on him and she was concerned for our son and that he needed to get him from me. I don't think i was alive at that moment I heard that, I called her and screamed so much I don't remember what I was saying, I saw red and was shaking. Whats sad, Is for some reason or another I miss her! but I'd NEVER EVER forgive her because now my husband and I are separated due to lack of trust and other things. I'd really love to get the ultimate revenge for someone who made my life a living hell. cried over daily, and ruined my life.

My polyamorous ex. By Jasmine D.

My first serious relationship was with a guy that was 10 years older than me; I was 18 and he was 28. We hit it off in an instant and started dating shortly after meeting. He called me pretty, opened the doors for me, and made me feel like I was the queen of the world. Later in our relationship, we started talking about our future. Right from the start he stated he does not EVER want to have kids. I was cool with that in the meantime, but I always had the notch in the back of my head that I might wanted to have a kid in the future. We moved in with each other about 8 months after dating and thought about maybe even buying a house together in the future. However, there was always one thing that irked me: he never told me that he loved me. Ever. I didn't want to rush him into anything, but I felt like that since we had plans for us that obviously we have SOME feelings for each other, right? So it was about 10 months into our relationship when I finally mumbled the words "I love you" to him. He didn't reply back, only with the words "I'm not ready to say that." and I completely accepted it. I didn't push him to do anything I didn't want him to do, but after I told him that he started acting really weird. He didn't want to become intimate and started avoiding me. A week later, he wanted to "talk". He started saying that he knew I wanted to have a kid in the future and he said that under ANY circumstances he wanted to have a kid, and because of that he wanted to end the relationship. Because of THAT? Really? Well, my life started spiraling and had to move my stuff ASAP. We were on good terms even though it was one of the hardest obstacles I had to go through. Fast forward a couple of months and we're still doing okay, until one day I found out he had a girlfriend. I thought I was doing fine with the breakup until I heard this, and completely lost it. He still had some things in my car and I texted him after a few drinks that I would sell his things if he didn't get them by a certain date. Now THIS is where it gets crazy: he replied saying that he obviously knew I was upset because I found out he was polyamorous and has two girlfriends. Now, I found out that he had one girlfriend, but after finding out he possibly dumped me to fulfill his "needs" and gained two girlfriends? No. Needless to say, I flipped my lid, deleted his number, posted drunk rants on Facebook, and ended it there. This isn't the end though. I was doing my own thing and being a great independent woman, moving on from this situation when I felt like "tripping" onto his Facebook page just to see how him and his cult of women were doing. I froze when I saw an ultrasound photo posted on his page, with a huge "CONGRATULATIONS ITS A BOY!" So...he's also having a baby. With one of his "girlfriends" and due in November. If that doesn't count as screwed up, I don't know what is.

Looking Good is the Best Revenge By Victoria G.

I was always blatantly told by my "friends" that I was too pretty to be so fat and that perhaps I should invest more of my time in the gym rather than pigging out at McDonald's. You would think that as concerned as my friends were about my weight, that they would at least make an effort not to suggest pizza for lunch every other day (yeah, right). Most of my days consisted of having to listen to my friends nag about how fortunate they were to be able to eat whatever they pleased and not gain weight. The worst part was hearing them compare themselves to a cow just to make me feel better (ugh). As the fat girl I was automatically placed in the friend zone. Guys could not seem to overlook the few extra pounds, so they did not even bother taking a chance on me. In fact, for as long as I can remember, I was every man's wing woman. I had become accustomed to living under everyone else's spotlight. Suddenly the thought of never falling in love had become so surreal. Would someone ever love me and accept me for who I was? It occurred to me that once I accepted my flaws, no one would be able to use them against me and that in order to love someone else I had to love myself first.

The Ugly Duckling Of The Family By Angel K.

Growing up, I was never able to have self-confidence even until now. Why you may ask, my mother made sure of it. I have four siblings, my sisters are very beautiful. They get complimented all the time from various family members, friends, and strangers. However, when it comes to me my mother would always...always criticize my looks, what I'm wearing, and especially my weight. I come to a realization and seek professional help and was prescribed phentermine. I did good...I thought I did, I lost about 22lbs. My mother's constant reminder of how fat I still was made me lose hope and gave up, which caused me to gain the pounds back plus more. The negativity of my mother persuading me that I will always be the ugly duckling of the family will forever haunt me. Till this very day, there is not a day that I look in the mirror trying to find just at least one thing...one thing that's good about myself. But I stare in an emptiness wondering what is wrong with me...why wasn't I born with the good genes...why do I feel so unblessed. Please help me find that self-confidence buried inside me and be able to show the world that even an ugly duckling can turn into a swan.

Not being accepted by my family because of my weight By Daesha S.

I have always been picked on from my family and some of my friends about my weight. I feel like if I was skinny they would love me more and pay attention to me. I feel so left out. My mom always calls me fat and tells me I should lose weight. She tells me that no guy wants a fat woman. My bothers tell me I'm huge and call me names. I wanna lose weight but I can't do it alone, I'm tired of not fitting in and not feeling loved or accepted . So when I saw the commercial for My Big Fat Revenge I just had to sign up.

She needs to face the jury! By Trina J.

When I was a sophomore in high school in 1999 I became close friends with this girl. We would do everything together, partly because she really had no other friends and partly because she would only keep one close friend at a time. When we would hang out she would tell me about a guy she liked, then tell me I should talk to him knowing full well I would mostly likely hook up with him at some point. She would leave me at random people's houses that she knew and would come back hours later after I would call her cell phone countless times. During our friendship that continued until we graduated she would continue to do these things to me. One day I was on a website called face the jury where you could post your picture and a short biography about yourself and other users could rate you based on your photo. While I was searching, I came across MY picture along with a fake biography that talked about how I was a lesbian (which I am not) and other gross things. I was only 16 or 17 at the time and online bullying had yet to even brush the surface of being an issue so I showed my mom who contacted the website and demand that it be removed. It was, and they were able to give us the IP address of where the profile was created. I ended the friendship. About a year after high school my brand new car was keyed down to the metal and while I have no proof that this girl did, I just know it was her. About 4 years ago, I fell in contact with another high school friend who I had lost touch with because of this girl and she asked me why I didn't go to her wedding. This evil girl was the maid of honor and didn't send invitations to half the wedding guests because she didn't like them and felt they shouldn't be there. Needless to say her and our mutual friend are no longer friends either. I have recently graduated college with my BA in elementary education while this evil girl is struggling to keep her marriage a-float. I am currently enrolled in the Masters program in college while this girl hides if she sees you in the store or flat out leaves. My ultimate revenge would be to show her how well I am doing without her. I put up with her verbal cut downs, sarcasm towards anything I wanted to do and abandonment at random places for far too long. Who needs a friend like that?!

FAT GIRL By cherie a.

Ive always been the big girl in my family and around my friends I never get the respect I should deserve... im so tried of people always say are you prego and it hurts me really bad... Now ive just gonna married and I just don't feel like he looks at me like I'm beautiful . I want him too look at me like that one skinny beautiful girl that walks in to the room and his eyes are locked on me.... please give me a chance I would love the experience to change my life...

Family members By Nicole B.

My brother jimmy once said to me I couldn't get in his car because I was to fat.he also have told I was like one of those people that you have to cut out of their home when they have eaten themselves into a massive size. I would love to once and for all not be embarrassed by my older brother Jim and say in your face. Look at me now. I would love to be able to say those words to him and to all those who did not believe I could do this. The tough skin I had to grow to pretend that the words did not hurt I found solace in crying eating and hiding from the public. The shame of being over weight.i really want to lose weight for me not no one else. I care about getting healthy and doing it the right way, not just pills,diets, and vomiting up what I just eat. I not only want to lose the weight, I want to feel good doing it, I promised my dad before he died I would lose the weight so I am around for a long time.

Always left out By Devanni B.

Ever since elementary school I was made fun of for my weight, obesity runs in my family. I never really fit in with anyone and couldn't do what the other kids did. I remember 3rd grade walking by a boy and he said "Watch out the earthquake is coming". Ever since then I've felt really down about myself. I can't wear the cute clothes my friends do and I get really winded doing physical activities. I'm tired of being the fat girl. I have a son who I want to be able to run around with plus it'd be great to feel great about myself and flaunt in front of my sons father. I would absolutely love and appreciate any help and motivation I could get and break the obesity cycle in my family.

I want to be a sexy 21 year old!!! By Brittine H.

I'm a 21 year old college student and I feel like I'm in someone else's body! I've always been called fat for as long as I can remember I got picked on from 3rd grade till my senior yeAr in high school. And now that I'm in college I want to confidence to be myself and not have to worry about what people are thinking about my size. I very close with my family and put of all 20 of my cousins I am the only one who is big. Everyone in my family is athletic and skinny. I've been with my boyfriend now for 5 years and I know he loves me but I also know that deep inside he wants me to be healthier than I am. Even though i have a boyfriend i want to be found attractive when i go out with my friends, I WANT CONFIDENCE! I want to show the people that I went to high school with that I am sexy! I want my revenge! Please help me!!!!

michelles story By michelle s.

I'm about to turn 22 this month. I have always been big or heavy set since childhood. I recently had a daughter last year and I'm having a baby boy next month. I'm currently 230 pounds and I really want to get smaller for myself and to make my baby fathers jealous. He has hinted to me about my weight put me down and really made me feel ugly inside. I've never really had a relationship and I believe its because of my size. I was always made fun in school about being chunky,what I wore,and my acne. I would really like and love for everyone who's ever judged me and put me down to see me a small size and make them envy what they could have had.

Please help!!! By Jalisa P.

Hi Perez, My name is jalisa I really need your help. I have always been over weight I lost weight in high school and it has all seem to come back. I remember being called names by people that I knew and also strangers. I used to get really depressed and try losing the weight but it never seems to go anywhere. I'm currently in a relationship with someone that always seems to bring up my weight. I want revenge against him because I'm trying to get him to see that I'm still that girl in those older pictures that he is seeing but just in a bigger body. I get so tired of people telling me that I'm pretty but then say that I'm too big. I really want to change that and show everyone that its not about your appearance it's about what's on the inside. I really need your help to get this revenge. Thanks, Jalisa

family By iquiria k.

Ever since I've been littpe I've always been chubby and I was always made fun of. I used to perform with my cousins at shows and I would be the only one in long sleeves and pants and it would hurt my feelings. My cousins always left me out doing anything fun. My mom until this day still calls me fat and I'm not go ever lose weight. Its hurts me bad because I try to lose weight and it just don't work I want to prove all them that I can be smalleer. I never wear short sleeves out anywhere and I hate my self esteem is this low but its all from my mom and cousins why I feel like I'm just a fat girl with no confidence. Please help me get revenge on my family it would mean the world to me.

Finally doing it for ME By Tia o.

I first started gaining weight when i transitioned from middle school to high school. Haven't stopped feeding myself ever since. I have tried losing weight on my own. Just doesn't work. I create excuses for myself. Lately it's becomean issue. Three people who i love unconditionally always bring up myweight and body shape come up in every argument. I want them to see me beyond my weight and make them proud. Now more than ever i want to do loose this weight for myself. Eventually it will become a health issue if i dont make a move now. I would appreciate the help and support thank you

Alone By April W.

Im 26 years old. I have 3 kids. I just got married March 30th.... My wedding was suppose to ve the highlight of my life but due to me not being da size that i wanted n my family backing out on me the week before my wedding made it the worst time of my life. I had 2 of my cousins who were my best friend,like my sisters to back out of my wedding and all i can think of was them not wanting my day to be better than theres. They have always been high on there horse but never in a million years would i expect this from them. I have so much to prove because they are not better than me. I want to be the best that i can no matter who try to sabotage me. I will never give any else da benefit of the doubt to humiliate me the way they did. I just wanna find the person that i use to be on the outside because with everything going on and now my weight to add to it, im lost. Finding myself will be the best revenge every and now i will be able to put my cousins in their places.

My Life By AuLexius C.

Since I was in elementary I was teased about my weight. I was always on the heavy side. Living in a family were everyone was small in there younger days is even more stressful. I'm always criticized about my weight I'm 5'3 and weight 225 pounds. I deal with depression alot dealing with my weight. I've always tried to lose weight but mentally I need a help staying focus. What really made me want to do this is my grandmother and father I love both of them but they are the main two always teasing me about my weight at one point my grandmother bluntly told me I don't want a fat grandchild. Hearing that remark sent me through an very deep depression. With my father he never accept me as his daughter do to my size everytime I saw him he always had something to say about my weight. I've always wanted to be accepted by him but it seem like the little weight I was losing he still felt as if I was too big. I never really had my father in my life and for him to tease me everytime I seen him he had some to say about my size. I felt that I wasn't good enough for him or her. I want to feel like I'm good enough for my grandmother and beautiful enough for my father to at least accept me as his daughter.

I Want To Wake Up By laquesha w.

I'm going to keep it all the way real ....I'm fat ...I've been made fun of all my life Because I'm fat. I can't go to parties without being looked at as if I don't have a chance with a guy... I feel skinny in my "dreams" but when I wake up I'm just reminded how I can't do things that the average teenager can do....so for my revenge I want to show my biggest "hater" that I can be and do the things she do...I'm actually a cute girl but my ultimate revenge would be to show her how good I look and watch her crumble....I know it sounds mean but nothing can compare to what she put me through with jokes and humiliation.... My best is yet to come.

Spoke to soon By Vanessa G.

In the first grade it all began , I use to help kids who only spoke Spanish I helped translate for them since I was the only student who was bi-lingual .i would help this kid named raymundo at the time he was a skinny boy who looked like a rat and he would always make fun of me for my weight and called me fat & he would tell his friends mean jokes about me and they would all laugh at me I thought that ending the first grade it would end but was I wrong I went to school with him until the eighth grade he stopped making fun of me in the third grade . Since then I've lost weight and well it's he opposite for him he's gained weight and instead of being the popular boy he used to be he later became a nobody and still is . When ever I encounter him at a store he gets embarrassed to look at me . This shows to prove that you should always watch what you say because it can come back to bite you in the ass .

What's wrong with me.... By Joy C.

The one thing that sits in the back of my head is my brother statement that "I am too fat and you need to lose some weight." When I was a little girl he would call me a big fat pig and ugly. I am a single mother of two boys and I want to show them that being healthy is the right way to go but I need help doing that. I have tried to lose weight but find myself getting depressed because of my situation, so here we go again with the over eating... everything I can get me hands on. Therefore, I don't want for my boys to lose themselves in food and get fat as well and then find themselves in a state depression. I want to change my lifestyle so they can have a healthier life now and later. Even thought my brother has scared me for life, I still look up to him and love him but he needs to see his sister healthy, beautiful, and ready for the world.

I really got played By Quinay D.

I was married for 10 years and my slut of a husband cheated on me with a 20 year old and he was 25 while we had 2 kids and one on the way. While I was pregnant with my last child he got her pregnant. After that he got her pregnant with twins and left me. When he left me he moved in with her and let her torment and take advantage of my kids and stayed with her. She lied on my kids and he believed her over them. I want revenge on her because she's a lowdown home wreaker and she hate's my kids. The only reason I didn't say something or do something yet is because I don't want to hurt her to bad but I want my revenge. That's my story.

My Childhood By clarissa c.

Growing up, boy was it FULL of hatred. I grew up with name calling every single day of my life until i turned 16. EVERYDAY i would get bullied on the bus... i would get to school and be bullied, on the bus coming home BULLIED. I would always be called the fat girl, the ugly girl, crazy weird ALLLLL OF THE MEAN NAME CALLING that you can ever imagine. I did not have ANY friends, nobody wanted to sit next to me at lunch, nobody wanted to sit next to me on the bus. It was a very hurtful childhood that I had. I never would smile laugh and have fun like all the other little kids, i was the outcast. Now at 19 i am no longer that outcast. All of the little boys i had crushes on in the past are all UP in my inbox on facebook, i steal all the attention in the streets, people come up to me asking what happend ? how did i turn so pretty & telling me how i changed. well guess what, all the people who hurt me in the past that are now trying to be apart of my life, are NOW getting ignored, REVENGE REVENGE!!!

Tired, of being over weight. By Courtnney M.

I've always been a big girl.... I've been teased all my life by everybody, even family members. I used to try and loose weight in High school, but nothing work. I felt ugly because all of my friends were skinny. The kids teased me and call me names like "Precious, bull dozer, phat cat, biggie smalls, and big mama".. I felt out of place, I stop caring and quit trying. Now I'm 21 years old, college student, employee at Stage, and a single mother of 1. I can't run a half a mile, I can't wear heels, or even play around with my son. Obesity has taken over my life and my health is in jeopardy... I need all the help I can get! The motivation I need isn't here. So please Mr. Perez help me!!

Tired Of The Dent ! By Jameria z.

When I was a little girl i fell through a screen door and bust my head , as a result i was left with a dent in the middle of my forehead , and til this day my brothers and sisters taunt/Joan me about it , they would call me names like dent or whole in head and im fed up with it

why me really By oza y.

When I hit high school I got bigger and all my family do is say how could you get that big and why is your breast that big and all I could say was I wish that ou would stop putting me down and try and help me

Im Tired of Feeling DIsgusting..... By Kendra S.

Ive Been Struggling with my Weight For a Very Long time. So much has happened to me that ive just givin up on my self. Ive been Called so many names through school and etc. Im so tired of being called the whale or looking thru the mirror and wishing I was dead because of how disgusting I looked. How huge I was in family pictures. How my Gut would hang out over my pants line. Ive tried about everything to try and be the person that ive always wanted to be and its not for the fact of others. its for the fact that im tired of being bullied about how I look. I want to rub it in the people who bulled me faces and make them feel so stupid. Make the guys that Joked me Wish they took it back. I wanna make a statement to people in my school that have also been bullied about their weight that you can do it. I need this to help me tell myself that I can do it.

HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! By ashley t.

Where should I start.I've always been over weight.I was made fun of my whole Elementery life.I began An eating disorder,I started throwing up my food.I would even go days w/o eating.To me the acceptance was worth it.I was happy @ 160 lbs.I got pregnant with my DAUGHTER@ 18 and had testational diabeties and @ term of having Her I was 284 lbs.Today I'm 265lbs.Now my DAUGHTER thinks its funny to watch my tummy shake and it kills me.I'm 26 and even if I starve myself the weight goes No WHERE!!! I want to gain out of this experience how to he healthy.I want to keep the weight off HEALTHY.PLZ HELP!!!!!!

It has been so hard to get out of this black hole I have been sucked into By Daisy S.

I have always had a tough time dealing with my weight I have been up and down with it and hate how I look. I dated a guy back in high school who always mentally abused me and made me feel ugly. I was always called fat, ugly and always was the butt of the joke. I have been dramatized and have shyed away from being friends with people because I am not confident that they really want to get to know me. I always feel like people are looking at my weight and not who I am. I have had double knee surgery and put on weight because I was in active for 2 years and had to learn how to walk again. I have been through so much and feel like I need a change. I want to feel alive, I have felt like i've been dead because of all the negative things said to me through out the years. I want a chance for someone to believe in me enough to help me out. I am always helping others and just want to reach that happiness of being fit and active. My self esteem is shot because I don't know who I am anymore I feel like everything that I have been told in the past has changed me. My current relationship is also very tough because my bf is attractive and he always flirts with people in front of me. That makes me feel like I am not good enough because if I was that wouldn't be happening. He is always talking his self up and looking in the mirror. I wish I could look at myself and say your beautiful. I want to be able to be confident in my own skin and show him and everyone in my past that has hurt me that I am a fighter. I will overcome the anchor that has been holding me down. Please help me, I will do whatever it takes to get to the goal. Please help.

THe overweight PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Princess J.

I've been teased my whole life let me start off by saying look at my name lol no one thinks a princess surpose to be fat!!! since the day i was born I've been over weight i been called every name in book i remember growing up and the kids would fatty fatty 2 by 4 cant fit through the kitchen door didnt really make since thats the reason why im fat but I use to run home a cry everday. I'm married and have two beautiful kids i want to lose weight a live for them I"m a diabetic and i have high blood pressure i lost 4 people close to me from diabetes my mom my bestfriend my grandmother and grandfather they died one by one every yr since 2008 im so alone i have nobody but my kids and my hubby i dont wont to die i want to live ?I need to lose weight please help me!!!!!!!

doing this for my daughter By latika h.

My name is latika I'm 30 yrs of age as a child ive always been overweight people always made fun of me but the people closer to me hurt me more my mother I would like to show her that I can do it I have six children n my oldest daughter is 11 and 165 pds and often gets made fun of by the family Ive terid everything I lose twenty pds and gain back thrity my brithday is in November I wanna do this for me n for my daughter to show her it can be done please help

tired of being the fat friend By nasiya r.

I have always been the fat friend. Ever since I can remember thats been the joke. I have never really had money or resources to lose any wieght. To add to it I met a man I thought would be the love of my life (wrong) and had 5 children only to add to my gurth. My "friends" always ask me to go out, in my mind as a joke, there favorite song for me is watch out fo the big girl. My children are teased because of my weight. I would give my left arm to lose weight! Growing up in the hood was always difficult with all the extra pounds its even worst. I have dreams that a circus train breaks down around the corner from where I live and The lions get lose everyone gets away but me because I'm to fat. Perez if you could help me lose this weight I'd join you're security team and protect for free for the rest of my life.

Adding Salt to the wound.. By Lori A.

Eight years ago I found out that my husband had been having an affair with the nanny. Overnight, my life fell apart and I became the single mom to three boys (ages 5 and 6 year old twins) and had no family around to help. Slowly, the neighbors began to find out and one actually had the nerve to come over and say to me, "Well, now perhaps you will lose that weight." It took me four years, but I did lose 70 pounds and have kept it off for four years. I no longer have the big house or financial security and I work two jobs, but it helps when people from the old neighborhood don't recognize me and my son's friends tell me that there is no way I look like I could be in my fifties. I was so insecure with my looks, that I didn't date or try and meet men before I lost weight. A year and a half ago I reunited with a high school boyfriend who helped me get some of my confidence back. Although the long distance relationship didn't work out and I am still trying to recover from a broken heart....a Bucket-list trip to NY, as well as a makeover would be the very best revenge!!

Small town, small girl, far from perfect By Michelle C.

Growing up in a small town known as "ghetto" wasn't easy. Especially with a bully who always teased me. Growing up I was always called crosses eyed. Think about it. In kindergarden, probably around the age of 4 getting teased being called crossed eyed. I never had any friends growing up because i was so self conscious about how I looked. I used to go home crying to my mom wishing I was pretty. My mom took me to an eye doctor to see if i can get my eyes fixed. The doctor said I wasn't crossed eyed those kids are just mean. I still had to go back getting teased, being called cross eyed. I didn't have any friends and I used to cry myself to sleep every night wishing I was prettier. I have more confidence now and pay less attention to what people say. However, I wish those people would see that and regret their words.

Stuttering, Acne and being a homosexual By Andre P.

Throughout my years of high school inside and outside of school people would joke about my acne call me "pimple face" and i would always hate to leave my house because people would give me horrible looks and even laugh at me. I miss plenty of school days because of acne and because i cared what other people said about me, i would cry myself to sleep and on top of that i have a minor stuttering issue and i dont know why i have it that makes it even worst because people would mock me after i speak and coming out the closet made my life hell... I got jumped plenty of times, people who i didn't know would harass me but all through it I never gave up, I graduated high school but it is still a struggle I went to a counselor that did not help me. I tend to keep everything to myself but enough is enough i dont know what do anymore, i am tired of the name calling, and putting me down but i really hope this all comes to an end one day. Please help me.

School By Nie'Sha S.

My first year of High School throughout my last year there I was teased because of my weight, I would be called names like ugly because I'm a big girl, fat, disgusting and anything that would hurt me to the max where I wanted to quit school and just end things from there. I always was looked wrong and as a child my sister had passed away, she was my closest friend and someone I could always trust although she had cerabel palsy and other situations I loved her and when she left this earth at 7, I lost me as a person and started over eating, I really want to lose weight, I want to feel beautiful and feel like I am somebody beautiful but I need the help.

Look at where these girls are at now! By Erin G.

About 4 or 5 years ago, when I was a freshman in high school, I had the biggest crush on this guy who was a sophomore. I remember he messaged me on Myspace and then we ended up hanging out, and then dating. Since the 8th grade, I have dealt with these two girls who caused so much drama, and yes, pain, in my life. After my and this guy started dating, he became very clingy and I was only in 9th grade and did not want that. The girls who caused drama with me, were also "distant" friends of his. After I decided to end things, I started to get harassed. These two girls would send me Myspace messages, IMs and texts harassing me because I broke up with this guy. They started spreading rumors about me in school, and had other friends of theirs message and IM me saying horrific things. They would call me fatso, a cow, a loser, anything they could think of. The best part is, is that they never said anything to my face. When they saw my in the hallways, they never said or did a thing ever, they were cowards. I remember I said "Tomorrow, I'll be looking for you, and you'll be sorry." I was truly going to punch both of these girls, I didn't care if I got suspended. i was sick and tired of them bullying me. After I said that, the next day, both skip school. They were the biggest cowards I have met. Threatening them was below my level, but I was at my last straw. They didn't know me or what went on in the relationship. This guy was telling these girls complete lies about me. I remember the harassing got so bad, I had to go to my favorite female teacher in school because I didn't know who to talk to. I ended up skipping school all the time because I couldn't deal with these girls. I remember I tried to end my life (yes, sounds stupid and cliche) but I couldn't deal with the things these girls were doing to me. To make matters worse, a friend who i thought was my best friend, went to these girls and said everything I was doing. I got to talk with my teachers, counselor and principle about what was going on. I had to file a police report because the harassing got so bad. I would cry everyday. My freshman experience should have been much better. Bullying is never okay -- I think we all know that. I have moderate depression because of what happened. I have never been okay with how I have looked. I'm very self concious and its ridiculous because this has happened because of what those girls did. After failing Freshman year, I moved and started online schooling because I was afraid to go to another school in case I was bullied again. I know everybody says "everybody has bullies," while this may be true, these girls were horrible. I never wish this upon anyone. I'm finishing up college and when I see where these two girls are now -- I laugh. They haven't accomplished a thing. That makes me feel somewhat better. I get a little upset reading what I just typed, but I feel I have come so far and I'm proud of myself.

All I Want Is Happiness By Sara N.

Since I was born I've always been bigger. A couple years back I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. It gives me a greater chance of infertility and it also causes severe weight gain. After I was diagnosed of course I became depressed. But than I met a guy who accepted me for all my flaws and baggage. This lasted for two months. He than proceeded to dump me through Facebook I.M. He was too "sad" to do it in person. I later found out that he only dated me because he knew I was unable to become pregnant. I also found out that my "best friend "of five years created a fake Facebook so she could secretly date my boyfriend behind my back when she already had a boyfriend of her own. On top of all that all my other friends stopped hanging out other me when the PCOS caused me to gain weight. So I guess I found out what type of people they really were. I would be eternally grateful if I'd be given the chance to finally feel like I'm worth something and know what it feels like to be noticed even for a day.

Never lend money By susan c.

I lent money to a boyfriend (YEARS AGO) but had the smarts to have him sign a paper first. he didn't repay me kept dodging me and then we broke up. I filed small claims and tried to get him served , they could not find him..months I saw him and he was very chatty told me he had to go to court because of another legal matter and he told me where and when and why just talking.. I sent the process server to court so when he walked out of the court room they asked "are you Robert xxx" he said yeah they handed him the papers. they said he was so mad yelling and his new girlfriend screaming too they laughed so hard they didn't charge me go get him served. he lost the case didn't pay me.. he then ran into my new boyfriend and called the cops on my new boyfriend said he was trying to hurt him, the police came said what is your name he said Robert xxx they said there is a warrant for your arrest. they arrested him and sent me his bail money for what he owed me from the lawsuit :)

revenge is sweet bt karma wuld b so much better!!! By Jameela E.

Every since I can remember I have always been a big girl. I have been told u are so pretty you jus need to lose weight �.No one ever wants to hear they will never have a steady boyfriend because of their size I'm a single mom with 3 girls and yes it is hard to explain to my girls tht people will not see you for the great person you are but tht u have to have a shape to be considered beautiful. I have been done wrong by all the men in my life and I really think its time for me to show them tht they missed out on a smart wonderful person all because they couldn't gt over my size.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. By lisa d.

My fiance and the father of our 16 month old daughter dumped me 3 months months before our wedding. He broke up with me by saying he didn't want to marry me, didn't love me, and wasn't attracted to me. I wasn't good enough for him. His mother was always saying how I needed to lose weight and how horrible I looked and he never stuck up for me. I don't just want revenge, I want to change. I want to feel beautiful. I want to like myself.

Called Stupid, Fat, and Pizza Face By Sara D.

In high school, I was constantly called a variety of names including but not limited to stupid, fat and pizza face. This was not limited to one person but instead almost my entire graduating class. I was a person who kept to myself, and no one in my class ever realized how smart I actually was. I am currently a senior in college (a private school, not public like many of my graduating class), have a 3.74 GPA and am not only working on my degree, but also two minors and two certificates that I will also have when I graduate in May. All these people thought that I was so "stupid" and would never amount to anything when it reality, I am probably doing better then the majority of them. In addition to these comments about being fat and stupid, people often use to comment that even if I did go to college I would end up dropping out and becoming pregnant. I wish my entire class would know how well I was doing.

Family Fatty By Emily M.

For the longest time, I thought that there was something wrong with me because I've been overweight ever since I can remember. I'm one of three kids- the oldest- and the middle of seven cousins on my mother's side. For a while, I weighed more than my two youngest cousins combined! I always wished that I could blame my weight on 'genetics', but no one in my family was even chubby- my oldest cousin even fed me an entire pot of coffee when I was seven because "caffeine makes you skinnier". Another cousin told me it was too bad I didn't have the self-control to be bulimic, because then I would have a chance of tricking somebody into loving me! I've worked really hard for a really long time, and recently lost forty-five pounds- but I still have a long way to go. It helps a little bit, though, that both of those cousins gained WAY more than the freshman fifteen- more like the freshman seventy- and now both of them are much bigger than me!

Not skinny enough... By Lisa N.

I started Weight Watchers when I was 22 years old, after years of being the "chubby" girl. It worked! I was slimmer than I had ever been and feeling really great about myself. I even started jogging each evening, which I never could have imagined doing before my weight loss. My boyfriend had a roommate, who had an extremely bitchy and thin girlfriend, and she watched me shrink over the summer and said nothing. I stopped by the apartment one day to show my boyfriend my new jeans I had just bought, in a size 7, and I was so excited because I had NEVER been that size. Diana then offered me a whole bunch of her jeans, because they were absolutely huge on her. Needless to say, it took the shine off my day. 15 years later I am maintaining my weight loss pretty well, and have two great kids with my now-husband. Diana and Nick's roomie broke up because she cheated on him, and she proceeded to date a string of deadbeats, and over tan herself to the point of looking like a purse at age 40. She also gained quite a bit of weight over the years! I don't really need revenge on her for her nasty comments, but I'd love to hang with Perez and have a spa day! Thanks, Lisa Novachek

" Well i had three kids and im not fat" By Colanda P.

As anyone who has giving birth knows it's not so easy to lose the weight for most women, I have three children and it was during my oldest child's 5th birthday party that my ex's sister shows up I haven't spoken to my ex's family nor have they even bothered getting in touch with me about see their niece but my ex's sister shows up and looks at me and says " Oh Colanda what happen to you you got really fat" I told her that's what happens when you have three kids and she tells " well I have three kids and I'm not fat" I was so mad that she said that to I know I fat she didn't have to point it out to me. I was so used to being the pretty skinny girl that everyone loves to be around but know that I'm bigger it just feels like nobody wants to be around me I hate taken pictures with my family because I know everyone will talk about how much weight I've gained. Even my boyfriend treats me differently before he would always love on me I couldn't keep his hands off me and know he makes me feel as if I'm invisible I really want this to show not only my ex's family but my children that with hard work and dedication nothing is impossible

I want revenge on all these ratchet girls and all my exes! By Renee H.

These girls in this little town here think they are so beautiful and so too good for everyone and everyone they hate on me and talk smack all day everyday. Two of my exes have put me down so much and think they are gods only gifts to earth they act like royalty while putting me down and making me feel like the uglies smallest thing ever! I want revenge!

Ms. By Melba F.

My ex husband and I met in the U.S. Army and in those days I was probably at my peak of physical fitness. Well... after having my sonand leaving the military I gained weight and my ex was not happy about it. He treated me bad and was always talking about my weight gain. One event that always stick out in my mind was that we were walking down the street and we were holding hands and when we ran into some of his friends he immediately dropped my hand and did not introduce me to them. I was so upset and hurt I did'nt know what to do. I started working out at my own pace. He started to belittle me by telling me things like you're not working out hard enough and not losing any weight. When I finally tried to speak up for myself he stated well I won't say anything but I can think it. He was verbally abusive to me in regard to gaining weight. This was almost 22 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Best Friend?? By Amanda A.

So I am a female that has a best friend that's a male. We have been best friends for the past 9 years. In the past 9 years, we didn't have anything come between us. He has had girlfriends, I had one boyfriend for almost 4 years until we broke up. We still remained best friends. Just recently he started going out with one girl. When he started going out with her, he told me we can still hang out. But only in big groups that I put together. He knows that the only friends that I had living in the area were him and another girl. That's it. All my other friends live a few hours away. So that was a nice way of telling me we can't hang out anymore. Then he tells me I shouldn't be mad at him. I should be happy for him. How can I be happy for him when he has found someone keeping him away from his best friend?? Now he refuses to talk to me. He says if I keep talking bad about this girl, he won't talk to me anymore. I tried testing that. We are both fans of any superhero out there. So I texted him a funny superhero picture. He always replies back when I send him those type of pictures. Didn't get any reply back at all. A few days ago, I went to a wedding and they were both there. At the end of the night, people have been telling me she's weird, rude and she seems controlling. So it makes me feel like she's controlling him and having him not talk to me anymore. It isn't fair that I have always been there for him for the past 9 years and this is how he treats me. He knows that almost every night I cry just thinking about what he's doing and I'm losing him. And he really doesn't care at all.

Heart defect/back brace told I shouldn't bother was just going to die... By Wendy B.

I was born with a quadruple congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery at 11 months old. If that wasn't enough i have severe scoliosis and had to wear a brace from 2 grade till after i graduated high school and have had 3 spinal surgeries.In 2008 i had to have my 3rd spinal surgery and my dr. recommended a cardiac consult. That saved my life. Only 1/3 of my heart was working and my back saved my life. In Oct. 2008 i had my second open heart surgery followed 3 months later by back surgery. I remember being in grade school and trying to make friends with someone, when she found out about my medical problems she told me "My mom says I shouldn't be friends with you, you are just going to die anyway" :( Until that point i never thought of myself as sickly but i guess others did. I cried for days. Thankfully i proved them wrong.

Revenge? Not so much... By Jennifer R.

While thinking of my childhood/adolescent years as a very overweight young girl, revenge is a very tempting topic. I spent much of my time being teased relentlessly by the same 5-6 boys in junior high, high school and even throughout college. My mother knew to expect daily phone calls from school hearing yet another story of how someone called me 'fat' or piggie' or 'whale' and sadly, she dealt with this for close to 25 years of my life! Now that I am 31, have lost over 80lbs and rarely am recognized by any of my tormentors, I often think about what I would say or do if i had the chance. And now that I may, I quite frankly have nothing 'revenge' worthy in mind. I would never want to do what others did to me. It's not my nature to want to hurt anyone else or to make someone feel badly for my satisfaction. I am beyond lucky and blessed that I had amazing family and friends who got me through those horribly sad and depressing moments of being teased and ridiculed, so although it would be amazing to think of all the great types of revenge I could get on those people (one or two in particular!), I am incredibly happy and content in my life and who I've become and I think those people have enough of their own troubles without me adding to them :)

Never was accepted By Erika D.

My story is your regular kids bulling epic scenario . As a kids in school i was always excluded from stuff for being too much of a tom boy and mostly cause of my nationality played a huge part in the cocktails on how cuel kids can be. Ive got teased for what i wore, how much skin i didn't showed , being a virgin, kicked, spat on the list go's on and on . It played a big part of my young life cause i wasnt able to do things a regular kid would do join clubs, get involved in school activities like a regular kid would. Either i would try and i wouldnt even get a chance to try out and get turned away at the event. The small group of friends i had around me weren't really my friends cause they also contribute into the mix of things . Being made out to be a ugly duckling isnt cool not for a girl, being put on the spot and growing up feeling like you are a werido , you arent pretty or good enough does take its toll on a female as she grows into a young women self- esteem is tainted and takes years to over come your fear of letting anyone in your space. Yes i would love to rub it in there faces ... like look at me now!! I'm Beautful , smart young women with a career!!! Look at all of you ( i wanna pick on them now lol)!!! It sucks to be bullied on, my story sad but yes it made me stronger and built my character but i had to pay a high price for it and the way i felt and still do til this day even tho im 29 isnt right .

middle to high school transitions By Alex I.

When entering high school one of my best friend growing up told us that now that we were in high school and she was going to be a cheerleader she'll likely become too popular to be our friend and we shouldn't take it personally if she can't hang out with us anymore. This didn't end up happening but her unkind words and willingness to un-friend us based on hypothetical high school polarity wasn't forgotten.

Help me get my revenge! By Mary L.

I would love to be able to get my revenge. I had a so called best friend who actually started an affair with my husband and she continually lied to me about it and was trying to "help" me through a difficult marriage break up the whole entire time going behind my back and messing around with him! I just couldn't believe it after everything I helped her with and got her through that she would do this to me, I think it would be AMAZING to be able to have my chance and get my revenge by doing this and I would think it would be totally awesome too because September 3rd when everything airs is my birthday and what an awesome birthday gift that would be!

Sir Arthur By Arthur G.

I arrived at my friend Jeff's bday party and noticed my girlfriend was being touchy-feely with him. I thought this was curious, but let it slide. Apparently, my ex, who was also at the party, had told my girlfriend that I was cheating on her and had fictionalized long detailed stories about my history of infidelity. When it came time for the b-day cake presentation my gf wrote "cheating goes two-ways. Hope you enjoyed your b-day Jeff!!" Then she slammed the cake in my face.

I can't change even if I tried By Marie S.

When I was in college, I had a friend that was really nice and accepting, but she had the meanest friends. One girl in particular decided that I wasn't cool enough for the group, and would constantly flirt with my boyfriend in front of me to try to make me jealous. When I ran into her a couple years later, she made a big point of letting me know that she was still friends with my ex boyfriend and told me that she was more successful than I am since she was in med school. She's the worst.