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Lindsay Lohan's Back At The Morgue Today

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And just so you know, she was EARLY! She made sure her publicist let the media know! HA!

We've received official word from Lindsay Lohan's publicist, Steve Honig, that not only did Lindsay report for duty at the morgue today, but she arrived at 6:45AM, substantially early for her community service.

Such an effort. Obviously, she's taking steps to really show she is taking this seriously. We're all convinced now she is a changed person with a respect for the system and commitment to turning her life around.

Thanks for letting us know, gurl! Have fun with the toilets!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kim Kardashian Feels Like 'She Made A Mistake' Marrying Kris Humphries

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Kim and Kris in trouble

There are so many rumors about this couple, it's getting hard to keep track of them! Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, none of the rumors are very good!

Just two months after their fairy tale wedding, US Weekly is reporting that the newlyweds "are not getting along at all." An insider explains:

"Kris is not drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid, and it's causing major problems."

Normally, we'd commend Kris for giving up an unhealthy beverage like Kool-Aid, but not if he's substituting it with lots of booze!

Word is that the currently unemployed NBA player has been partying with friends on Kim's dime while waiting for the lockout to end. Kim, on the other hand, is busy working on her reality shows and other various business ventures, so she is NOT happy!

A family friend dished on a huge fight between the couple before Kim's birthday last Friday, explaining:

"They had it a out! She told him he need s to do something productive…He needs to get off his ass, like, yesterday."

Was marrying the man of her dreams after only 9 months a mistake? This family friend seems to think so! as the source continued:

"On some levels," the family friend continues, "she feels like she made a mistake."

Again, these will all be rumors until either Kris or Kim sets the facts straight. However, there are so many of these nasty allegations floating around, we can't help but feel like there may be some truth to them.

What's going on guys? We don't like being kept in the dark!

[Image via WENN.]

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Frisked! Michael Lohan Tried To Escape Custody & Paid For It With Embarrassment

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Then again, at this point, we're of the opinion that he has zero shame, so maybe he's not too bothered by this.

As we reported yesterday, Michael Lohan was arrested (again) on charges of domestic violence (again!) and was dragged downtown to be thrown in jail. However, after the cops cuffed him, Michael started to complain of chest pains (again!!!) and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

And here's where things get CRAY-CRAY!

Once he was admitted to the hospital, Michael actually tried to

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Evita's Back On Broadway! Starring Ricky Martin!! Here's UR First Look!!

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We're already planning our trip to NYC for this one!

Evita is back on Broadway!! And Ricky Martin comes with it as Che Guevara!

Up above is a wonderful little first look into the production, taking U right behind the scenes into the stars' first photoshoot! Play it!!

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Cool Guy Rescued After Being Stuck In A Baby Swing For 9 Hours!

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man gets stuck in baby swing for 9 hours

Breaking News: Baby swings can double as idiot traps!

Our proof is an unidentified 21-year-old from Vallejo, CA, who made a $100 bet with his friends that he could fit in a child’s swing at Blue Rock Springs Park, police said.

The man used liquid laundry detergent as lubricant to fit what we assume are very athletic (not really) thighs through the baby-sized leg holes of the swing says a spokesman for the Vallejo Fire Department. Vallejo police Sgt. Jeff Bassett added:

"He promptly became stuck, and further swelling and circulation issues made it impossible for him to get out on his own."

That's when his good pals left the man and his shinny detergent-covered legs behind (without the $100).

So, like a rodent trap for dumb people, this poor stupid guy sat there from 9 p.m. until a groundskeeper heard him screaming for help at about 6 a.m.

When firefighters finally arrived they decided the best tactic to go about freeing him was to cut the chains and then transport him to the nearest hospital still in the swing.

So adult who spent the night rocking in a child’s swing arrived at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center, still waring his dipper-esque swing before it was cut off with a cast cutter.

The man sustained non-life threatening injuries to his body. We hope that $100 covers his medical bills.

[Image via WENN.]

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Taylor Armstrong Close To DWTS Deal!

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Taylor Armstrong Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dancing with the Stars

It's being reported that one of the Beverly Hills ladies, Taylor Armstrong, is super close to sealing a deal for the upcoming season of DWTS.

Taylor's had one hell of a year dealing with the suicide of her husband, Russell Armstrong, but it looks like she's really pushing forward. Good! Because not only does she need it, but her little daughter does too!

If this is true, those rumors of Dancing with the Stars not liking Real Housewives might not be so true after all! They just don't like most of the women…obviously.

But we don't think they like Perez either… Tears! We'd love to do the show!!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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And Speaking Of X Factor… Watch This Standout From Australia!

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Let's head down under for a little something, something!

Yesterday, the Australian edition of The X Factor kicked off with something extra HOT!

Check out Johnny Ruffo's incredible rendition of Michael Jackson's classic Billy Jean! (above)

Just watch this guy moooooooooove! So, so, so hot!!!

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