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Dwyane Wade CONFIRMS He Had A Love Child During Break With Gabrielle Union! Calls His Son A Blessing!

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dwyane wade confirms he had baby during break with gabrielle union

Well it looks like there's DEFINITELY a baby on the way!

Just yesterday we caught wind that Dwyane Wade fathered a baby while he was on a break with his fiancé Gabrielle Union, and who better to confirm the news than poppa bear himself??

The basketballer addressed the situation before the Miami Heat took on the Denver Nuggets, saying:

Britney Spears Almost Loses Her Dress Onstage! See The Crazy Vegas Clip HERE!

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Uh oh, that was a close one!

During an onstage performance of Circus during her Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood, the incomparable Britney Spears almost lost her dress and flashed the whole audience!


The back of Brit's dress split open as she went through the dance routine, but being the pro that she is, she didn't miss a single step!

But before she could reveal more than she bargained for, Chase Benz, one of Brit-Brit's backup dancers, stepped in and saved the day by putting the dress back together!

We're not even sure that's part of his job description! He deserves a raise! LOLz! Someone hit 'em up with free Britney gifts FOR LIFE!!

Check out the clip (above) and see the close call for yourself!

[Via Instagram]

The Hottest Stories Right Now!

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hottest stories right now ariana grande miley cyrus

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[Images via Ivan Nikolov/Will Alexander/PNP/WENN.]

Beyoncé Does Her Best Jesus Impersonation Placing Herself In The Last Supper! See It HERE!

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All hail….

Beysus, apparently!?

Beyoncé was truly inspired in Miami yesterday, putting herself in the middle of an iconic piece of art work in the (above) Instagram photo!

Dressed in a bright green high-waisted skirt and pink bustier, Queen Bey strongly sat on a counter, in the middle of a group of people at a table—obvi imitating Leonardo DaVinci's religious painting, The Last Supper.

Controversy ensued over the pic, as insta-followers went wild with mixed

Josh Hutcherson Gets A Mockingjay Welcome At A Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Game!

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josh hutcherson shows up to kentuckuy basketball game
Josh Hutcherson given the three finger mockingjay salute at Kentucky Wildcats game

The University of Kentucky has always been known for their basketball program, but it was their fans who caught our attention this weekend!!

Josh Hutcherson has been a lifelong fan of the Wildcats, so he made his way to his hometown to show some love as they took on their rivals in the Louisville Cardinals!

Well, at halftime the actor got a chance to greet his fellow fans at half court, and the fans gave him a VERY warm welcome! And what better way to say hello to Peeta than with a Mockingjay salute!

That's right! The packed Rupp Arena looked more like District 12 as the fans all did their best Katniss Everdeen impressions and did a three-finger salute!

We're not sure what Kentucky fans love more: Basketball or The Hunger Games LOLz!

[Image via AP Images & Mark Cornelison/Kentucky.com.]

The Top 10 Things Miley Cyrus Has Licked This Year!

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miley cyrus horse make out bogore(1)

2013 was totally the year of the tongue!

Miley Cyrus has put her tongue on virtually every surface imaginable this past year, and has used it so much that we wouldn't be surprised if it's currently the strongest muscle in her body (beside those that are used to twerk).

In fact, Miley basically recreated the plot of A Midsummer Night's Dream when she went tongue-on-tongue with this guy in a horse's mask!

Sure, it was a donkey in the play, but we're about 99.99% sure Shakespeare would approve her sharp tongued ways, forsooth!

So, join us in a nostalgic trip down memory lane as we take a look back at every person, place, or thing Miley has licked in 2013 that made everyone's tongue wag as a result!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "The Top 10 Things Miley Cyrus Has Licked This Year!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "The Top 10 Things Miley Cyrus Has Licked This Year!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "The Top 10 Things Miley Cyrus Has Licked This Year!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "The Top 10 Things Miley Cyrus Has Licked This Year!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "The Top 10 Things Miley Cyrus Has Licked This Year!"

Prince William & Kate Middleton Have A Sex Tape?! No — But If They Did, This Guy Would Be Really Happy!

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Kate Middleton Prince William top sex tape wish list

This isn't even dreaming big, this is dreaming the impossible!

It seems that Prince William & Kate Middleton have topped Vivid Entertainment's wish list of celebrity sex tapes!

Steven Hirsch, the company's founder & co-chairman, said that the royal pair are the most wished by the company of ALLLLL the celebrities for a sex tape.

Not only this, but this is the THIRD year in a row the couple have topped the list!

Steven elaborated saying:

Kate Middleton Prince William top sex tape wish listKate Middleton Prince William top sex tape wish listKate Middleton Prince William top sex tape wish listKate Middleton Prince William top sex tape wish listKate Middleton Prince William top sex tape wish list
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