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New J. Lo!

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Hopefully this is a song that was not good enough for the album so they're releasing it online!

Check out a new Jennifer Lopez song that has popped up today called Take Care (above).


Warrant Issued For Former American Idol Contestant's Arrest!

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And to think - all of this over effing cologne!

A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of former American Idol contestant Chikezie Eze, after he failed to show up at a January 14th court hearing regarding his arrest last year, for - how could we forget? - attempting to buy cologne with a phony credit card!

As if this story can't get any more ridiculous, the judge who issued the warrant is none other than Lindsay Lohan's former BFF, Marsha Revel!

Uh-oh! This guy should NOT have messed with her!

We know all about her tolerance for bull shiz!

This ain't gonna be pretty! LOLz!

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Madonna Plans To Premiere Her Movie At Cannes!

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madonna movie to premiere at cannes

Back in September, we caught a glimpse of Madonna hard at work on her upcoming movie W.E.

Looks like the hard work paid off, because Madge plans to premiere her movie at Cannes in May.

In the meanwhile, she'll hold a private screening for "select distributors" in Berlin next month.

Madonna's movie, W.E., is about "parallel stories of the early 20th century love affair between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII and a modern romance." It stars Abbie Cornish.

We're SO excited for U, Madge! We bet you'll be a serious highlight of Cannes this year, bb!

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THIS is so mayjah!!!!!
THIS is so mayjah!!!!!
THIS is so mayjah!!!!!
THIS is so mayjah!!!!!

Spanish Festival Forces Horses To Jump Through Flames!!!

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OMG, this is awful!

Every year on January 16th, residents of a small Spanish village celebrate the festival of San Bartolome de Pinares on the eve of Saint Anthony's day by


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Alan Cumming Is Glad He Quit The Spider-Man Musical!

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We can't say we blame him, given the amount of injuries setbacks this production has had!

Alan Cumming, who was previously attached to portray the Green Goblin in the accident-prone musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark before he dropped out due to numerous delays, recently spoke out about the production, and seems to be pretty content with his decision to leave - despite having to continue working with director Julie Taymor on her film adaptation of The Tempest!

He explained:

"My GOD, that was a lucky escape. Jesus Christ! Talk about dodging a bullet there! …it just fucked me about. It kept getting delayed and delayed, and so I was like, 'OK, time to move on.' Yeah, it was a bit awkward. She wasn't best pleased when I quit. But the thing about Julie is that she's very blinkered about her work, and then things go into the ether. So the next time I saw her for The Tempest, it was like it never happened."

Well that's good!

We would hope that she would have understood how frustrating the wait for Spider-Man was, and kept it professional on the set of the flick, so we're very pleased to hear that!

Not to mention that we're thrilled you weren't the victim of any 'technical difficulties,' bb!

Smart call getting out when you did!


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The First Born This Way Lyrics Leak!!!

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Well, okay, they didn't exactly "leak" - our wifey gave us permission!!!!

We are pleased to share with the world these opening lyrics from Lady GaGa's epic new song, Born This Way, to be released in two weeks!!!

And they are….

"Don't Be A Drag
Just Be A Queen

Get ready world!!!!

Here she comes!!!!

We've heard the song and - it MORE than lives up to the hype!!!

We've been holding a big secret from you all, which is we've heard the whole album. We've been there every step of the way and….

This album is going to change culture!

When we can say more, we will!

For now…. Don't be a drag, just be a queen!!!