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Robin Thicke Is Determined To Win Paula Patton Back So Much He's Willing To Make THIS Big Change! But Is It Too Little Too Late?

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robin paula save marriage

Divorce, schmivorce!

Robin Thicke is not ready for the d-word to be associated to his marriage with Paula Patton - because he's planning on winning her back…

With perfect behavior!

We already told you that right before the duo released the separation statement, Robin jumped on a plane to Canada where his wife was filming, to convince her to change her mind!

And now, sources close to the situation are saying the Blurred Lines singer is planning on proving to his wife he's actually a good boy!

…Though many of us - and likely Paula - will never forget the butt grab seen round the world!!! LOLz!

The crooner is apparently resuming his tour on Thursday, but will not go out and party post-show to set a new standard for his ways.

He's also truly concerned about his son Julian and what it will be like raising him in multiple homes.

We hope they can work this out! Unfortunately, the damage might already be done.

[Image via WENN.]

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Glee Brings Dynasty Level Drama, Even In Song! Watch Every Performance From Last Night's Episode HERE!

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So many emotions!! Glee is back and it delivered a giant box of dramz to the front of our doorstep!

Can we just start off by saying the tension in the air during any, if not all, of Lea Michele and Naya Rivera's scenes were so thick you could cut that shiz with a butter knife?!

These two took frenemies to the next level!

Although Rachel was being a good friend by inviting Santana to her photo shoot and the two sing Brave (above), you can tell the wheels are turning in Santana's head! Which results in, well, you'll see!

Not only was there drama in NYC, but way back in Lima, Ohio, Jenna Ushkowitz's Tina and Kevin McHale's Artie were on the same boat, fighting for the valedictorian position!

So much drama and so little time! Take a look (below) at all the performances from last night's episode of Glee!

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GLEE-Tail: Rachel Slaps Santana HARD In The Face – And Then The REAL Drama Begins!

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tumblr n1l2mwcosq1qk08n1o1 500

We’re back, Gleeks!

After the loooooooongest hiatus imaginable, Glee finally arrived back on the airwaves on their new night and time! (Which was a good move for them – Thursday and 9 was getting CROWDED!)

Anyway, the gang is gearing up for a pretty exciting back end of the season, including the highly-anticipated, two-part 100th episode celebration and the official switch over to a full-time New York centric series. So, enjoy the Lima scene while you can, because soon it will be a distant memory – like Terri Schuester and Hunter Clarington.

Still, if last night’s episode was any indication of what’s to come, the real fun – and drama – is in New York anyway, so you’ll probably never even miss the halls of McKinley. Not with Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez going at it like ANIMALS! Damn!

So, to the matter at hand…


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Sam Worthington Gets Hit With A Restraining Order From The Paparazzo He Allegedly Punched Out!

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sam worthington restraining order doodle

Sam Worthington needs to stay away from the photographer that he allegedly attacked over the weekend!

The Avatar star stood before a judge in New York City this morning and was slapped with a restraining order that bars him from having any contact with his “victim” Sheng Li.

That means he can’t talk to him, can’t call him on the phone and he certainly can’t cold-cock him with a 1-2 Jake Scully combo!

Sam was also charged on Wednesday with two counts of third degree assault, one count of attempted assault and one count of harassment!

And if convicted, he could be headed to jail for a year!

Noooo!!! Sam's got a sequel to shoot!

He best listen to the judge and keep his distance. We want our Worthington blue and shirtless for Avatar 2 in 2016!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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Katy Perry And John Mayer: Their Roaring Romance Before The Split

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john mayer katy perry who you love 4 1

All these celebrity splits lately are giving us anxiety!

The latest A-list pair to call it quits is sadly Katy Perry and John Mayer.

Even though the Who You Love lovers broke up back in 2013, we REALLY were hoping they'd last — particularly because we JUST spotted Katy rocking a rock on THAT finger.

Not to mention they looked SO great together.

So AH-mazing, in fact, that we could look at pictures of them all day and now we will!

CLICK HERE to gallery, "Katy Perry And John Mayer: Their Roaring Romance Before The Split"

CLICK HERE to gallery, "Katy Perry And John Mayer: Their Roaring Romance Before The Split"

CLICK HERE to gallery, "Katy Perry And John Mayer: Their Roaring Romance Before The Split"

CLICK HERE to gallery, "Katy Perry And John Mayer: Their Roaring Romance Before The Split"

CLICK HERE to gallery, "Katy Perry And John Mayer: Their Roaring Romance Before The Split"

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Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Are Embracing The Parisian Love In France!

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emma evan paris

Oui oui!

We LOVE Emma Roberts and her fiancé Evan Peters as a couple!

The newly engaged duo was spotted in a sweet hand embrace at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France earlier this morning!

No word on why the adorable pair is in the city of lust—but in our mind's eye, we hope they're scouting wedding locations!

These two are are totally different, oozing with romance and passion…

So how perfect would Parisian nuptials be!?

BRB, dreaming of baguettes and ball gowns!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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